[AHOC/Buildzoid] RX 6900XT Red Devil Ultimate teardown.

1 : Anonymous2021/05/24 12:07 ID: njwfxf
[AHOC/Buildzoid] RX 6900XT Red Devil Ultimate teardown.
2 : Anonymous2021/05/24 16:04 ID: gzaahak

Buildzoid the legend.

ID: gzahkrg

All of his video outros are like "So, uhh... yeah. There it is, uh... Anyway, that's the card. There's really not much more to say about it." 10mins left in video and I wouldn't have it any other way.

ID: gzdr0vr

When you spec all your skill points into electronics and tech and don't leave much left for the presentation skill

ID: gzbhs1w

I agree completely...;) One of the funniest things I saw was the "chip ID" review of an x570 motherboard when he flippantly concluded that trying to overclock the 100MHz "FSB" on the motherboard doesn't work and is a throwaway bios feature--why did he say this?-- because he tried to overclock the bus to 120MHz and promptly crashed so he stated that the feature "doesn't work"...;) And he moved on.

I laughed to myself for sometime about that--anyone who knows even a smidgen about overclocking the "front-side bus" (not technically what it is--but it is still called the FSB by many) knows that bumping it up even 2 MHz is problematic--hence each increment in the bios is much less than that. Overclocking the FSB 20MHz never had a chance of working--but surely doesn't mean the feature doesn't work! BZ just didn't know what he was doing to all the other system buses (SATA 3 bus, etc.) that hang off the FSB clocking, and didn't understand why trying for a 20MHz overclock of the FSB would never work.

I had to quit watching a while ago because of all the errors I picked up. BZ is very good at ID'ing chips, however, there's no denying that...;) And he's very good at rambling...another humorous anecdote I recall was when he was trying to show what a "mess" Ryzen memory was, and drew all of these boxes which he then linked together in nonsensical ways with a pencil, while he was trying to explain what a mess it was...;) It was obvious that he didn't yet understand the way Ryzen works with its system ram.

I'm sure he's likely had these and other mistakes he's made pointed out to him and I'm sure he would be glad to correct them--it's just that sometimes he jumps to conclusions that are a bit absurd--especially based on the data he uses in jumping to those conclusions.

3 : Anonymous2021/05/24 17:08 ID: gzajprs

Why does this guy has so much knowledge? He seems really young, 25 at most? Yet has impressive knowledge

ID: gzb0gkg

He seems to immerse himself in micro electronics and tinkers a lot with a wide variety of competing products (mostly motherboards, cpus, ram, and gpus). There’s a lot of parts, but really only a handful of components used in building common power circuits which is simplified further because we’re only dealing with DC here which actually benefits him because it lets him focus on noticing how various companies tackle the same problem.

Not trying to tear him down at all, the opposite actually. I love his rambling videos and tear downs and have used his videos to help make some purchasing decisions.

ID: gzbt8rn

^^ this

ID: gzang2e

Dude is gifted and a total and utter nerd. That's why we like him.

ID: gzao26r

Maybe he is just older than he looks like and his job is in the same direction? Idk, really smart guy tho

ID: gzb1j95

From what I hear, he was in school for electrical engineering but never completed his degree.

His love for PC helped him learn exactly what he needed in his program.

As a engineer myself, I can tell you my friends that were into cars spoke very differently when we did our HW together.

It definitely helps having a keen interest in a engineering topic befo you go into these programs because the whole time you're learning, you're also applying.

That's my guess.

ID: gzbt7s7

it was comp sci that I failed out of. I didn't have the math skills to get accepted into an EE degree in the first place.

ID: gzbfkhx

You don't learn almsot any of this shit in undergrad EE.

ID: gzc72xr

Didn't he study electrical engineering or something? That + a passion for hardware and probably almost a decade of fucking around with computers and overclocking will do that.

4 : Anonymous2021/05/24 15:29 ID: gza61x7

MVP as always, doing god's work my son.

5 : Anonymous2021/05/24 21:54 ID: gzbm5bv

I, uh, I have a little bit of difficulty watching Buildzoid's videos (I am literally full of ADHD) were there any surprises or cool finds?

ID: gzc6oqj

16 phase iirc, plenty of TIM, inelegant construction of hsf, and too much RGB (esp cables)... Don't remember anything else standing out...

He'll add an elmore contoller and he hopes to mess with the minor rails to beat the coldbug.

6 : Anonymous2021/05/25 04:00 ID: gzcrpqc


RTX 3090 IS KING!!

*runs away*

ID: gzd58j4

not in firestrike it isn't and firestrike is my favorite benchmark.

ID: gze4sf2

amd subreddit tho

ID: gzes9le

Ain't that the point?

7 : Anonymous2021/05/24 23:24 ID: gzbwxkp

Awesome watch bro

8 : Anonymous2021/05/25 02:56 ID: gzcl8jv

Ooo got one of these cards. Keen to watch later

9 : Anonymous2021/05/25 04:05 ID: gzcs6bu



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