Naughty Dog: Over the 5 years since the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, it’s been an incredible privilege to share Nathan Drake’s most emotional journey with you. Thank you to the community and players for your support, enthusiasm, and excitement!

1 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:15 ID: n97aep
Naughty Dog: Over the 5 years since the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, it's been an incredible privilege to share Nathan Drake's most emotional journey with you. Thank you to the community and players for your support, enthusiasm, and excitement!
2 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:18 ID: gxm7jj3

One of my all time favourite games, so much fun to play

ID: gxnadon

2 and 4 are absolutely perfect.

3 is great, I love it but I see why people don''s more of the same without being the leap that 2 and 4 were.

1 is fun...but shows it's age the most.

ID: gxng3ir

Imo 3 is the 2nd best. I think people like 2 because of where it stands developmentally but if you go back and play it, 3 is obviously better and has way more classic gameplay moments

ID: gxnp4az

Last year just before the world went to shit, I played uncharted 1-4 for the first time. All of them are great but yeah, 2 and 4 are the best. That bit in 2 when you are climbing up something in the cave and the camera shows that monster looking at you from the distance (I thought at the time it was a monster) really fucking scared me, completely caught me off guard. And that moment you are going through the village with that Tenzin is honestly so fucking funny. 3 and 1 are great too... It's just 2-4 are better for my soul.

ID: gxmdrlj

Can't remember which one it was but the train scene at the start of one of the games always stayed with me.

ID: gxmdxmp

2 Among Thieves.

My favorite with 4 next in line

ID: gxnc3ja

The transition between the cutscene was so seamless. I sat there for a few seconds after wondering what happened and realized the game had given me control.

ID: gxn2iqs

For anyone who wants to see how Nathan changed over the course of the 4 titles, I recommend checking out this awesome video essay that was just released yesterday:

ID: gxn4kre

You can also see how their gunplay improved with each title. Uncharted 1 gunplay still fucking haunts me.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:53 ID: gxmcim6

60fps patch to celebrate?

ID: gxmnz6x

I'm gonna say its the next Play At Home free game to celebrate the anniversary.We got the Collection last year,so I guess its just a matter of time and now is the perfect time.

ID: gxmusq1

It was a free ps plus game back in april or may of 2020 so im not sure about that

4 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:33 ID: gxm9nm1

I don't care what anyone says, Uncharted 4 is my favorite of the series.

ID: gxmb54e

For me it’s either 4 or 2.

2 for the story 4 for the gameplay

ID: gxnqjpu

I think 3 would be the best gameplay and set pieces. The added melee was big step up from 2. For me 4 was by far the most emotional, best characters, etc. The story itself and villain were just OK, but the ending flash forward scene alone makes it my favorite for the characters. I just wish their was a bit more gameplay, it felt spread out to me, more climbing or the driving bits, the set pieces beside the ending seem a bit forgettable to me. It’s like they really wanted to dial back the action for character moments, but I think they went a bit too far.

ID: gxmh4bf

People argue otherwise? Lost Legacy is the best one to me, but it’s hard to find any faults with UC4.

ID: gxndl8n

I agree that lost legacy was really good. I wish it was longer. Or had it’s own spinoff.

ID: gxoztpe

Oddly it is Lost Legacy for me. Liked the characters and the environments and the Hindu stuff which is pretty rare in games.

ID: gxp2l3p

Lost Legacy is great!

ID: gxmhts5

4 is the absolute best one, hands down.

ID: gxnhxbk

i personally think UC4 is on par with The Last of Us. the ending is just absolutely perfect.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:39 ID: gxmahpl

Phenomenal game.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:20 ID: gxm7rdc

5 years?! Damn time has flown. Doesn't seem that long ago.

I'd replay it again if it got a patch.

ID: gxnbkvu

People forget that it was one of the big system sellers for a PS4.

ID: gxnygzk

It had a limited edition PS4 and it was bundled with the slim models

ID: gxoczdd

I have the limited edition uncharted ps4 and it's the best I've seen. No game, literally no game makes that ps4 do sounds, it's silent as a rock. Best purchase I've ever done

7 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:19 ID: gxm7mok

They changed their banner and twitter profile pic. Hopefully a PS5 4k/60 patch will be announced.

