Request AMD to release 5600G and 4600G to DIY market as a competitor to 11500 and 11400. PLEASE.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/04 10:42 ID: n4l8rb

Hello AMD, please release 5600G and 4600G to the DIY market as a competitor to 11500 and 11400. PLEASE!

Cant buy a dGPU, might as well buy an APU to have a working PC and upgrade to a dGPU down the line.

No need for a Air cooler or fancy box. If that can make it a bit more profitable.

Dont wanna buy old 710 or 1030 at premium prices just to build a PC.

Linus has a Point.

2 : Anonymous2021/05/04 11:07 ID: gww5set

Do we know when the prebuilt PCs with the chips will be available? Any rumors?

ID: gwwva1g

Such a waste. A g series Ryzen CPU and a discrete GPU...

Folks that want a 5600g need to go to the stores and pin a "Will upgrade your CPU for free! Call me to get a 5600x or 5800x!" notes on the prebuilts.

ID: gwwqk6o

It says for me "Get it in 5 days" on Best Buy's website.

That's definitely broad availability.

ID: gwwrgn2

Available (on sale for $549 with Ryzen 7 5700G) for in-store pickup as of today at Office Depot. That is what I am seeing at least at about half a dozen locations in my local area:

EDIT: I opted to do a pick-up instead of delivery and I just opened it up. Check out some photos here at the link.

/comments/n4plnd/office_depot_first_ryzen_7_5700gbased_system_now/gwyfdn2/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: gwwwpqc

Oh nice!! Never would have found that otherwise.

ID: gwwz9co

That's actually really good. Some digging on HP's site shows that the memory is 16GB 3200MHz, but only a single stick. Anyone buying one of these should upgrade the memory. All specs can be found here:

3 : Anonymous2021/05/04 10:53 ID: gww4npk

Although AMD said that the 5000G family will arrive this year for DIY, there is nothing to say that a 5600G will be priced to compete with the 11400 and 11500. It might go against the 11600K in price.

ID: gwxol6i

I'd pay slightly more for a 5700G than a 5800X. Save hundreds on a GPU (for now) and have about the same performance for productivity, very slightly less for games, and uses a lot less power, so a cheaper cooler can offset the difference easily.

ID: gwz9wa2

I like this thinking, but remember the 5800x can run on 65w too. It's called Eco mode, but you can tune it manually. My 5800x never draws more than 90w under a heavy Blender load, 65c at 4.6Ghz all core, and I've tuned it that way with a pretty standard 280mm AIO.

ID: gwxewx2

The 5000g's cost far more to produce than the 11500/11400. They take more important/limited fab resources than a 5600x which is priced at $300.

ID: gwxnywz

The 5000g's cost far more to produce than the 11500/11400.

They're probably more costly to produce than any Intel CPU. The pricing structure for Intel and AMD is completely different. That doesn't really matter for retail pricing though. Although each individual chip doesn't cost much for Intel, it must put all the process development costs into the equation.

They take more important/limited fab resources than a 5600x which is priced at $300.

That's true. AMD has lower margins on APUs. It was true for the 2200G and 2400G, which were priced at $99 and $169 and yet had the same die size as a full 8 core Ryzen 1000 or 2000 family chip.

It does explain why AMD is reluctant to sell them to DIY. However, because performance has traditionally been lower than the CPU variants, this meant that they had to be sold at lower tiers even though they're larger dies.

With Ryzen 5000 already being more expensive, there's room enough to sell the Zen 3 APUs with a reasonable margin. They probably also have less of a performance deficit compared to previous gen APU, as 16MB of L3 cache is quite a bit.

ID: gwwfq8s

Although AMD said that the 5000G family will arrive this year for DIY

They also said that about 4000G family of APUs in 2020 and they never came...

ID: gwwgsr4

Luckily here in the Philippines you can buy the 4000G stock cooler included though for obvious reasons.

ID: gwwirma

AMD never said that the 4000G family will be available to DIY. AMD released them in July 2020 to OEMs, and said that it plans to bring APUs to DIY at some point, without saying more. It neither said that these will be 4000G APUs nor that they will launch in 2020.

