USB dropout still persistent using a Ryzen 7 Pro 4750G with a MSI B550M Mortar WiFi, Others using similar rigs, Any luck on your end?

1 : Anonymous2021/05/11 05:14 ID: n9pi6i

So, AMD releasing the Agesa seems to be hit or miss for a lotta people (Sadly a miss on my end) I noticed when it comes to the USB drop out issues however I legitimately wonder when AMD will address the issue (or know about it still not working for some people) for people using a 4000G APU. I so far tried every known combination of fixes/work around and every bios version that is supported for my APU and none so far seems to fix the issue. I wonder if anyone else with a similar setup has had any luck with this because I am starting to lose faith due to the lack of support it seems, I did contact AMD support previously and submitted a bug report using the tool but only was told to change my PCIe Gen to Gen 3 rather than Gen 4 (Despite my APU not supporting Gen 4 in the first place lol) and to disable C states (which I did already) and never got a reply past that even tho I explained I tried those fixes and such in the first and reply posts.

So my question really is if there is still work being done to address the issue in the background of things or if there is just going to be an issue that persists for months or years since I practically am stuck using the USB C port on my GPU with a powered USB hub for everything which is incredibly disappointing for a system I paid a good bit for and the impressions I got going with AMD for the first time since 2012 and the non existent support help being about the same as getting a response from a human on Steam support

List of things I have tried so far:
Disabling C-states
Disabling Spread Spectrum
Full stock Bios
Updating the bios
Trying every other bios version supported by my motherboard
Messing with VDDP/SOC voltages
Messing with CPU and IGPU Voltages
Using Linux
Underclocking my CPU
Ram at XMP and Jedec timings
Disabling Wifi+Bluetooth, Audio, and LAN
Using different sticks of ram
Changing IF timings and voltages
Disabling CSM (never used it since it uses UEFI only by default)
Disabling XHCI Handoff
Disabling Legacy USB support
Setting PCIe Slots to Gen 1/2/3
Using and not using Chipset drivers
Changing Power plans
Disabling windows USB Power Savings
Swapping PSUs (tried 4 different ones I own)
Using different GPUs (Tried a 2070 super, 3 Different GTX 970s, HD 6850, HD 7570, and a GT 710)
Using only the IGPU
Using a Usb hub

Also my APU I have checked and it was made in the second week of 2021.

Things I haven't tried is trying to use a different CPU as I do not have the money to be able to get a 5800x let alone a different CPU that supports the motherboard at the current moment, that is the only thing I legitimately have not tried, but apart from that, nothing works so yea. Basically giving up and considering on getting a intel based board and CPU if the issue isn't fixed in the upcoming months and the support I been getting being entirely disappointing at best.

Video proof on my dropout issue:
(slightly older video but basically still happens no matter what version or fixes I do basically)

2 : Anonymous2021/05/11 07:07 ID: gxpc4eo

I will assume you have also tried disconnecting the other USB devices than the mouse. I had a problem where a USB DAC/Amp was causing similar issues when connected to the same USB controller as the mouse. (this happened on both Intel and AMD platforms)

ID: gxpf0m4

Ya, I tried both ways really, My audio dacs have persistant crackling, dropping out, and/or garbled static under load (Gpu, CPU Only and both) The best improvement I got is with Agesa patch A and Agesa, Input devices don't drop out NEARLY as much however still rarely happens, however my audio devices still have issues flat out basically.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/11 12:13 ID: gxpxqby

I had some issues with my USB DAC (Audient) on my X570 Aorus Elite. Basically I got a loud hiss / distortion when listening @ 96khz, randomly.

I thought I had this USB drop-out problem...

After long investigations... it seems that it's a problem with the DAC's firmware. Basically if you listen @ 88.2 / 44.1 KHZ everything is fine.

I hope you solve your problem!

In my opinion these USB droput issues are unacceptable.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/11 07:15 ID: gxpco1b

Have you tried to RMA the cp


ID: gxpen8t

Sadly Nope, However I legitimately know it's an issue with the Agesa/Bios with the chipset given that one thing I DID notice is the frequency of the dropout is massively decreased from patch A and, however the problem does still happen on rare occation for my input devices and vr set, however when it comes to any of my audio equipment it drops out, crackles, or becomes garbled static when heavy load is on the system (could be GPU only, CPU only, or both and still has the problem) Plus, the 4750G cannot be RMAed due to it being an OEM tray APU, the Motherboard however I may look into it but I cannot justify doing it due to most of my hobby and some work requiring a PC which i'll be out of for weeks potentially if I RMA the board or APU haha pretty much I am stuck with what I got or I'd need to burn 500$ at bare minimum for similar hardware to replace it (Which I legitimately don't have that money to spare with my current situation)

ID: gxpfrnp

You could try ordering a different B550 board online and see if that fixes the issue. If it doesn't, you can send the board back within 14 days.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/11 11:52 ID: gxpvood

Glad I never had this problem in the first place

6 : Anonymous2021/05/11 14:10 ID: gxqbhzp

I have a 5800X and Asus B550-E board. Before agesa 1202, every time I used my webcam in Microsoft Teams, my usb devices would flip out and start disconnecting and reconnecting like crazy. With AGESA 1202, that issue is fixed and I can use the webcam without issue.