ID: gxmpcni

Oh the troubles with PS Collection.. Got a ps5 in November, platinumed R&C and it got the 60 FPS update right after. Then platinumed God of War and it got the 4K/60 FPS update right after. Just finished Uncharted 4 last week... and now the potential of a patch. I'm so unlucky with my choices.

I'm in the middle of Detroit: Become Human, and wouldn't be surprised if..

EDIT: For context, had a 360 and skipped the ps4/xbox one gen.

ID: gxms38z

Could you do me a favor and play TLOU2 next?

ID: gxmvarp

Wow I’ve had this exact same thing, happen to me too. First time playing them all, and at least they are a blast with or without the patch!

ID: gxm8jh0

I mean, it is their anniversary. It would be weird if it didn't have a banner.

ID: gxmr054

It definitely wouldn't be weird

ID: gxmklnb

Now that would be amazing. Never owned a ps4 and i’m fine with 30, but the higher the better.

Still lots of exclusives to catch up on though!

ID: gxmnel2

I started playing it today after coming from a line-up of 60 fps games and it felt jarring at first, but you slowly get used to it. Definitely worth playing even in 30 fps.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:35 ID: gxm9tgs

I think we know our next free game with the Play at home Initiative, full circle now with them giving the trilogy for free last year. Hopefully, ND give us a patch, although that would be weird given that TLOU II doesn't have one lol

ID: gxmywv3

Well 4 was a PS Plus monthly game at pretty much the exact same time as the trilogy was made free, so it’s possible, but could be redundant

9 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:43 ID: gxmayx3

Whoaaa, remember looking forward to this game after the E3 reveal and it feels like it was just a couple of years ago, but damn it’s been 5 years since release already.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:30 ID: gxm95oo

Can't wait to see what they do next.

Every single one of their games they have knocked out of the park.

ID: gxmbiv0

I just hope that whatever they make, it's for the Playstation 5 only, i want to see what Naughty Dog can do when they're not held back by the PS4.

ID: gxmbyyz

I can see Factions being cross gen, and as long as we get a 4k60 TLOU2 patch alongside it for PS5 I'm fine with that.
Absolutely no way their next full project isn't PS5 only.

ID: gxmbw6h

It will be. Nothing has been mentioned about what’s up next in line so I can’t see them releasing cross platform.

11 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:24 ID: gxmguht

We need that 60 FPS FOR PS5

12 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:25 ID: gxmh0g3

This was the first game I got and played on my PS4. I was literally mouth open stunned a game could look this good. I knew I was in for some incredible things on the PS4 after that experience and I wasn’t disappointed.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:13 ID: gxmf9zq

Perfect timing for a free 60fps patch don't you think Naughty Dog ? *wink*

14 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:17 ID: gxmfxch

I did like 4, the ending was awesome, but Lost Legacy was amazing. I want a direct sequel, Naughty Dog...

15 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:42 ID: gxmavyq

5 fucking years, i feel old

16 : Anonymous2021/05/10 15:31 ID: gxm9bm5

Best Uncharted ever imo. Some people didnt like the new direction neil took after amy left, but i thought it was amazing.

Neil is a good writer, and has a great team of writers, they dont always pander to the audience, which i can appreciate. I went into Uncharted 4 expecting one thing, and got a whole different story. Same thing happened with TLOU2. Top tier writing, no matter where you fall into the like/dislike category

ID: gxmex58

I was never a big fan of the supernatural stuff towards the end of the games so I loved 4! Once yo I get past the “huh why have we never heard of his brother until now” thing it’s easily the most engrossing and emotional story for me.

17 : Anonymous2021/05/10 16:34 ID: gxmib91

Holy shit, where does the time go?????

18 : Anonymous2021/05/10 17:37 ID: gxmr8bk

What a fantastic game. I really hope the give us a 4k/60 patch..


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