ID: gwws4xo

No they didnt

ID: gwwelpq

No matter what the price is, it will be much cheaper than any Intel CPU plus low end dGPU.

ID: gwwewga

True, but we don't know what iGPU Alder Lake will have. I think that there's a good change these GPUs will be much faster than what Rocket Lake has. So if 'later this year' is at the end of the year, Intel might provide some real competition.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/04 12:29 ID: gwwdiov

in Turkey oems buy these as tray and sells them with stock coolers at reasonable prices. if anybody needs any of them i can ship them to you. because our economy is shit, nobody could afford cpus so we dont have cpu shortage 😛 even high end ryzens are always in stock.

ID: gwwduqt

Are you talking about 5600g's or just 4600g's?

ID: gwwg280

I don't think ryzen 5000 apus are in Turkish Market yet. But 4750g is around 380usd (i just checked)

5 : Anonymous2021/05/04 13:47 ID: gwwmnla

PS5 and Xbox are hogging all the wafers... it just isn't gonna happen, AMD won't release an APU untill they get chiplets working which might happen by the end of the year for a single RNDA2 chiplet + Zen 3 refresh on all low end and midrange desktop CPUs and dual Zen 3 refresh dies on the high end desktop CPUs. That's the strategy that makes most sense to me.

A hypothetical 12-16CU Zen 2 GPU with 32MB cache would slot right in where a second CPU die currently does, and should be 80-100mm^2.

Doing it that way means they can max out yeilds for the CPU and GPU, and IO die, instead of suffering through terrible APU yields.

I chucked all the current rumors out the window once they said no warhol refresh... that would mean AMD would not refresh the desktop CPU lineup for 2 years which is 100% nonsense.

ID: gwwvq8l

This was my thought the entire video. We barely have stock for what is believed to be a pretty efficient process for 7nm Ryzen CPUs. Slap a Vega GPU onto it and now the die size is bigger, making higher yields harder to achieve. A chiplet approach is the best way to address yield issues with APUs.

So better to prioritize higher volume/margin chips. They sell everything they make now as it is so I won't believe they flat out don't want to make these APUs, there are just bigger fish to fry at the moment with limited production capacity.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/04 11:18 ID: gww6nv7

The 4650G and the 4750G have been available in many markets for quite a while. In the EU it is mostly on Ebay, but there are sellers with perfect ratings that have them.

Or you can just get a prebuilt and later cannibalize the APU, SSD and RAM once you get a GPU.

ID: gww8put

Never in my life I would have thought that cannibalise a pre-built would become a viable way to acquire new pc parts

Dark times await us

ID: gww9eyh

HP has some models with the 4600G, 2x8GB of 3200 RAM and 512GB NVME for less than €500. I think that's perfectly viable for a 720p machine until GPUs are affordable.

ID: gwwcaum

When a 1650 (which is about the minimum for new 1080p/60 gaming) is north of $300 (if you find it), a $550-600 prebuilt that includes one plus a $100-150 CPU is pretty reasonable...

ID: gwwf5v9

I'm surprised more of a fuss hasn't been made by the diy market about prioritising stock for prebuilders. The fact that people are being forced to buy a prebuilt just for the graphics card or APU is pretty abhorrent business practice tbh.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/04 12:28 ID: gwwdbwf

they are selling every one of those chips for the laptop market and oem, they dont have the volume to supply another market

8 : Anonymous2021/05/04 13:30 ID: gwwkh15

IMO having a iGPU is great even if you have a dGPU.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/04 17:10 ID: gwxgc33

I think that Linus has an excellent point.

The motherboard of my notebook died in February on my last year in the Ph.D. program, just the moment in which I need to write everything and finish, and I really needed a computer. Then I built a PC with an AMD 5600X processor and it was hell to found one graphic card that wasn't at on ridiculous price.

Luckily, I found an AMD 550X to use and it cost me 120 USD, which I think was a fair price for one GPU in a third-world country (those were the last on a warehouse that didn't sell until that moment).

Because I use my computer to analyze images from a microscope, slow graphics cards complicate my work. I think my setup is good for now, but it would have been much easier without needing the graphic card at the beginning.

