RETURNAL PATCH 1.3.6 — Housemarque

1 : Anonymous2021/05/08 11:21 ID: n7n5p1
RETURNAL PATCH 1.3.6 — Housemarque
2 : Anonymous2021/05/08 16:05 ID: gxedt8h

This game is actually incredible, its addicting and fun. The ony thing I hate is the time you have to make sure you have to invest.

ID: gxeealu

I just finished it. My eyes are bloodshot red with the amount of time ive invested in this game the last 3 days.

ID: gxflw24

I had to take a break! It was giving me a headache.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/08 12:07 ID: gxdoie0

Interesting to hear different opinions on the game. I hear what others are saying and can understand why they feel that way. It definitely requires a certain amount of commitment. Personally I love the game.

For me I know when I play it I’m going to have to invest in a run and take time to search every area to make me as strong as possible for bosses and future biomes. I really struggled with the first biome it took me 3 nights to kill the boss but after that I sailed through 2+3 killing both bosses first time. I’ve now beat the 4th boss but getting my arse handed to me in biome 5. I’m glad I hit another wall in a way though because I don’t want the game to end.

However if I only had an hour or so to invest each time it would be pretty pointless so I totally understand. Also I’m not to keen on leaving my PS5 on rest mode for hours and hours at a time sometimes I don’t get on for a day or two so I only play it when I have that time to invest.

It really is an incredible game though in my opinion and it’s the first game for me that’s really demonstrated what next gen is really all about. Demon’s Souls arguably also which I love as well but however you look at it it’s still a remake of a 13 year old game or whatever it is.

For me this is something fresh and new and unique and I’m totally loving it and can’t get enough of it. Hopefully they can patch it to work in a way that suits everyone.

ID: gxeeomu

Couldn't agree more. For me, the game is brilliant and the experience is exactly why I play video games. That said, totally agree that not making it more accessible in terms of time commitment is an odd design decision, one I'm not sure isn't detrimental to the game's and franchise's long term success.

Loving the game so far but I do hope they find a way to make it easier for more to experience it for themselves.

ID: gxehmis

I love it but I don’t have time to commit to it outside of weekends, if it saved at the very least at the start of a new biome I would be happy.

ID: gxdpb9b

Yeah I really wanna try this game because I love what I have seen of it but the no save is really holding me back from buying it.

Might buy it over the summer when I have time for long play sessions but even then I usually swap games quite often so the no save will still be a issue unfortunately.

ID: gxdqinc

I would say that’s probably a good idea getting it when you know you can invest the time. I won’t spoil it for you but there is a major milestone you will hit at some point in the game so you won’t be starting from complete scratch each time.

I’m also fairly confident when you start playing you will love the game enough to want to keep playing it. Even if you switch games beating each boss is an achievement also and once you beat a boss you can move onto the next biome also if you want. The game definitely rewards patience and building up your upgrades and weapons etc but there’s also ways to be efficient with your time.

ID: gxe1e87

You should be aware of the fact that this game had a broken healing mechanic before today's patch. You could always fully heal yourself at the ship and grind out integrity/parasites/in game currency. So now it is going to be even more unforgiving than before.

ID: gxdvwo3

Interesting to hear different opinions on the game. I hear what others are saying and can understand why they feel that way. It definitely requires a certain amount of commitment. Personally I love the game.

I love HM games, and I love rogue-likes/lites. My favourite HM game was actually Alienation, I think it's underrated and people always talk about resogun, even when comparing returnal, which I think is just weird because this is extremely similar to AN in design, especially the weaponry and bullets.

I also love difficult games. I can't really play easy games or story driven titles with no complex mechanics or too easy.

However, I never thought not having a save would be an issue, but I'm finding myself not playing returnal because I know I'm going to HAVE to invest hours into a run. If you've put 3 hours into a run and suddenly need to do something else, you're basically screwed. I don't like the idea of putting it into restmode and it being the only title you can play until you're done. I don't actually like putting the console in restmode anyway, it can and does cause issues for some and I didn't even like doing it with my Ps4.

I liked how Enter the gungeon handled it really, or any other roguelikes. There are ways around them blocking scum saving (it's not something I enjoy doing anyway, but I don't care if someone else wants to) but it feels like HM don't value its players time, and that's what gets me about this. A few times lately I've gone to play and paused at the game icon thinking no, maybe I need to do something later, and just end up playing something else. It's a shame because the game is great in all other aspects.

