Resident Evil Village Ships Over 3 Million Units Globally!

1 : Anonymous2021/05/11 05:10 ID: n9pfzb
Resident Evil Village Ships Over 3 Million Units Globally!
2 : Anonymous2021/05/11 06:40 ID: gxpabdz

Capcom keeps on killing it these past few years. RE, MH, DMC. Even Megaman came back for a lil bit. Optimistic about the next SF game.

ID: gxr5xar

Konami should be taking notes. I hope that pachinko money keeps them warm at night.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/11 05:14 ID: gxp3wab

So glad for them, REVII sold 8.5 million copies as well. It is great that single-player games are still doing good.

ID: gxpf9rq

Suck it EA!!

ID: gxpss2n

I get it, but to be fair to EA they recognized the success of Jedi Fallen Order and green lit the sequel.

ID: gxr64od


ID: gxph9z9

It’s good but they don’t touch RE 5 & 6 sales

This formula is working for them but I wish they’d do what sold well instead of these useless multiplayer spin-offs

ID: gxpj5av

I actually dislike your message.. Recent games are far better than res5 or res 6... Except maybe res 3 Remake, MAYBE.. Res5 had the best multiplayer in the res series though

ID: gxpt409

RE6 was by far the worst RE game. 5 was fun but making it co-op killed some of the suspense.

ID: gxpoqno

You forget to mention the negative feedback, declining sales that came with those games lol.

ID: gxqjq90

Actually RE7 has sold more than RE5 and RE6 and is in capcoms top 3 selling games of all time

4 : Anonymous2021/05/11 09:04 ID: gxpjj7r

As it should! GREAT game all around I didn’t have any complaints really. Capcom really did a good job on this. I do wish that Beneviento segment lasted longer though. LOVED THAT!

ID: gxpm4ib

Lasted longer? No thank you.

ID: gxpwdzi

That part had such strong silent hill/PT vibes to me. Would love a resident evil game that heavily focuses on that kind of atmosphere and gameplay and utilizes more temporary weapons or having to make makeshift weapons out of stuff in the environment occassionally when things get hostile.

ID: gxqr1c9

Beneviento segment lasted longer


ID: gxqaey4

hard pass. That was the only part of the game so far that has given me nightmares. It was successful at what it set out to do but I don't ever need to do that section again.

ID: gxqsgdf

Same here

ID: gxr8aun

Nah I wanna run from all the fetus babies they want to throw at me

5 : Anonymous2021/05/11 05:15 ID: gxp3yef


6 : Anonymous2021/05/11 12:16 ID: gxpxy63

Good game - not too complex - a lot of fun

7 : Anonymous2021/05/11 12:44 ID: gxq0zk0

For comparison Resident Evil 7 “had shipped over 2.5 million units worldwide days after the release” (quote from wiki - source:

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8 : Anonymous2021/05/11 08:54 ID: gxpixb7

Will there be a Remastered Resident Evil 4 for ps5

ID: gxpkitm

Most likely. More like a remake though.

ID: gxposj2

Yes. But the earliest we'll see it is probably in 2023

ID: gxq3r1u

I wouldn’t be surprised if it came out next year. They have multiple teams. They’ve released a RE the last 3 years in a row and 4 of the last 5. Either way, just give it to us when it’s ready.

ID: gxqmvpf

I mean that's only a year and a half

ID: gxq6yce

if they could do a code veronica as well!

ID: gxrlvkg

They're doing all of them. Resident Evil 1 should probably get a proper remake, too.

ID: gxqvsuh

I’d like to see another remake of Resident Evil 1 myself.

9 : Anonymous2021/05/11 12:28 ID: gxpz7wl

Man I was completely blown away by re village I don’t normally Pre order games but I been a fan of re2 when it came out in the 90s. Capcom has done it again and created a master piece it will go down as forever one of the greatest survival horror games of all time I bought two copy’s one for gaming and one to keep forever!!!! God capcom just take my freaking money you guys deserve it

ID: gxrrr4g


10 : Anonymous2021/05/11 14:59 ID: gxqia1p

I wish I wasn’t such a baby when it comes to horror

11 : Anonymous2021/05/11 16:32 ID: gxqvjba

Bought Returnal, beat it, and then sold it for $60 just to grab RE:8 with it lol. Is there much to do afterwards? I bought physical so I might as well sell it after I beat it right?

12 : Anonymous2021/05/11 17:27 ID: gxr3jl8

I was gonna say that this seems really low globally, but I forgot it came out a few days ago. I’d buy it but I just paid the rent lmao

13 : Anonymous2021/05/11 06:33 ID: gxp9siu

Thats actually pretty poor If that statistic is for complete copies sold worldwide. Thats not even a quarter of the ps5 player base and you have ps4, two generations of xbox system as well as pc and stadia. Looks like players might be slowly giving up on the franchise or are they simply holding out for a price drop?

ID: gxpbz7j

It’s been like 4 days calm down lol

ID: gxpf4lv

3 million in a few days it’s actually quite good, and it will only continue to rise. The attention this games getting is wild

ID: gxpg5ix

Most idiotic thing I’ve seen

ID: gxpd6do

It's not poor in that short time.

ID: gxpt8l1

At $60 a pop that's $180 million. That's pretty good for half a week lol.

ID: gxq3459

More likely PS4 and XBONE users are holding out for the next gen versions once systems are more readily available. I know that's what I'd do if I hadn't been lucky with a PS5 restock.

ID: gxq79ot

True, that’s what I’m doing with most games rn. switching Xbone —> PS

ID: gxq7y0w

Nearly equaling the lifetime sales of the RE 3 remake in a weekend is poor to you? You must be stupid

ID: gxqj3nl

I am holding out for a price drop but I really want to play it

14 : Anonymous2021/05/11 05:29 ID: gxp52rh

3 million too many

ID: gxp8xf5


ID: gxpr6o8

Wait till it reaches 7+ million


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