Insane PS5 customization with see-through plate & RGB

1 : Anonymous2021/05/07 10:42 ID: n6vlf2
Insane PS5 customization with see-through plate & RGB
2 : Anonymous2021/05/07 15:32 ID: gxa8e6n

Okay so I’m having issues here. The whole reason the fan was set up in the enclosed part of the ps5 was to have it force cold air down the gills, and the pressure then shoots it downward and out the back.

With this opening and extra shapes to create voids in airflow, wouldn’t this ps5 heat up a lot warmer than stock?

ID: gxao5l4

Ya the cooling is totally messed up

ID: gxbei48

Yeah, if theres another layer of plexiglass or something else that's clear to replace the stock plastic and keep that airflow chamber, then I think it'll work much better. Cool concept, but could be better execution wise

ID: gxcjamd

I’d also think having a giant opening like that on the side is an open invitation for all the dust in your home to come party inside your console.

ID: gxc8y47

You are absolutely correct. Anybody buying this is gambling with their console's lifespan.

I can't even believe people care about how a console looks. It's what's on screen that matters, and the machine's cooling solution is primordial. This is straight fucked.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/07 15:09 ID: gxa557q

Hmm. My PC Case has a bottom to top airflow and when I open the side panel the cooling goes to shit. I'm not sure about the airflow in the PS5 but from the looks alone I would guess the fan would just push most of the air through the gap for the acrylic window instead of pushing it all past the fins of the cooler. Maybe it's not a problem or negligible but something that stood out to me. Dust accumulation would be another issue I assume.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/07 12:35 ID: gx9lp1o

Looks awesome!!

On this topic, I am very surprised to not have seen new cases made for the PS5 ; Even official ones.

I expected to see bundles where you could buy like CoD for example with a new case for additional money etc.

ID: gx9ooeh

I'm pretty confident that this will be a thing, imagine buying a TLOU Part 3 Collector Bundle and getting some pretty cool "3D" PS5 Plates, that would be so awesome!

ID: gx9skhm

Can't see them not doing this tbh, they already had "engraved"/textured top plates for ps4 pro with some editions like the last of us 2, not to mention they don't have to sell an entire console now, just the sideplates

ID: gxa24dj

It's only been 6 months since launch, give it some time... They will come

ID: gx9ulrr

Are you talking about the side plates? If so DBrand sells replacement plates for the console that come in multiple colors including black, although they are quite expensive

ID: gx9v15w

Yeah that's right, but more from the perspective of bundled with games or official ones etc.

Like if there were plates for games made, official ones, even if they sold for like 25-30, I could see people buying them.

ID: gxa814r

They definitely are coming since Sony were forcing other company's to take down their faceplates from online stores and stuff for a while.

ID: gxb340i

I think it has to do with brand recognition. you want everybody to post pictures of their shiny new white PS5, until everybody (non-nerds) immediately recognizes it. And they still can only produce and sell a fraction of what they want right now.

I think they will come, but not this year

ID: gx9ygvv

They are having a hard enough time getting the base consoles out, I'm sure it'll happen in time. They did it with the PS4 with official colored plates.

ID: gx9rpni

Yeah, I thought by this time we'd have at least some ones from Sony, like a Black, Blue, etc. coloured plates, they're cheap and easy to make, they'd sell like hotcakes for something like $20/bundle(both sides)

I know I'd pay $20 for Black plates.

ID: gxaalvk

I can tell you right now, if you are expecting $20 you will be sorely disappointed.

Sony charged $20 for the hdd bay covers for the ps4 that were less than 1/4 the console. Plates that cover the whole thing? At least $50.

Even dbrands plates are $60 for two black plates

5 : Anonymous2021/05/07 15:28 ID: gxa7ri7

What are the chances the new gaps around the window are actually detrimental to the intended airflow design and cooling capacity?

ID: gxak1l7

and dust accumulation

ID: gxb59sg

Absolute certainty. The machine is designed to pull the hot air out in a flow, now the fans aren't going to pull the hot air out as well.

This looks great but I wish he had out clear perspex flush over the hole on the inner chassis

ID: gxb5n9u

Not to mention the giant window letting in light all day. I hope he used IR reflective glass.

ID: gxaswsq

My first thought. Chances are it will overhead and get dirty a lot more often than a stock PS5.