ID: gxdoys4

Really not having a save state is the only flaw of this game.

The story is a 10 for me, its so good that it can be a plot line to a movie

ID: gxdq3ri

I’ve literally turned the game off in frustration after getting smashed to bits by one of the elite severed in biome 5 and then a few minutes later itching to put it back on again lol

During my last run I unlocked the permanent ability to access hazardous area. I see there are quite a few in biome 4 so my next run I will take time to loot them all along with the rest of biome 4 and hopefully that gives me enough to beat the elites in 5.

ID: gxdptyj

100%. I wasn’t expecting to much from the story I thought it would be totally gameplay orientated. However the story has really got to me at times. I remember after coming out the house after beating the 4th boss I believe and I was like wow that was a serious psychological onslaught. I still haven’t pieced enough together to totally understand and I won’t put what I think is going on here for spoilers obviously but there was some serious emotions the game puts you through.

Words I would use right now are like isolation and sadness and grief. If it goes where I think it’s going it really will be quite profound.

The gameplay though is absolutely stellar. I’m a big fan of Metroid Prime and it’s surpassed that for me. The part where you are nearly at the 4th boss then the actual fight itself and the music etc etc. That’s one of they gaming memories where you look back and say I remember that boss fight and it was incredible.

ID: gxeiy95

Yeah, absolutely fantastic game. Finished the 'secret ending' yesterday, not only is the gameplay fantastic, the visuals are incredible and I really like the story too. Fave game of the year so far.

ID: gxdt42n

I enjoy it but after Hades, in particular, it feels incredibly weak as a rogue like despite otherwise satisfying second to second gameplay.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/08 13:55 ID: gxdypb7

I’m stuck on the second biome boss. I have no trouble with the first two parts but the third part with his melee and red rings I cannot for the life of me survive it. I end up rage quitting lol.

ID: gxe89t8

Bro it’s hard lol, I’m there too. Might have to turn off always sprint and walk calming around those bullets while dodging thru the wave

ID: gxedizp

I beat that boss on my first try, alas the trophy didn't activate. Now I'm on my 7th try to beat him again for the trophy.

ID: gxf363b

After I posted this I had an epic run grabbed over 200% integrity and astronaut and smoked his ass at the last second with the void beam! It melts him!! I wish I knew this 7 tries ago!! Oh and checked my watch right after and had a heart rate of 94 bpm lol

ID: gxexhm0

Shotgun. The first two waves take a while but you will shred him on the final wave.

ID: gxf121o

I just scraped through on my second try. I had an astronaut figure and a parasite that brought me back. Hollowpoint and keeping distance are key. If you beat the first boss, you can beat him.

ID: gxedpws

Power up u need two health bars. Save up and hope for the astronaut figure u can buy sometimes. Its an extra life for you. Make sure u have the health consumable to. Also try get hold of the hollow seeker. Shit rips through bosses like butter. Also red rings u can dash through them or simply jump it.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/08 12:04 ID: gxdoa1k

Waiting for the scout corpses to come back

ID: gxe721c

I ran into like 3 on my last run and they were intense.

ID: gxe86mz

Oh yeah? I thought that was in the patch that got recalled, they're back in?

6 : Anonymous2021/05/08 13:50 ID: gxdy4by

Just beat act 2 yesterday. I have no desire to complete act 3 until all the known issues are resolved plus the game really stressed me out lol

ID: gxehxzv

I’m still stuck in biome 1 lol.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/08 11:40 ID: gxdmg8j

I really like this game and I was addicted as hell but I find it harder and harder to pick up. Having to put the game down prior to updates, not knowing whether your run is going to be 30 min or 3 hours, makes it hard to invest time in it. I don’t know, it feels risky to start a run as it determines if you’re able to play other games that day, especially if you only have a couple of hours of gaming time. I hope they understand that the lack of a save and quit-feature will make some people play the game less, not more.

ID: gxe5a5h

The no save thing was the reason it went from a buy to no buy for me

ID: gxdon5w

How long do you think until someone jumps in to tell you “that’s how roguelikes are” or saying that “the game is supposed to be difficult,” somehow missing the hundreds of other comments that have already clarified that people aren’t asking for a save that can be loaded over and over, but rather an option that allows a run to be suspended while the game is closed so you can play Returnal for an hour, play something else, and then resume your run later?

