AppleTV 4K (new version) with eARC and 2 HomePods works with PS5

1 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:23 ID: nhz9n0

For those of you who may have HomePods (not the minis) around, you can pair 2 HomePods into a stereo unit and with the just released AppleTV 4K use eARC to connect to your PS5. Nice solution given cost of totally new eARC especially if you already have some HomePods around

2 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:33 ID: gyz82r4

How does it sound? Does Atmos work?

ID: gyzbkn7

Yup, I still can't comprehend how 2 HomePods output Dolby Atmos, but somehow they do. I am so curious where Apple is going next now that they stopped making HomePods

ID: gyzfg19

Atmos is just a format. It's just stepping it down to stereo.

ID: gyza42k

How could Atmos work with only 2 speakers ?

ID: gyzgvw6

Absurd overengineering. The bottom of the speaker is dotted with tweeters to cover the speaker’s full circumfrence, and it does analysis on its input and output with microphones and an iPhone processor.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:43 ID: gyz1ktq

BOOM! Thanks for verification!

I should be receiving my new ATV4K any minute now. Excited to hear my HomePod stereo pair output TLoUP2!

EDIT: Hurry up, UPS…

ID: gyzamlg

Been waiting for my adult ice cream truck (AKA: UPS/FedEx/Amazon) all day. It’s got my Apple TV and iPad Pro in it…hurry the fack up!

4 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:57 ID: gyz3efh

To be clear, for eARC, you plug into your TV's HDMI 2.1 port (for me for Sony X900H is HDMI 3) with 48gbps HDMI cable and then my PS5 (HDMI 4) is able to pipe audio through TV:

ID: gyz8s8z

How’s the latency?

ID: gyzf31q


please respond

5 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:52 ID: gyzaf2e

YES DADDY!! This is a dream come true.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/21 18:35 ID: gyz0keh

Not sure I follow this, maybe I'm being simple. So atv > tv > ps5, and you use the earc on the atv for audio on your ps5? Surely earc is only supported on atv when it's connected and active over hdmi?

ID: gyz38et

For my Sony X900H I use HDMI 3 as eARC (make sure to use HDMI 2.1 cable with 48gbps, I like the Monoprice one myself) and set up as:

All cords involved should be 48gbps to avoid stutter (initially mine didn't work and then I subbed out a ~10gbps HDMI cord with 48gbps)

ID: gyziv29

Well you won't need the 48gbps unless your transferring 8k or 4k 120hz, and for modes like VRR and such like. Earc works at hdmi 2.0b, as long as your cable has high speed ethernet. So yer still struggling to see what your saying about how you configure your components in what order. Can you help?

ID: gyz0ujy

Right. Can I plug my PS5 to an Apple TV input and passthrough to the tv? (PS5 > ATV4k > TV)

ID: gyz1ug3

I don't think so! Normally it's atv > tv and ps5 > tv seperately, then tv > audio device on earc

ID: gyzxyd1

That’s not how it works. eARC allows a device to say, “oh, besides the video/audio data I’m sending you, Mr. TV, can you send me a copy of all the audio output from whatever source is playing?” This is used for things like Sonos sound bars that connect to the TV over HDMI (but, obviously don’t provide useful video).

Apparently Apple has added the option for the new Apple TV to present itself as an audio output device even when it’s “off” (or, at least, isn’t the device currently selected for viewing). So, your TV takes video/audio from your PS5 on HDMI2 and copies the audio to your Apple TV on HDMI1, which then plays it through the connected HomePods.

Shame Apple canceled those HomePods a few weeks ago.

I’m guessing the new AppleTV and that feature have been sitting, completed, in the new products pipeline for a looong time.

ID: gyznynh

No. Apple TV’s only have 1 HDMI port.

7 : Anonymous2021/05/21 20:31 ID: gyzfcws

Yeah but the airplay latency is going to be enormous. You really should invest in dedicated speakers or even just a good soundbar

ID: gyzo3eu

It’s not using airplay for this but rather a direct connection to the HomePods. From the few users on the Apple TV sub the latency isn’t a problem.

ID: gyzosk6

A lot of people are insanely oblivious to latency. Plus there's no way that I know of for the Apple TV to be using anything other than Airplay for this, so I'd like to see a source on that claim.

8 : Anonymous2021/05/21 19:09 ID: gyz4xhl

As an apple user with almost every some product in the home, good luck finding anyone else with two homepods to even think about doing this.

ID: gyz8pjf

I have 2 homepods but an older 4K Apple TV. Fixing that part soon. The /

and / have a few of us.

ID: gyz953c

Idk who down votes a fact. They still have them in stock and cancelled the product months ago lol. The cost to performance of having two homepods vs any other sound system is abysmal.

ID: gyzagda


9 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:11 ID: gyzrp72

What about 2 minis?

10 : Anonymous2021/05/21 22:44 ID: gyzvkke

So I would need the new Apple TV to do eARC?

11 : Anonymous2021/05/21 23:15 ID: gyzz421

And to this day I still can't get Disney+ 4k even though there was a 4k update to it on ps5. The streaming qaulity settings still only go to HD.. meanwhile, Amazon Prime and Apple have 4K. Get your shit together Disney!


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