I think that we really need AMD processors with integrated graphics, #justsaying

10 : Anonymous2021/05/04 11:40 ID: gww8o37

AMD, please

11 : Anonymous2021/05/04 14:06 ID: gwwpauz

They are literally throwing money at Intel when they don't release these APUs to the general public. And no, buying a salvage from eBay is not releasing to general public.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/04 12:59 ID: gwwgrq1

I don't understand why you're getting so much flack for this post. I completely agree, especially after the Linus video from yesterday. This post is simply asking for AMD's newest APUs to be released as widely and as readily as the 3000 series ones.

All these posts saying "you can cannibalize a pre-built" or "you can get one on eBay" are completely missing the point. Frankly, some of the comments are downright rude, and it's sad that the PC building community is in such a state.

I for one agree that they should release the 4000 series APUs as soon as possible to the DIY market, followed by the 5000 series APUs later this year ASAP.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/04 12:23 ID: gwwct0h

They are pretty much selling every 5600x they make, and for the lower end they have 3600x. They have no reason to undercut their own products. AMD is a corporation not your friend. Their only job is make money for the shareholders.

If the 11400 works for you then buy it. I plan to build a new PC in a few months and it looks like I'll be using the 11400 unless AMD has a good alternative.

ID: gwwdlvu

Already bought a B550 mobo.

ID: gwwfp4m

Sell it or return if possible. Or just go with 3600 or 4600 (from ebay).

ID: gwxr4y9

They are pretty much selling every 5600x they make, and for the lower end they have 3600x. They have no reason to undercut their own products. AMD is a corporation not your friend.


Also, there is currently a worldwide shortage on 10nm and better. Matisse and Vermeer use about 0.75cm² of 7nm, whereas Renoir, Lucienne and Cezanne use about 1.5cm² of 7nm. I wonder how many persons would buy a US$400 MSRP Ryzen 5 4600G or a US$600 MSRP Ryzen 5 5600G.

14 : Anonymous2021/05/04 12:18 ID: gwwccd8

Why not go for 11400? That CPU is extremely good for its price. I have it. There is nothing wrong to buy the right chip for the money.

You shouldn't be branded. You should always get the best for your money be it nvidia, amd or intel.

I was planning to get 5600x at some point when I get employed but then 11400 came around which i got the CPU and B560 motherboard for the price of 5600x CPU alone while performance in games is about 8-12% behind (productivity is more for 5600x but I bought this specifically for gaming and honeatly if i needed for work I'd get 5800x or 5900x).

IPC 600 for 5600x and 550 for i5 11400. Both 6 core 12 threads.

I legit don't get the poimt of this post.

ID: gwwigi4

The iGPU is considerably worse and won't run games very well at all.

ID: gwwfl46

Althought vega integrated graphics are better than intel integrated graphics. If a 5600g came along for any where near 200 and with a vega 8 or 11 graphics then it would be good value. Of course clocks would suffer since its much cheaper but something to compete with the 11400 would be good

ID: gwwcoy1

Might be a cost of motherboard and/or a new cooler.

ID: gwwj11w

Why not go for 11400?

Isn't 11500 or 11600 a better buy since it has slightly better IGPU?

ID: gwwd6pi

Started building my PC 3 months back. So already bought a AM4 B550 mobo. I have everything ready except. Thats why.

ID: gwwkz7z

Then get 5600x and cheap dGPU until storm calms. You already got everything so then complete it.

No point in waiting and getting that investment ruined as well as seeling it to go for intel.

Just go ahead get 5600x scour second hand see if someone sells for cheap 1050 or rx550 rx 460 rx 470 etc which are all far better then igpu and sit out the storm then just buy some flagship or high midrange and ride it to the fullest.

ID: gwwi9r3

And that's why I would never do that unless you find a really good deal on an expensive part. You can't even test your components to see if any of them are faulty.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/04 10:47 ID: gww46ly

It’s already been announced they will come to the diy market. (Somewhere later this year)

ID: gww4bgf

Yeah, I am just asking for releasing them sooner than later.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/04 13:00 ID: gwwgurp

Counter offer: Release the FX11500. That’ll show em!


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