My X570 chip was sitting at 90° C with normal use, I have disassembled my whole build and realized that there was neither a thermal pad nor thermal grease applied on it. So I put a 1.5mm thermal pad in place, the result is -40ish degrees. This is insane. Board: Asus Crosshair VIII Impact.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/08 09:02 ID: n7l6fp
My X570 chip was sitting at 90° C with normal use, I have disassembled my whole build and realized that there was neither a thermal pad nor thermal grease applied on it. So I put a 1.5mm thermal pad in place, the result is -40ish degrees. This is insane. Board: Asus Crosshair VIII Impact.
2 : Anonymous2021/05/08 17:31 ID: gxeocpx

Good ole As(s)us

ID: gxfciq2

I had never heard or thought of this one before, its funny :+)

3 : Anonymous2021/05/08 11:05 ID: gxdjw6r

Here is a picture of the motherboard, taken immediately after removing the backplate and the chipset enclosure:

ID: gxflt4l

grumble grumble, dont wanna open mine, gumble grumble... I just increased fan speed from off to idle and no trouble after, gonna check it out since while not as hot as yours, it was pretty hot...

4 : Anonymous2021/05/08 11:12 ID: gxdkdcr

Wow, such an oversight. I wouldn't expect this to happen even with an entry level board, let alone a rather expensive one like this here.

ID: gxf93zq

It's ASUS. They do shit like this on purpose.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/08 09:06 ID: gxdci9l

Title basically sums it all up, I've been going insane, and after doing some research online I found out that other people seem to report of similar issues, although their temps were slightly lower. But this has to do with the fact that I am working in a super tight SFF as well. Anyway, I have - after a bit of back and forth in my mind - decided to disassemble EVERYTHING. Everything, because it was otherwise impossible to reach the motherboards chip.... as it was sitting behind a heatsink/cover, which is secured by a backplate.

It took me all in all 3 days of work, draining disassembling everything, but the result is amazing. Ca. -40 degrees.

ID: gxdhbxw

Hey, just curious, why you decided to go that route instead of doing a RMA?

ID: gxdi461

Because the motherboard itself is a beast. And building SFF I had not many options in the first place. So I knew RMAing it, they would just send me a new one but it would potentially be the same issue. Seems to be a common issue with the x570 boards (for some reason). Anyway, I reached out to Asus and their response was I have to go the support of my distributor. Again, the would have asked me to send it in to then maybe replace it....this would have just consumed a lot of time without actually providing any improvements and it was pretty obvious where the issue lies and what can be done to fix it .

Maybe this is a sneaky way of Asus voiding their customers warranty. By skipping the thermal pad and having people troubleshoot, open and fix their boards themselves lol.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/08 20:07 ID: gxf76f7

As we all know, the "Q" in ASUS stands for "Quality Control".

7 : Anonymous2021/05/08 14:58 ID: gxe5r24

Had a similar experience like this with a HD7870 I bought from ASUS -years- ago

They didn't Thermal Pad/Paste certain components so the card was immediately heat-deathing upon use.

I'll never buy another ASUS product again. This only reaffirms that. Luck of the draw or otherwise, I don't appreciate being cost money for unreasonable measures, nor jerked around by a horseshit RMA Process ( I had to RMA this card 3 times, and twice their techs refused to actually file the RMA, thinking they could stretch my RMA Window out to expiration)

ID: gxe8ds3

They didn't learn their lesson:

ID: gxfqv9n

Oh. Fucking nice.

ID: gxf7lmm

I had a Sapphire 280x with no heatsinks on the VRAM, the card was great and ran phenomenally well. It only took it a few months to start acting up. I had bought it just as the 2014 crypto boom was starting to fade so I paid way over the MSRP for it. I was able to buy an XFX 280x DD, which has a heat spreader on the VRAM, and an SSD because the prices had returned to MSRP.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/08 19:06 ID: gxezxo5

Asus likes charging premium prices for average parts, then you buy their 400$ mobo and still get screwed.

ID: gxf3p9j

The last board I purchased was a gigabyte and frankly I crossed my fingers hoping it would bee trouble free. The reality is it is hard to determine who is the quality board maker these days and more so who stands behind their product the best. There are certainly a ton of horror stories from the owners of various boards trying to return product for repair.

