Top 20 is all AMD! CPU Passmark – High End

1 : Anonymous2021/06/03 10:45 ID: nraggb
Top 20 is all AMD! CPU Passmark - High End
2 : Anonymous2021/06/03 12:11 ID: h0fhsmq

5950 above Xeon 😉

ID: h0fp5jw

Look at the price difference too lol

ID: h0fqupx

I've used Passmark before to compare single threaded and multi threaded performance at a glance ... but I will say it is best to ignore their price comparisons since once Intel pulls X product, they will reference the 3rd party marketplace on Amazon and sometimes those are twice the retail price.

This isn't the case for this Xeon product but it is often the case for processors that are EoL.

ID: h0grbzh

That Xeon has six individual memory channels and supports up to 2 TB RAM, to be fair. Intended for a very different use case than the 5950X

ID: h0g558u

And they haven't even attached the solid rocket booster cache yet!

ID: h0g7kuf


ID: h0l5i1k

I have so far not been able to make mine break a sweat...

3 : Anonymous2021/06/03 12:55 ID: h0fmmh2

This list is the answer to the question why AMD hasn't released a Zen3 Threadripper yet.

ID: h0fntwi

I am going to guess that they’re working out stability issues. My 1900x threadripper box never crashed in over 3 years of heavy use. My 5800x has been another story altogether. The culprit is the chipset. I am sure AMD does not want a repeat of the USB debacle.

ID: h0ftvl9

My 5800X would black screen reboot on me constantly in lightly threaded (usually gaming) workloads. Never under heavy load, never under no load. It was something messed up with boosting and voltages. I RMA'ed the chip and the replacement was 100% rock solid at stock and even with PBO. Don't mess around, just RMA it.

ID: h0fu5xj

Yeah, everyone always says x399 was problematic, but my old 1950x never ever crashed. I think at one point it had like 6 months of uptime and that only ended when an automatic windows update forced itself.

ID: h0g7z6e

I have a pair of 3950x running on an x470D4U board by ASRock Rack, using a single stick of 32GB ECC RAM from their recommended list. Air cooling is courtesy of Noctua’s NH-D15. I might remote log onto those machines once a month just to check on them, and they just keep churning away at 100% full load, with no crashes, no issues. I might retire them in 5 to 7 years, depending on what comes out in the meantime.

ID: h0fu21x

I think it’s less to do with that and more to do with the insane demand for epyc chips. Yields are fantastic so they’re producing as many epyc chips as possible. Really right now is AMDs trial by fire. If they can deliver their products to OEMs during a chip shortage, they’ll be forging some deep industry relationships. This is the moment to prove to OEMs that they’re just as serious as a partner as intel. Is why ryzen laptops have been so much more easily available than desktop versions and the long delay for threadripper. The DIY space is always going to be secondary to the OEMs. I mean all it would take is one or two bad years to lose it all in DIY. Just look at how quickly everyone dropped intel in the DIY space. You go to micro center or look at amazons best sellers and they’re selling pretty much nothing but ryzen.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/03 12:15 ID: h0fi6lt

I see a non userbenchmark benchmark, I upvote

ID: h0fmgvn

userbenchmark is honestly baffling when it comes to amd

1060: *has a really long description

5500xt: "might be an overclocked 5500"

ID: h0fosng

Essentially a cry baby at this point and it would be just plain sad if they continue once amd launches the refresh of the zen3

ID: h0g0uei
ID: h0fnoy2


ID: h0fvbk8

Usernenchmark is a scam. When the new Ryzen 5000 cpus came out they were on top until they artificially lowered the scores to make Intel look good

ID: h0fwivx

"The word Intel has more letters than AMD, so therefore they win by default."

ID: h0g2lbq

Compared a top of the line ryzen with a intel of the same generation roughly and the intel had all around 100% with like 3 lines in the graph and the ryzen one was more spread out and realistic

Totally no bias especially when an i3 outclasses an i7 for some reason

ID: h0g4rac

They often acutally hurt other Intel SKUs when they do this... LOOOOL.

ID: h0fy9lg

Loserbitchfart needs to die

5 : Anonymous2021/06/03 12:02 ID: h0fgx2w

Every time i see this list gets posted i smile at the fact that the 5950x is just chilling up there and above the fastest Xeon

(this is mixed ST and MT so it isn't that impressive, but still)

ID: h0gkwa3

I mean, makes sense, its basically the closest thing we have to a Zen3 threadripper (albeit, a handicapped version of the lowest end one). But if it's an indicator of how the real ones will perform then, wow.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/03 10:46 ID: h0fa4he
7 : Anonymous2021/06/03 13:22 ID: h0fpvp8

Did you ever think you'd see the day.

