Ryzen 5 5600X Down to 229 EUR in Germany. Below 3600X MSRP.

1 : Anonymous2021/06/04 08:02 ID: nrzpss
Ryzen 5 5600X Down to 229 EUR in Germany. Below 3600X MSRP.
2 : Anonymous2021/06/04 08:10 ID: h0jl8bf

R.I.P to those who bought this CPU at scalpers price.

ID: h0k01br

As with every product, once you've bought it, never come back to look at current pricing^^

Edit: Clearly for the current CPU and especially GPU situation I should've also added another rule: Once you've sold your GPU, never come back to look at what they're sold for currently.

I should know this, sold my 5700XT for 300€ just 2 months before it all started, so just 3 months later I saw them sold on ebay for 800+

ID: h0kaape

My rtx3090 would like a word, it has more than doubled in price since I bought it. That is in stores, not even second hand markets.

ID: h0kdbit

I don't know man. My 2080 is two years old and goes for more money second hand than what I paid when it was new.

ID: h0kgr5j

*except for GPU's currently.

ID: h0jpbg9

Eh, well, for me (europe), bought it for 330 euro around 4 months ago. Came from an i5 4460 though, so worth it. If only GPU's came back into supply...

ID: h0ju1wh

Also came from an i5 4460. Bought at £260 a couple of weeks ago so not too bad. It's smoothed out a lot of stuff, Forza Horizon is now very slick, no more stuttering

ID: h0jzcyg

bought it 3 months ago for 309ish euros.

Currently, its 300 euros with the first ever discount i ever seen on new ryzen cpus. (And the 5900x is 550 euros instead of 649).

ID: h0kjl55

Exactly why I've been telling people to wait.

ID: h0k2pnb

I recall holding off on a $1030 AU(790 USD) Gigabyte Vision RTX 3070 OC waiting for a slightly better price. It is easy to say after the event.

ID: h0kekj9

I’m still amazed I managed to snag a 3060 Ti (Eagle OC) for $700 AUD at 2am on the launch day from Umart lol. Just happened to wake up and see the email and ordered it on a whim

ID: h0kavjj

the 5600x has always had good availability in germany besides like the first 2 weeks. i doubt anybody ever had to pay more than like 350€ for it

ID: h0l581n

They basically paid for early access. If they were making money with their CPU, then they are already ahead.

ID: h0lagq5

I bought a 10700k because a 5600x costed about 60€ more at the time (~380€)

ID: h0jwix4

Bought it for 333 euro 1 week after release, 100 euro for 7 months is worth it imo

3 : Anonymous2021/06/04 10:24 ID: h0jubpw

For anyone who has concerns because it is the Tray version. It's just a normal 5600X without the big packaging and the stock cooler! Nothing more. I myself only buy Tray CPUs as I always will use different coolers and instead of creating more waste by throwing the stock one in the bin, you can just prevent it by buying tray versions

ID: h0jzufs

Isn't there a lack of warranty on a Tray CPU?

ID: h0k2s0w

Yes, I think in Germany its 1 vs 2 years.

Doesn't matter that much with cpus though, it's suuper rare that a cpu dies in its second year. Way more likely in the first weeks or after a good amount of years

ID: h0k6gso

In the EU, most things have a minimum warranty of 2 years.

ID: h0k5pkt

Yes, tray CPUs don't have any warranty at all from AMD, you only get warranty from the seller who most of the time will do fuck all. I already got burned once on a tray 3600 that decide to just die after half a year and the seller (same one selling this 5600x) just told me tough luck saying I broke the CPU somehow.

Edit: here's the article on AMDs website about their warranty for tray CPUs - or lack thereof:

ID: h0kwelz

MindFactory (the site the screenshot is from) has the boxed version in stock as well (same price)

edit: nvm, it was/is at 279

4 : Anonymous2021/06/04 10:50 ID: h0jwc9g

If only the 5800X dropped down as well, 430€ is still too expensive

ID: h0k2p4a

It's currently EUR389 for the boxed 5800X on Mindfactory. It's also coming down slowly.

ID: h0k5201

Do you know if they send to other EU countries?

Edit: Seems like they only ship to Germany

5 : Anonymous2021/06/04 08:04 ID: h0jkt1d

This is a temporary offer on Mindfactory, and it's obviously a tray CPU, but 5600X pricing has been going down fast over the last weeks. Meanwhile motherboard and RAM availability is also really good so anyone who still believes chip shortages are causing the current GPU prices needs to get off the Kool-Aid...

ID: h0jmeim

Now it's substrate and the ongoing demand. But Hey this year is year of Innovation.

ID: h0jnwho

There's tons of product made of the same raw materials, affected by the same supply chain constraints. (non-gaming) laptops, displays, tablets, smartphones etc. All these things are readily available for at most 20% over MSRP.
If mining weren't a thing, GPUs would also be marked up by a similar margin rather than the 2-300% markup we see today.