0/10 would not modify.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/07 12:11 ID: gx9j82a

Great craftmanship but awful camera work. Stop moving the camera, zoom out and hold a shot for a bit longer.

ID: gxa2rq3

They’re definitely trying to get that MKBHD shot.

ID: gxdfxuo


ID: gx9nw19

Also when editing try stabilizing or something if you really do insist on moving like that

ID: gxavx0k

When someone complains, but also offers the solution to the thing they are complaining about, they are the good people. The helpers Mr. Rogers told me to watch out for.

ID: gxag1sf

Yeah this shit made me dizzy, I just wanted a clear stable shot. Apparently too much to ask for.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/07 13:23 ID: gx9r41n

This looks sick. Way nicer than the stickers and drawings that became a thing for some reason.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/07 14:50 ID: gxa2hzg

Look at me... I am the pc now

9 : Anonymous2021/05/07 16:54 ID: gxajx5t

nice dust intake in the side panel

10 : Anonymous2021/05/07 13:30 ID: gx9rzkc

Looks cool, but I wonder if the gap on the side panel messes up the cooling. I would think so.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/07 15:20 ID: gxa6mvl

12 : Anonymous2021/05/07 14:18 ID: gx9y3t2

that is dope!!! Sony has a lot of un tapped potential with these plates and skins. i'm sure they're going to take advantage of it, would be dumb not to

ID: gxa6lmm

Same with the dualsense just even give us a black one

ID: gxainad

Or it'll end up like the front plates on the 360. Albeit this is way cooler

13 : Anonymous2021/05/07 13:54 ID: gx9uxcy

It looks great, I am just curious if it changed the airflow characteristics for the cooling?

14 : Anonymous2021/05/07 16:50 ID: gxajcsk

It looks cool, but he should get rid of the gap between the panel and the window. That air gap is going to reduce the vacuum that the PS5 creates to cool itself. This thing is going to get hotter than a stock PS5, and the fan is going to have to ramp up... then because there is a giant hole and the fan will be running faster it will be significantly louder.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/08 07:23 ID: gxd6a3j

When I see someone use the word ‘insane’, I sigh as I’m normally met with undesirable disappointment. This is no exception.

Leave this type of stuff to the PC wankers

16 : Anonymous2021/05/07 11:19 ID: gx9ehqf

Huh. that's actually kinda cool.

Though personally i wouldn't mod a PS5 under warrenty, when it's so difficult to get replacement parts for, or just straight up buy.

I like that there's a little air-gap in the side panelso more air can come in

ID: gx9s0hx

They're so strict with warranty. GameStop wouldn't take my PS4 despite perfect working condition because I took the black warranty sticker that covers the screws off to open it and clean the dust. Then I went home, cut some black tape and covered the screws with it so they look like the warranty stickers, and brought it to a different GameStop and they didn't even notice, and they took it. Probably the only smart thing I've ever done in my life.

ID: gxassoq

I think this is why Sony made it so you could vacuum the dust out of the PS5 without voiding the warranty. It's dumb that cleaning your PS4 voids the warranty and Sony finally figured that out.

ID: gx9gorj

Air-gap is not every time a good thing. Some constructions need air pressure for good cooling.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/07 12:15 ID: gx9jjtf

Ugh, I absolutely hate these see-through plates and RGBs in modern gaming PCs and now people are doing it to consoles. My hatred of these also makes me feel really old.

ID: gx9jwdm

There's nothing out there that pleases absolutely everyone, some people like a cleaner / minimalistic look, some others prefer the "raw machine" look, RGB and whatnot, you do you.

Not something "old" at all, i know plenty of young people that likes a cleaner look to electronics.

ID: gx9tc3b

I could do without rgbs, except maybe a white light to illuminate the internals, because otherwise what's the point of a see through panel. I think it's cool to be able to see the insides, depending on how they look obviously lol.

ID: gxar9mp

The future is now old man

There's nothing wrong with disliking it, hate is such a strong word.

ID: gx9lcs7

If you were old you'd understand it's the tech version of the big windows looking into the kitchen at donut shops. Ppl wanna see what's goin on in there.

ID: gx9yg3l

This isn’t anything new. Consoles and controllers with transparent shells have been officially released in the past. It’s a shame this isn’t an option anymore unless you are willing to modify your console and DIY.


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