Why no one is talking about the extremely odd Steam Survey behaviour??

1 : Anonymous2021/05/11 22:07 ID: na94va


2 : Anonymous2021/05/11 22:18 ID: gxs9b3m

How would those systems affect the numbers, they don't have steam in the first place

ID: gxsajse

Well that's what everyone keep saying, but no one is forcing miners to not instal Steam (I have no idea of why they may need it) and those are pre built system so it could be something else pinging home.

Also I can't find a better explenation to a 10% deviation in a matter of days and that 10% rappresent milions of units since Steam have Bilions of users.

Last but not least that doesn't change the fact that the survey is skewed.

ID: gxsk5ua

This is quite possibly the most ridiculous Steam Hardware Survey conspiracy theory I ever heard.

You also seem to forget that in order to take part in the Steam Hardware Survey you need to login. Therefore it doesn't matter if these laptops come with Steam pre-installed or not.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/11 22:27 ID: gxsaiwv

Those are usually internet cafés or gaming cafés that get erroneously counted occasionally, this was talked about years ago

ID: gxsb21g

It could be but if so, why they are not using Windows10? Also doesn't change the fact that Nvidia and Intel are errouneusly over represented.

ID: gxsbca6

Are you just mad that amd(a corporation) isn’t represented? Also you feel very strong about this, why? How does it affect your everyday life

4 : Anonymous2021/05/11 23:00 ID: gxserml

Oh look, red circles on a graph!

That explains EVERYTHING, Gaben is just another Intel pawn!

ID: gxsfdba

Apparently my point is not clear.... I will try to explain better for the third time

It's not about wanting a corporation to win, that survey is used by developers and Steam itself to "make decisions about what kinds of technology investments to make and products to offer".So if you are an AMD user is in your best interest for AMD product to be represented in that survey to incentivize developers to optimize for your product. I want that survey to be the more precise possible because no one will code for a product representing the 0,03% (or apparently non-existing like every RX 6000 graphic card even tho I have one in my case).

5 : Anonymous2021/05/11 23:40 ID: gxsjnyu

Cybercafés are sometimes overrepresented in Steam surveys, and when it happens, they get corrected. Steam randomly samples their install base each month, and sometimes certain geographical regions (most likely in this specific case, China) get overrepresented.

As for VR headsets, they're not counted unless they are plugged in and detected by Steam, which leads to them having lower than expected numbers.

There's no conspiracy to be found here.

ID: gxsls0c

I never intended it to be a conspiracy post, my point is the hardware survey is just misrepresenting data and that leads AMD product, especially GPUs to be represented as non existing wich is bad for a mindshare/adoption point of view hence for the point of view of developers inclination to optimize for said product.

Well... apparently my point was not clear enough, my bad I guess. I will delete the post all togheter.


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