Frankly I do understand the grief that the board makers suffer as i see a lot of idiocy in the various forums from users screwing up. I don't see it as legitimate for somebody to return a board they screwed up knowing that they screwed it up. Then you have the people trying to run a high performance system on a 300 watt power supply and blaming the motherboard, GPU card or whatever for their problems. So it is very much a two way street. The problem is when you get many boards out in public with out proper heat sink installation it is obviously a problem with the manufacture and can rightly be called a defective product. Frankly it would be better if all of these boards got returned and maybe wake somebody up in the QC departments.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/08 12:14 ID: gxdp54x

My aourus master sits at those temps...maybe i do the same and reapply thermal paste to to the chip....

ID: gxdq00f

Definitely worth looking into, personally I am not comfortable to have my components sit at 90dgs, so I knew I had to go through the extra work and disassembling and assembling it again.

ID: gxeqr9o

Probably a human error during manufacturing, when the person responsible for placing the thermal pads didn´t pay attention to what he´s doing.

Or they went out of thermal pads supply and their management ordered the workers to finish it anyway.

ID: gxf2lrd

Or they went out of thermal pads supply and their management ordered the workers to finish it anyway.

If there is more than one in circulation this is the likely answer. Screw ups on production lines happen but it generally doesn't result in a lot of product leaving the factory.

ID: gxf6ksx

Definitely not normal, mine always stays around 60.

ID: gxf6s6y

My master wand that bad but it did run warm. The thermal pads was more akin to melted plastic.har to use a razorblade to scrape it off. Applied thermal paste and the temp sits between 45 and 50 c and fan never turns on.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/08 12:17 ID: gxdpepv

I'll add that this is a problem on the ASUS ROG X570-I Strix aswell. Some people have reported missing thermal pads on both these boards, and even if you have one (mine did have a thermal pad in place), it is worth replacing it because it is pretty bad.

ID: gxdq2ml

Yeah, I was honestly expecting a cheap thermal pad, that is too slim to make contact with the heatsink... but to my surprise, there was nothing whatsoever.

ID: gxdqi9i

scary if you think about it.. how many people are not going to notice? with a big GPU (think 3080+ or 6800 XT+) the amount of heat being dumped right next to the chipset is pretty scary, and without proper contact this can kill a board I'd imagine

ID: gxdrsb2

Wow, that's a crazy oversight. I just got my ROG X570-I the other day, and won't be able to build until everything comes next weekend, but I did search around and find this thread which will be super helpful for me taking preventative measures by replacing (or adding) a thermal pad. Thanks for making me aware of this issue!!

/comments/ep7i50/how_to_resolve_chipset_thermals_on_the_asus_rog/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: gxe1s97

Yeah exactly I wish I had found that thread before starting my build:)) good luck!!

11 : Anonymous2021/05/08 17:22 ID: gxen6pk

It seems too strange to me, since after that it is best to contact the warranty service, and not to disassemble yourself and get the risk of failure, no matter how skilled you are.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/08 17:23 ID: gxene62

Great information thanks,

13 : Anonymous2021/05/08 18:14 ID: gxeto7p

That's savage. Ya know those Asus shares manufacturing with someone else. It's always someone else.

I double checked my x570 when i got it. I try to leave nothing to chance anymore, as people prove to be unreliable on their best of days

14 : Anonymous2021/05/08 21:22 ID: gxfg3r7

sounds like my last ASUS mobo

15 : Anonymous2021/05/08 21:57 ID: gxfk485

Exactly the same thing happened to my ASUS Z370-E board as well. I talked to ASUS support and they told me they can't do anything because the seller is responsible for missing "part" when this is clearly a QA issue at the factory. I didn't bother to talk to Newegg and just add a thermal pad myself.

16 : Anonymous2021/05/08 22:37 ID: gxfosua

Asus Prime x570-P
67*C with a pretty fair amount of work going on.

Fan doesn't even run until the system is loaded pretty well.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/08 09:27 ID: gxddsy1

Well yeah what did you expect? Without thermal paste there is lower heat transfer

ID: gxdzrsc

Do people just not bother to read thread titles before they post in them?

ID: gxddz60

i guess the expectation is that this is done by the board manufactuerer

ID: gxde794

exactly, I dont even know what his comment is about. He makes it sound like I specifically asked for a custom board without a thermal pad.

ID: gxelpuc

Thats like asking what did you expect, tyres? on your new car purchase.

18 : Anonymous2021/05/08 20:50 ID: gxfcbbx

typical Asus.

ASUS: "AMD Product? Damn it, just slap whatever on it."

"Sir, shouldn't we make a cooler that actually fits the AMD pro-"

Asus: "I said... slap... whatever... on it... did I fucking stutter?!"


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