Resident Evil: Village is the third biggest PS5 launch so far

1 : Anonymous2021/05/10 12:38 ID: n93fwg
Resident Evil: Village is the third biggest PS5 launch so far
2 : Anonymous2021/05/10 12:50 ID: gxlovlv

Important to note these are boxed charts only, for the UK alone. That said

49% of its sales were on PS5, 31% on PS4 and 20% on Xbox.

80% PlayStation
20% Xbox

ID: gxlzj5z

Damn a lot of people have PS5s over there don't they?

ID: gxm9ek9

I couldn’t find a copy of Returnal anywhere, out of stock in every shop I went to in Scotland. Last time that happened to me was GTA: Vice City!

ID: gxmao6o

As much as people here love to complain about stock we are one of the countries with the most ps5's. Just goes to show how well it's selling.

ID: gxmto3s

I got my PS5 when I was living in the UK, at a woman's apparel store. I went in to grab something for my girlfriend for my trip back stateside and there is was, on launch day. The girlfriend and I broke up, but hey I still have a PS5.

ID: gxmmxbj

Europe is PlayStations “fortress”

ID: gxmnuuc

Well it's actually more like people who are early adopters of a console are also who like to buy the game day 1. Same thing happened with Miles Morales sale, the sales on PS5 outsold sales on PS4, which actually don't make sense to me because the game had free upgrade and a PS4 disc can be used on PS5 but not vice versa.

ID: gxmf9tw

Xbox is pretty much limited to NA in terms of sales, no?

ID: gxlp6ov

That's worse than even Hitman 3. Software sales on Xbox are really tanking this gen.

Edit: Okay so even worse is the fact that despite selling only 20% on Xbox compared playstation's 80% it was still the second biggest launch for XSX.

ID: gxlprum

GamePass is a bit of a double-edged sword in that regard. A lot of people on Xbox I feel simply won't play a game if it isn't on GamePass. It's great value for a rental service if the games you want are showing up, but it makes the userbase not really care to buy software.

ID: gxlpuug

And here in the UK is probably the 2nd best major market for Xbox after the US. I wouldn't be surprised to see more third party timed exclusives this gen, take the exclusivity money from Sony and bank most of your sales on PS5 (or PC), then take Microsoft's money for Game Pass later.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:01 ID: gxm59vm

Played about 6 hours and it’s fucking awesome

ID: gxmvpqr

Is it necessary to play RE7 before this one? I have it but I am determined to play it through VR it's just too fucking scary but I'll get there.

Edit: thanks for the feedback guys, I'll def play RE7 first.

ID: gxn1agb

They’re connected but RE8 has a recap of RE7 at the beginning of the game so if you wanna jump right on in you can. Both are great games though and definitely worth your time.

ID: gxn65rr

I didn’t play RE7 and I feel just fine narratively. A lot of this stuff borrows from basic film tropes and such. You play these games for the atmosphere really.

Don’t get it twisted though I’m def playing RE7 after this.

ID: gxn3sxu

I haven't played 7 yet and have had 0 issue enjoying Village.

ID: gxmzyz8

They have a short video before RE8 that you can choose to watch that briefly sums up RE7. But come on man, you gotta play 7. It’s so good.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/10 13:41 ID: gxluq4m

this was the game i was looking forward to most when i saw the reveal last year.

and im not even that big of a resident evil fan. been loving it so far. i played 7 a little bit but didnt finish it, so i'm def gonna go back to it after im done with this one.

ID: gxm1ibt

RE8 definitely hooked me better than 7 did. I didn't finish 7 yet. lol.

ID: gxm1tgl

8 is just a more interesting game, 7 was good but it didn’t have the character that 8 has.

ID: gxm90ym

8 is more of a true Resident Evil imo. I really enjoyed 7 as well but felt like a different franchise at times. 8 feels like they took the best parts of 7 and mixed it with 4.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/10 12:53 ID: gxlp4za

49% of its sales were on PS5, 31% on PS4 and 20% on Xbox.

Yet another game where PS5 sales are already well outpacing PS4 sales.

ID: gxlv5c6

Yeah, people really do underestimate how many casuals are on those 100+ million PS4 consoles. The hardcore PS4 user base was moving to PS5 as soon as they could. The casuals stayed behind, thus the sales difference.

ID: gxm2ty0

A few examples of close friends of mine. One bought a ps5 but still continues to play nothing but Warzone every night. One has a ps4 and hasn't played anything other than FIFA every week for the past 6 years. Two others both have a ps4 and play nothing but Warzone and GTA V.

I honestly believe this is the case for a massive percentage of ps4 users.

ID: gxlzlp3

That is a bit oversimplifying things. There are still many hardcore gamers who are waiting to get a ps5. Also these are just physical sales analysed in the article

ID: gxmal2t

Casuals or people that aren’t interested in paying an extra 200 to scalpers lol

ID: gxm368c

If you have the patience to not jump into PS5 you probably also have the patience to wait to play these new games once you get a PS5 and to wait for them to go on sale. I bet many of these PS4 sale are coming from people that actually are trying to get a PS5 but can't get their hands on one.

ID: gxmp3kn

The casuals stayed behind

Don't be stupid.