It has been suggested hundreds of times that the save should be deleted when the game is relaunched, which doesn’t allow people to load over and over just because they died, yet people still inevitably respond with the same things over and over like they aren’t even reading what people mean by “save and quit.”

So people understand: the “save and quit” feature that people like

want is a “suspend a run without having to keep the console in rest mode, turn off automatic updates, and not use the console for anything else until the run is complete” feature. Most other rogues have this. It doesn’t ruin the genre when the game doesn’t hold the console hostage.

ID: gxfbxuk

I saw the comment somewhere but can't find it. It was something along the lines of "if a game requires you to alter the console settings to play it (auto-update), then that game is fundamentally broken". Can't say I disagree with that.

ID: gxdrh87

I absolutely want to play this game but I’m willing to wait until they complete it before I buy it. I mean, any game that you can’t pause, turn off your console and then come back and continue playing is obviously a sign the devs don’t value our time.

ID: gxea1bf

It does feel less risky with more progress made. I’m on the third biome, and it’s pretty easy to jump straight back to the 2nd and 3rd. The grappling hook makes the game a lot more fun, as does the sword. Stick with it and those runs won’t stress you at all

8 : Anonymous2021/05/08 14:07 ID: gxdzzt8

Wait a second, you can come back to the ship and heal???

ID: gxe20zh

You used to be able to do it as often as you wanted and it would heal you quite a bit. Now you can do it once per run and itll heal 10% integrity

ID: gxe09qb


ID: gxe6ix1

I'm trying to delete the game from the ps5, then turn off the net, then install, let's see if this works. I am still on the first biome and can't beat phrike

9 : Anonymous2021/05/08 14:35 ID: gxe34u7

Seeing all the talk around this game is exciting.

I honestly had no interest in this game up until a few days before launch when it started getting high praise. I'm just not one that has ever been drawn towards "hard" games. I do love me some Binding of Issac though so I'm somewhat familiar with rogue-likes.

On my first play through (after the first death, BTW, is it scripted?), I made it to the second biome. I did get an auto-revive on the first boss which helped but I did not expect to make it that far from all the talk about how hard the game is. One of the sword dudes f*cked me up for my first real death.

After that, I died a few times in the first biome but mainly cause one time I got a malfunction that didn't allow me to pick up new weapons sticking me with the pistol. I needed to pick up a parasite to remove it but couldn't find one for the life of me. Bat dudes surrounded me in a small room and it was RIP. Two other times the game crashed. And another I just lost focus.

However, on my 6th run, I rolled credits. Had no trouble with 2 or 3, had a sliver of life left after boss 4, auto-revived in a bonus room in biome 5 and had one close call in biome 6. Overall, I'm quite surprised by how well I did given everyone's talk about the difficulty. I can definitely see where it can be hard, and RNG can be your best friend. Looking forward to getting back to it.

ID: gxekkh1

There’s no scripted first death, you can make it all the way to the end of the game on your first try if you’re pro enough

10 : Anonymous2021/05/08 11:54 ID: gxdninm

Does anyone know if they are planning on adding a save game function?

ID: gxdnp4d

They said that they hear the community on the issue, but they didn’t say when they would be fixing it.

ID: gxdvsok

They didn’t even say if they would be fixing it.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/08 15:02 ID: gxe6679

I can’t beat the first damn boss. Maybe my reflexes are bad. Haha. Fun game for sure.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/08 15:45 ID: gxebbaq

I've been putting my console in rest mode and it keeps restarting my cycle anyway

ID: gxetj2i

Check power options for rest mode. Think there’s a checkbox for whether games are kept running.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/08 11:43 ID: gxdmmm3

The game that made me turn off automatic updates so i don’t lose my run overnight.

ID: gxdqfvf

Oh man I wish I knew that before putting it in rest mode yesterday. I had a Perfect run, just entering biome 5 with an Astronaut artifact. And just like that the game updated itself overnight.. I’m so frustrated atm, but I want to end that game so bad


14 : Anonymous2021/05/08 13:35 ID: gxdwmnd

They mention rare crashes but for me it happens every 20-30 seconds when I start the game up and I haven't been able to play as a result. Hoping this will fix it but at this point Im feeling pessimistic about these updates.

ID: gxeae7e

bummer. haven't had a crash in 25 hours. had that door bug once though and had to self-crash...guess that counts?


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