It’s official! Flagship Exynos chip with AMD RDNA2 GPU is coming later this year

1 : Anonymous2021/06/01 06:43 ID: npnojs
It’s official! Flagship Exynos chip with AMD RDNA2 GPU is coming later this year
2 : Anonymous2021/06/01 07:11 ID: h062y63

I think this puts a dent in the rumour that Rembradt's RDNA2 will not include ray tracing. If Samsung's very low power chip has that, it'd be a surprise if AMD's higher end mobile chip doesn't.

Anyway, nice to see a confirmation, though it would have been nicer to have some details. Hopefully Samsung announces the chip sooner rather than later.

ID: h07bmit

Raytracing support in RDNA2 requires minimal die area, there isn't much reason to drop it from some variants. It's a tiny bit of custom logic for each compute unit.

Maybe it'll be different on RDNA3. Who knows, maybe we'll see some accelerator for BVH updates.

ID: h066yv6

Is Samsung a decent company to buy phones from? I'm slowly getting tired of my old myPhone. Most of its rubber parts have already fallen off and for a rugged phone from a company with notoriously bad tech support this is a bit of a problem. Also, the phone's Android clock and batter meter often don't display right.

That being said, I really hope I get to see more AMD in the mobile market.

ID: h06je4r

Completely depends on what you find decent. They make good hardware, are probably the best at actually supporting their devices with updates (I care a lot about this), but are also agressively pushing their own alternative store and ecosystem and have a lot of shit preinstalled. After uninstalling or deactivating most of it with ADB commands, I find it pretty good.

ID: h069boo

Samsung is the most successful phone company. Whether it's right for you or whether any specific phone is good is something that's for you to judge. There are quite a few good phones on the market from various companies.

ID: h06mduy

Hardware-wise, it is decent. However, do note that Exynos chips have slightly lower performance and slightly higher battery consumption than their Snapdragon counterparts. If I am not mistaken, it is a gamble whether you get the model with Snapdragon or Exynos model is some market; for normal usage, it is not noticeably different though. I think Arun (Mrwhoistheboss) and MKB had made a video regarding the difference between the two previously.

Software-wise... It is bloated. But with an USB connection and a little bit of know-how for debloat Windows (or terminal usage on Powershell or any UNIX-terminal), you can easily debloat Samsung phones too.

FWIW, it is a decent manufacturer for Android smartphones... Which is a shame that there are other manufacturers that offer better value for the performance (i.e. Oppo and Xiaomi, to name a few, if they are not banned in US yet). Samsung is Samsung though... It has name behind it. It is relatively reputable. However, do note that there are other brands making mid-range smartphones that can last you half-a-decade provided you are not gaming on your phone and you know a little bit of know-how to maintain your phone bloat-free.

ID: h0788hw

Is Samsung a decent company to buy phones from?

Depends. They have good quality and some nice features. But you best research on your own

ID: h07cr5o

Don't attach yourself to any brand. Judge each smartphone individually.

ID: h076h1e

Samsung also sell Exinos chips to other phone manufacturers.

ID: h0760h0

Their bloatware was too much for me, I only use devices with Android One or "pure" Android custom roms.

ID: h090dcy

Samsung hardware is pretty solid and nowadays their updates are among the fastest. If you like the OneUI skin rather than stock Android or whatever Xiaomi/Hono

etc have is a question of individual taste 😉 Maybe take a look at some reviews on GSMArena, they usually go over the software side in some detail

3 : Anonymous2021/06/01 08:07 ID: h066k9w

Hopefully this finnaly brings the worldwide Exynos Galaxy phones on par or atleast close to the Snapdragon version's in performance.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/01 09:53 ID: h06d924

still won't buy samsung phone again, unless I can uninstall all the samsung bloatware

ID: h06dxxf


ID: h06twry

You can.

ID: h06kclg

You could, easily.

ID: h06zydd

Too bad Samsung phones in NA still have to have Snapdragon chips

ID: h06vw6v

if you have a pc you could do that easily.

ID: h079gdz

Just out of curiosity.. What makes bloatware so bad?

ID: h08xt0q

Privacy, performance, disk usage

ID: h08vd0g


5 : Anonymous2021/06/01 13:40 ID: h06xa9p

5600G 5700G: vega cores
Exynos 2100: rdna2 cores

What is AMD thinking??

ID: h071uis


ID: h07aoa0

No point putting in GPU modern architecture when integrated GPUs are bandwidth limited by RAM.

ID: h075dmq

What is AMD thinking??

in no reality is AMD catering to the miniscule desktop DIY APU only gaming market

ID: h07j3mb

While they definitely didn't sell as many 3000G's as non G's, I wouldn't exactly discount it as insignificant. Besides, there are many people that don't have an old GPU, and it makes total sense to get a 5600G instead of 5600X as a stopgap until GPU's are available at reasonable prices again.

ID: h079ke8

They will conquer the world

ID: h07dkgq


6 : Anonymous2021/06/01 16:50 ID: h07me8c


7 : Anonymous2021/06/01 18:59 ID: h0845d1

If they start letting you use Google Assistant instead of Bixby natively, this may change my mind about owning a Samsung phone

8 : Anonymous2021/06/01 22:30 ID: h08vfqe

I really need a new phone and waiting for this soc, hope they make it available for general purchase soon as the Samsung batches release.


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