“Confirmed with AMD that V-Cache will be coming to Ryzen Zen 3 products, with production at end of year.”

1 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:41 ID: npybw8
"Confirmed with AMD that V-Cache will be coming to Ryzen Zen 3 products, with production at end of year."
2 : Anonymous2021/06/01 18:54 ID: h083et2

V-Cache makes the most sense for APUs IMO. A 32 or 64Mb cache on top of DDR5 to keep 10-12 graphics cores fed would be an absolute game changer for the APU scene.

ID: h085om6

This is certainly true but such caches on other processors can really improve certain software suites. I see this as a game changer on a mach larger scale, I wouldn't be surprised to see AMD use the same cache chips on their discreet GPU chips. This especially as they move to chiplet GPU's.

Lets just hope that they can get this tech out without any setbacks. For me all of this tech just means that 2022 could be a very good year to buy new hardware. Imagine getting all of this at once: new GPU's, CPU's, huge caches, DDR5, maybe even a Neural Engine like accelerator. For most users the upgrade would be huge.

ID: h087d0g

It's like being back in the early 2000s again, when CPUs were 20-30% better every year or so.

I really hope Intel come out of 10nm hell swinging and keep this going. I reckon the 5800X I bought a couple of months ago should last me a good 5 or 6 years, and it will be great to have a choice of CPUs which are hugely more capable that this Zen3.

ID: h088q5l

Maybe in the future. Right now they probably just want to bank some more cash while offering a nice performance boost.

Great news for AM4 though, I wonder if these will be 500 series chipset exclusive, it probably makes sense for them to do that.

ID: h08m05k

I wouldn't be surprised to see them initially confined to Threadripper SKUs, as these would benefit the most from them. It would also explain why Zen3 Threadrippers have taken so long to appear.

Threadrippers with an extra 64MB of cache per chiplet would give AMD absolute dominance in the HEDT market. No one would want anything else.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:55 ID: h07n5cc

Ryzen 5950XT Pro Hyper V-Cache RX edition

ID: h082w35


ID: h088g9p


ID: h08p5wz

G A M E C H O N K edition

ID: h08lxhp

I like Ryzen 5950XT3D

ID: h08n94t


I don't MS will like that one...

4 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:42 ID: h07l7eu

Confirmed with AMD that V-Cache will be coming to Ryzen Zen 3 products, with production at end of year.

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5 : Anonymous2021/06/01 19:14 ID: h0865ob

Perhaps this is the real version of what the "Zen3+" rumors were all about.

I wonder if it'll go as low as an 8-core, a 5850X, and how pricing will come in.

If this only comes to 12 and 16 cores and increases prices it'll be a shame.

Hopefully it'll go down to 8-core, and the new chips will slot in at the current prices, with the current chips going down a price tier. So the 5800X ends up at the price the 5700X would have been if it existed.

ID: h08tet5

I'll take it even if it goes to 6900/6950 only. But I assume high-end single-chiplet design would also be there (i.e. 6800Xrect).

6 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:17 ID: h07q3ll

What are the chances that this will be part of the zen3 threadripper?

ID: h07y1aj

Would be insane if TR takes the gaming crown. But Lisa did say "highest-end" products after all, so I wouldn't entirely rule out this possibility.

ID: h07qera

He confirmed that it's "ryzen zen 3" and not hedt or server parts

ID: h07txtl

Threadripper is classified and marketed under the Ryzen family.

ID: h082ima

Obviously you will also see the tech in servers (Milan-X). HEDT is unknown, but it's a niche market so I don't expect it personally.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:01 ID: h07nxnc

Nice, that's what I waited for. Will upgrade from my trusty R5 3600.

ID: h084m7j

I wouldn't! We are too near DDR5 supporting hardware. Better to wait and get a new mother board and much faster RAM.

ID: h084x3x

I am not going to buy the first iteration of the new technology. I will thank all beta testers and will purchase DDR5 in 3-4 years.

ID: h08a9wj

It depends.

Avoiding a RAM upgrade is at least $100 that can go in the CPU budget. Avoid a motherboard upgrade also and that is another $100 in the CPU budget. So, it might put a 5900XT or whatever they call it in the budget instead of an x600 future CPU. That might delay the upgrade itch a generation or so and end up saving money. Also, if that upgrade is available at the end of this year you can enjoy it sooner than waiting for the DDR5 gen CPUs.

Of course, this is all a personal preference there is no right answer for everyone's personality needs, and budget.

ID: h08sw1w

When has buying first gen memory technologies paid off, ever?!

ID: h08f8d5

Me too with a 3900X

8 : Anonymous2021/06/01 18:09 ID: h07x9tw

Maybe this is for the Ryzen 9 Warhol. I doubt we will see it in lower end like Ryzen 5 since it is significantly more silicon per product. Or maybe the final product will have a smaller vcache, or made in a cheaper node, that would be a good way to use some of that GF's 12nm.

Or other option, Ryzen 9 will see a 7nm 64MB vcache, Ryzen 5 a 12nm (or defective 7nm) 32 or 16MB... Just some ideas.

ID: h081lgk

I believe V-Cache uses TSMC tech, so I don't believe using GF 12nm for the cache is viable.