ID: h0jssdy

I don’t think that’s how it works though. The fabs have booked their capacity according to what their clients ordered, so AMD and NVIDIA has booked a certain amount for GPU production, they can’t just shift that(CPU production) around to start producing GPUs instead, especially with a lead time of like half a year. Also NVIDIA is using 8nm Samsung, so that won’t improve until Samsung expands their capacity or demand slows down, either with a mining crash or general demand decreasing.

There’s clearly still a chip shortage around, just look around at other industries(Cars for example)

But hopefully this a sign of better times to come

ID: h0jtsjl

You make good points but it depends on your definition of "chip shortage" I guess. Obviously there is technically speaking a massive shortage of GPUs BUT this is purely caused by the unnatural demand due to mining and NOT because of the "general" supply issues the world is seeing. If gaming GPUs were only purchased for gaming then the shortage would evaporate in an instance.

Basically I was mainly trying to challenge the notion "it's not just miners that cause current GPU pricing" which you keep seeing parroted around reddit all the time.

The car industry only has themselves to thank for their problems because they cancelled their chip orders last year.

ID: h0jsi2c

I also don't understand those who try to make it seem like mining isn't the main factor behind the GPU shortages. I mean, overall demand is also high for sure, but there is only a limited amount of people who will buy a GPU for gaming. Miners, on the other hand, make more money by buying more cards and it's so damn profitable.

I've never been a miner myself, but if I could find stock for cheap, I would for sure become one after learning just how profitable it really is. Similarly, I would get multiple GPUs if I could afford it, and I also probably wouldn't care much about whether others can play video games at high FPS or not.

ID: h0jw1fj

Problem is there is no reason to buy a CPU when you can’t get a gpu, by the time rtx 3080/3070 are at a normal price next gen intel will be out for sure and maybe amd will also have their refresh out if they don’t cancel it.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/04 10:51 ID: h0jwe77

aaaaand is gone.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/04 08:53 ID: h0jo5at

I wonder if this means that either Warhol is on the way or that Alder Lake is making AMD nervous; if there wasn't new competition coming they wouldn't have any reason to just not let the chips go unsold for a while. Alternatively AMD is about to undercut themselves with G/non-X versions finally.

ID: h0joz2l

I think it's simply demand being lower than anticipated because nobody builds new PCs due to lack of GPU availability. An iGPU-less CPU is a tough sell nowadays.

ID: h0jpcys


ID: h0jptbi

CPUs aren't oil; it's not like they go bad if they gonna sit in the storage for a bit, and it's not like they don't have other things they could reallocate production to, across AMD's vast portfolio on 7nm.

Especially tray CPUs take next to no space in storage and have minimal storage requirements.

Cost of hardware of CPUs goes up with demand, but down only if the seller has a specific reason to believe they couldn't sell the CPU for more later.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/04 10:06 ID: h0jt2j6

It is really tempting to create a compact, quiet desktop workstation with these CPUs. Even if I have to wait for a graphics card.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/04 10:40 ID: h0jvj88

Would love to buy it, they don't ship to the Netherlands though.

ID: h0kdnt8


10 : Anonymous2021/06/04 10:00 ID: h0jso4w

Up to 279€ again.

Sad life

Edit: it's still there on mindstar

ID: h0jtble

it's the tray version which is on sale.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/04 10:44 ID: h0jvve4

What about the warranty though? AFAIK, tray CPUs don't really come with a stock cooler (though I bet you can your old cooler or already existing cooler anyways), do they have different warranty policy though?

Kinda recall the same post about tray 5600X selling for lower, but they have some caveats to it.

ID: h0k6ufr

In the EU, 2 year minimum

ID: h0k1hgg


ID: h0k1par


Then it is good news...

12 : Anonymous2021/06/04 11:27 ID: h0jzea1

For those who dont know what tray is : no Packaging and no Warranty from Amd !! Only a 2 Years official Warranty from the seller (which he has to provide as per law)

Ive never had to RMA a product directly from the seller and dont imagine them being as easy as Amd, so i think there is some more risk to it, should anything happen to the cpu.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/04 11:43 ID: h0k0y6o

Yesterday I missed it because I wanted to order during midnight shipping hours for 0€ shipping cost - of course they were all gone by then, but it seems they added a new batch of 50 today and I got one.

So if you missed out today, I suggest to check again every few hours or so, they might have more coming in.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/04 11:59 ID: h0k2swb

Tray version though

15 : Anonymous2021/06/04 13:40 ID: h0ke97e

Only if Mindfactory shipped outside Germany without Proxy services that take fee+shipping prices that kill every point to buy from Mindfactory outside Germany

16 : Anonymous2021/06/04 19:27 ID: h0lqcke

Anyone paying scalper prices for any of this new hardware is a damn fool lol.


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