However, 3 times in the last month or so, my mouse has randomly disconnected during games, and the only fix has been to unplug it and move it to a different USB port, replugging into the same port doesn’t get it working again. When the problem occurs, the mouse stays powered on, but usb communication is lost. After a restart, the ‘bad’ port will come back working again. Also I have had my Corsair AIO cooler (which uses an internal usb connection) disconnect on me twice in the last month, seemingly at random.

So the issue has gone from consistently reproducible, to pretty rare. But there’s still an underlying issue.

ID: gxr85qm

Hey, I haven't heard of many people experiencing this with their mice and got kind of confused myself when it started happening to me. I'm running Zen2 on a Gigabyte AE X570 and have had the same problems as you've described.. so the issue is still there in the AGESA and isn't vendor specific.

Surprisingly, out of all things, my USB DAC and other audio peripherals weren't as problematic as some redditors have reported. But, once in a while, Windows just goes 'Unrecognized USB device' until swapping the port or rebooting. Also, my mouse often feels like it gets sluggish for a split second at seemingly random times..

It wasn't always like this, and I believe the possibly-breaking change I made was updating the chipset drivers some time ago - ever since, nothing really resolved it for me.

ID: gxr8vfj

I've also experienced that thing where the mouse seems to 'pause' temporarily, but i keep thinking it's a hair on the sensor or something. Maybe it is related. For me, the current issues are infrequent enough that it's tough to complain about, but I do still feel there is something wrong with the USB controlle

. The problem seems to be mitigated but not resolved.

ID: gxrouw1

its probably an issue with agesa for b550/x570 as i dont think x470/b450 have this. could be wrong as my old ch7 didn't have this issue.

my new b550 asus board has usb disconnect issues

7 : Anonymous2021/05/11 15:23 ID: gxqllwo

I upgraded to a Strix B550/5800X two weeks ago and so far I haven't noticed any usb peripherals drop out on me. Bios are up to date, maybe it's been fixed?

8 : Anonymous2021/05/11 20:53 ID: gxrxoa9

Man I'm using the same MoBo and had zero USB issues. I avoid beta BIOS, but I don't think that has anything to do.

I suppose it's a matter of faulty components?

9 : Anonymous2021/05/11 07:37 ID: gxpe3zt

Did you do the setting in bios where it does a cold restart/powerdown. Forgot the name of it but it feels like that setting and one of the newer bios undated reduced it the USB issues for me.

10 : Anonymous2021/05/11 12:10 ID: gxpxf8h

I'm getting dropouts on my C7H with latest bios available when doing some USB3.0 hard disk drives. Mouse, keyboard, HUB, everything else hands for 10 seconds and reconnects back including USB3.0 disk

11 : Anonymous2021/05/11 12:58 ID: gxq2jjc

I have the same problem but i found a work around disabling SMT on 5800x USB problem where gone. I can now wait for new bios updates

i also disabled cstats and PCI to gen 3

ryzen 5800x

B550 AORUS PRO (rev. 1.0)

12 : Anonymous2021/05/11 15:52 ID: gxqpvjd

I had rock solid usb myself, until an insider build ruined my intel BT, and particularly a usb 3.1 root hub. I had constant usb issues. Now its not the same thing you might have, but I ended up doing a new windows install and it fixed it. Im not using a rig like yours, I have a taichi x370 w/1800x.

But maybe a new install might help. Good luck.

13 : Anonymous2021/05/11 16:50 ID: gxqy5jx

For me, the issue happens about once every day or 2 where a device will disconnect and reconnect after a split second.

So far updating to the beta bios did not fix it.


Beyond that, the beta bios did not introduce any new issues that I have noticed, thus overall no improvement but no harm either.

I currently use a Ryzen 7 5800x, and for USB connectivity, I only have a mouse, keyboard, USB SD card reader, and USB mic connected.

ID: gxrp2cn

mine do the same as your usually when a new device is connected especially if its connected to the usb-c or thunderbolt(my mobo has it)

14 : Anonymous2021/05/11 18:39 ID: gxre6d8

Try posting this in the MSI forums.

You might receive a reply from one of their Devs there.

15 : Anonymous2021/05/11 23:13 ID: gxsgdsx

What kind of mouse do you have?

16 : Anonymous2021/05/11 11:29 ID: gxptlwo

I'd try re-installing Windows from scratch. Save data to external drive or internal one that isn't the OS drive, then disconnect the drive with backed up data from system before Windows install process and lastly format the OS drive clean and install to it.

When I was choosing a 500-series motherboard the 2 first ones had bad audio crackling, third one (that I currently have in my system) had the least but still some. I decided to just re-install Windows at that point and the issues were gone.

ID: gxqq5y5

He tried Linux and had the same issues, tell me how reinstalling Windows would have any impact?

ID: gxqr00u

I missed that section from the list. I just tried to give an option that helped out in my case.

E: He also could've used dual-booting which isn't a re-install.


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