PS5 are out of stock everywhere.

Stayed behind my ass.

ID: gxmjrbs

No way, I'll have you know everyone on Reddit/Twitte

says that no one actually owns a PS5. The entire supply is sitting on scalpers warehouse shelves.

ID: gxmrhim

Yep, just like Hitman 3 and Outriders. Yet this is a lesson people refuse to learn. There will still be people arguing late this year and into next year that cross-gen games are going to sell better on PS4 "because of the install base."

6 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:58 ID: gxnjqjh

Coincidently it's also the third game to launch for the PS5

7 : Anonymous2021/05/10 13:21 ID: gxlscym

I think I can speak for everyone though when I say there aren't many new AAA titles and we all just want something new to play on Next-Gen however.

ID: gxm8ucx

True. I never really played RE before but picked up Village day 1. Don’t regret it, it looks beautiful on PS5.

ID: gxmbwko

RE 7 is free with the PS+ collection on the PS5.

ID: gxmeus6

Demon's Souls, Returnal, Astrobot, and a few cross-gen games (RE8, Miles Morales, etc.) are really about it. 99% of my time on the PS5 has just been PS4 games where I appreciate the load times.

Speaking of load times, I was amazed at how fast saves/loads were in RE8. Felt instant.

ID: gxltbu9

My first thought was there haven’t been very many PS5 launches

ID: gxn7bb4

Yeah. That combined with RE being a well-known franchise and I would have honestly been shocked if it wasn't one of the best selling games on PS5 so far

8 : Anonymous2021/05/10 18:47 ID: gxn1aye

Not surprising though.

Massive advertisement campaign

Beloved franchise currently on a winning streak

One of the few AAA games for new generation consoles

9 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:05 ID: gxncamf

RE8 has been an absolute blast. PAIR this game with the 3D pulse ps5 headphones (or any good headphones especially if they have 3D audio capabilities) and holy fuck, it’s the scariest game I’ve ever played but SO addicting.

I love it.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/10 14:46 ID: gxm35sf

It deserves it. It’s the funnest game I’ve played on PS5 so far. I’m on my third run and I’m still loving it. Can’t say the same about any of the other games I’ve had that are single player.

It has the scariest and creepiest moments of the entire series in the second area hands down. Every section does horror differently and even the low points (Lord 3) has a lot of puzzles and tension while going across the water knowing you can be eaten at any time.

People complaining about lady D being marketed a lot but being barely in the game didn’t pay attention that she was going to be a small section and always was she still has the second longest area for the lords. This game is about Miranda as the big bad not Lady D. They didn’t want to spoil too much which is why we didn’t see anything about the other two lords at all in trailers and VERY little of Miranda and Heisenberg.

It’s like they took everything that was great about older resident evils and combined them while adding onto that.

This is the first complete feeling story resident evil has released where there’s some closure and very interesting characters. Having 8 fully fleshed out characters with their own personality is not a usual thing for resident evil games to have usually.

ID: gxm6609

I loved it. Was getting a lot of resident evil 4 vibes from it. Shooting gems, currency system, european setting, interesting merchant etc.

Inventory management is by far the best qol change, no need to juggle key items, crafting items and weapons all at once anymore!

ID: gxm8lcq

Basically fixed every complaint I had about 7. Enemy variety was there finally again. A lot of resident evil 4 vibes but also a ton of stuff from RE7, REmake 3, original Remake, RERev2, and I like how it expands on the lore without changing anything or further confusing things.

ID: gxm8the

That first sequence in the village is almost beat for beat the same as the first sequence in RE4 and it was amazing.

ID: gxmi8u5

Agreed on everything (thought I'm only currently on Lord 3 so far). It's a ton of fun, and has a perfect atmosphere for me with my favorite kind of horror and aesthetic. I love the combination of gothic horror, and creepy fairy tales, with a cast of wacky characters. It's great.

And yes, one part of this game (you know which part I'm talking about if you've played it) is hands down the scariest part of any Resident Evil game ever, and maybe even one of the scariest video game portions I've ever played.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/10 12:50 ID: gxlowmj

49% of sales on PS5, 31% on PS4 and 20% on Xbox.

ID: gxmt6j5

So if you remove the sales of copies purchased for Xbox Series X (probably more than half of the Xbox sales, but let's assume it's even just 5% of overall sales), the PS5 version outsold the PS4 version and the Xbox One version combined. So much for the "but teh install base!" arguments.

12 : Anonymous2021/05/10 19:55 ID: gxnawcm

The game is freaking awesome

13 : Anonymous2021/05/10 20:16 ID: gxndzki

This is honestly probably my personal game of the year!

14 : Anonymous2021/05/10 18:57 ID: gxn2qck

Have some free time this week so I was debating on what should be my first official PS5 game buy - Miles Morales or RE8.

Went with Morales since I loved the first Spider-Man and felt like I was in the mood for a lighter game. Plus, I figured that RE8 will go on sale sooner than Morales and I can pick up then.

But now this thread is really making me want to grab RE8 also...

Update: just bought it. Damn you all

15 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:27 ID: gxm8ruf

Game fucking rules and deserves it.


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