AMD Radeon Pro W6800 is the first professional graphics card in the Navi 21 family with 32GB GDDR6 memory

1 : Anonymous2021/05/08 13:51 ID: n7pnpo
AMD Radeon Pro W6800 is the first professional graphics card in the Navi 21 family with 32GB GDDR6 memory
2 : Anonymous2021/05/08 15:12 ID: gxe7cm8

Hopefully this will also mean full ROCm and other pro API support is in the works for Navi cards

ID: gxegj9e

It probably is but this card isn’t going to be a driver for ROCm.

The Radeon Pro cards are marketed as pro-vis cards meaning CAD work and other pro-vis uses.

ROCm in its current state is a dead end, it creates hardware dependent binaries and does not guarantee forward compatibility in fact it pretty much breaks it.

It’s also tied to the Linux driver which means without a major redesign it does not offer cross platform compatibility.

Giving up on an intermediate ISA such as PTX didn’t provide any gains in terms of performance or functionality it did however create a metric ton of technical challenges which is why support rollout has been so slow.

Intel’s OneAPI is already at a much better state than ROCm i can’t really understand why AMD simply can’t get their heads out of their ass.

ID: gxepe8m

The thing is, with 'ease' of ROCm deployment, it is kind of a giveaway that AMD doesn't really target compute on workstations and home PCs, ROCm is a datacenter software made for compute farms and supercomputers.

AMD wants to target volume customers, while Nvidia is fighting for mindshare among ordinary users (future cuda developers).

ID: gxf16b4

Being tied to the Linux driver at this point is not a problem because in all likely hood the people footing the bill are likely to be running Linux. What people don't understand here is that AMD has a lot of work to do with ROCm and frankly they have made huge strides already. They are in a position where they need to make it good to meet their obligations. So yeah I'm expecting great strides this year and it will all be on Linux because that is the only place that it matters at the moment.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/08 21:16 ID: gxffemv

I hate blower cards, but that thing is pretty sexy.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/08 23:37 ID: gxfvnx4

Why does VC quote loserbenchmark? What a load of shit especially as its a workstation card.


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