Ryzen 7 and below would only feature half the V-Cache due to having half the CCDs. It's certainly justifiable for that lineup, and perhaps Ryzen 5 as well; or like you say, they may be able to simply stack less V-Cache on top.

ID: h08tped

Now that AMD got rid of GF exclusivity obligation, they can make IO die much smaller, without cache and also on 6nm (as cache is now on top of chiplet).

Alder Lake will be completely obliterated.

ID: h08uurc

they can make IO die much smaller

Nah, the IOD size is limited by the physical connections, you cant shrink them.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/01 18:22 ID: h07z07m

Make sense to do with a functional cpu like zen 3 first, work out the kinks, get a 15% gaming kick ass improvement and killing off Intel along the way as they hammer them with zen4 and 3DV stacking.

Make sense to get more cores and upgrade for existing users like myself with a 5600x.
More cores + 15% performance like a new cpu generation.

ID: h0857hb

So you want amd to be a monopoly by killing off intel?

ID: h089mxg

They didn't say that

ID: h08gn6o

No, but AMD is far from parity. Intel still has the majority market share in every single industry. We’ve seen what happens when a singular entity takes over—its beneficial for the consumer for AMD to get more share and force Intel to work harder.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/01 18:52 ID: h0835mk

Outside of gaming (what AMD showed) where else does more l3 cache improve performance in?

ID: h085kyj

anything which likes cache

renders,code compiling,some VT stuff

but mainly cache has biggest impact onto gaming because old games now scale linerally with amount of cache on CPU's

ID: h08k98e

Gaming and compilation

11 : Anonymous2021/06/01 23:03 ID: h08zglq

So this is the Zen 3 refresh. I never bought the rumor that it was cancelled.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:21 ID: h07qnuf

Makes no sense to bring more AM4 products when AM5 is around the corner. I think these people are assuming 3D cache on AM4 because of how Lisa worded things. But she didn't specifically say 3D cache on AM4, she said 3D cache NEXT YEAR. Which could be on AM5.

I mean, on a marketing warfront against Intel, Imagine SHOWING 3D stacked on a 5900x, and then simply stating that 3D stacking is coming next year.... she never said 3D stacked would be on an AM4 refresh....

ID: h07uwpm

AM5 "Around the corner" is very likely late 2022, and based on current rumors gonna this time start with APUs, which are quite possibly not gonna compete with 5900X, 5950X and won't significantly outperform them in multicore workloads - this means there might not be a 5900X/5950X replacement till 2023. Alder Lake is launching late this year, and might meaningfully compete with Zen3 on desktop.

AMD is probably gonna keep producing CPUs for AM4 for many years to come, they just launched a refreshed X570 motherboard chipset, the Zen3 Desktop CPU release hasn't even completely fulfilled all the features Zen3 laptop CPUs brought (some encryption/security stuff that's probably on the IO die and holdover from Zen2 on current Zen3 CPUs).

ID: h07s7l9

Zen 4 will be on 5nm. Maybe they're expecting not to be able to meet demand, in which case having new desktop processors on 7nm, while most 5nm chips would still be going towards Epyc, would make some sense.

ID: h0813kz

zen 4 is somewhere in 2H 2022, so zen 3 + cache would fill the gap that intel is trying to fill with alderlake. if alderlake is +10% then the cache in "high end" zen 3 would keep the performance crown while waiting on zen 4.

ID: h07s2mu

it's already confirmed. what are you smoking?

ID: h07u5cu

ZEN 4 on AM5 won't be out untill mid/late next year. AMD needs something to cover them over till then and to compete with Alder Lake which looks on track for Q4 this year. This is probably it.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/01 17:09 ID: h07oybm

Probably an early next year release then. CES annoucement and realese in late January or February seems probable.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/01 19:06 ID: h0851wg

Rembrandt is going to be AM5, right? Considering that, is there any chance this will be an AM4 release?

ID: h086ui1

If it is am4 it will be x570 only. It can since physically the chip takes the same space as default zen3. It may be preferable to be on am5 to introduce ddr5 and the new socket. But a cache like this should mask the advantage of ddr5 vs ddr4 if they decide to stay in am4 and intel jumps to ddr5.

ID: h08fj1v

This will make sense since no one is rushing to buy those X570S boards if people can buy a ASUS X570 Dark Hero

15 : Anonymous2021/06/01 19:20 ID: h086x64

Still as one least "gen" or "+gen" for AM4, hopefully.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/01 20:28 ID: h08ftgu

I'm assuming these Zen 3D processors won't get BIOS support on B450/X470 boards. Have they said anything about that?

17 : Anonymous2021/06/01 22:10 ID: h08syvc

This is what Warhol will be. Ryzen 6950X-RECT 🙂

19 : Anonymous2021/06/01 22:32 ID: h08vl6h

Is this going to be AM4 or AM5? Rembrandt is going to be AM5 right?

20 : Anonymous2021/06/01 22:40 ID: h08wm8r

Will the extra cache benefit video encoding?

21 : Anonymous2021/06/01 23:37 ID: h093gbg

Will this mega cache help games in some way?


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