Once Intel dominated these fare benchmarks. But no longer.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/03 12:57 ID: h0fmu5y

I don't see the 8380 looks like an older benchmark

ID: h0fv1xb

Can’t be that old if Milan is in there, Icelake-SP was only (publicly) released one quarter after Milan

ID: h0foe9a

Yeah if the 8380 were included then AMD would only have 19 of the top 20, what an embarrassment for AMD

ID: h0foh3x

Well I just saying

9 : Anonymous2021/06/03 16:54 ID: h0gk0vf

Passmark is misleading as fuck. This should really say “multi-core” instead. Otherwise, I love Passmark, they recently adjusted their score to make AMD look worse, but they’re still on top lol.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/03 17:57 ID: h0gt829

I will keep saying it, you people are beating a rotting horse with this to be honest.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/03 19:04 ID: h0h2wq6

Oh man my poor 5900x is a lowly third from the bottom.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/03 20:01 ID: h0hb0cw

My 5900X is looking pretty good right now based on this list and its price.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/03 12:24 ID: h0fj7hr

The cheapest is like $700. I'd prefer a more even mix of both AMD and Intel at the top, to drive prices down. Who (consumer or enterprise) would say no to lower prices?

ID: h0fod7m

5900x and 5950x are inflated prices, you can get them for retail with some work (AMD website or microcenter).

14 : Anonymous2021/06/03 18:55 ID: h0h1o78

yaha, except my A6-9210 with a 1k rating, this thing feeeellss soo sssloooww

15 : Anonymous2021/06/04 07:51 ID: h0jjvgb


16 : Anonymous2021/06/03 12:56 ID: h0fmq9j

Can someone explain to me why 11400 have higher score than 10700 and 5600x have higher score than 11700 .

Their score is all over the place recently . The site used to be really accurate pre 11th gen intel and ryzen 5000 .

ID: h0fmz4s

I think that some single core performance is mixed in the score.
Intel 11th Gen and Ryzen 5000 have higher single core performance.

17 : Anonymous2021/06/03 12:51 ID: h0fm4dl

funny how I see posts on the intel sub about how intel is outperforming amd lol

by the way, I'm a bit uninformed nowadays. Is AMD still better value at around $100-300 range?

ID: h0fsdeo

Depends on the prices in your country. At 400$ there's R7 5800X, at your specified max-range 300 and 270$ if you are lucky it's R5 5600X that runs 1.20-1.25V at 4.70 GHz all-core 6 core 12 threads and can be cooled with 25$ cooler and has great single-core performance as well, under 270$ hell get an i5 10000-series 6 core 12 threads and you are golden! The R5 3600 rarely is under 200$ and doesn't overclock much but it's less heat than i5. Until the end of last year everyone bought R5 3600 massively, then Intel slashed their prices 😀 and the R5 5600X came at 300$ which is 6c 12th at R7 3700X money, and that was a 8c 16th. THE PROBLEM GOING INTEL: 10000 + 11000 series you need only Z-chipset / expensive/overclockers motherboards to handle boosting otherwise your performance is limited for CPU boost+RAM speed which started making a difference in overall performance on Intels too; intel B-chipset motherboards are too limited. On AMD you can go chipsets B450, B550 with R5 5600X + OC and RAM OC with no stress and less Watts and heat output. That's why interest shifted to AMD and Intel finally needed to cut prices, I can't wait for what's next from both companies! No need to upgrade, just that things got interesting after the decade of stagnation. P.S.: At this point there are youtubers' comparison videos showing Intel underperforming on average motherboards and i5/i7/i9 performing-as-expected only on Z590 mobos.

ID: h0fyt7l

thanks, so it's still the same

what the fuck though why am I getting downvoted, I never said I BELIEVED that intel outperforms AMD, I bloody know it doesn't, I just said that they keep posting stuff on the intel sub about how intel is better

18 : Anonymous2021/06/03 18:28 ID: h0gxot8

And the fastest one is more than twice as powerful as Intel's best.

Truly insane.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/03 11:31 ID: h0fdweq

Yet its quite the meaningless list for an average user.

Edit: For all the people downvoting me, I'd like to say, please go and teach Steve Burke a thing or two about CPUs aswell, since you all seem to have it figured out:

ID: h0fgkgi

What do you mean? The list shows the best CPUs in multicore performance.

ID: h0gd6ct

They mean that the selection of people buying processors that cost many thousands of dollars is extremely small

ID: h0fhzpr

Yes and will you be paying 8000 USD for a CPU anytime soon?

20 : Anonymous2021/06/03 18:53 ID: h0h1coy

Love that my 5900X performs better than a $9k cpu.


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