A Brief List of Every Rumored or Confirmed Playstation Exclusive In Development

1 : Anonymous2021/06/04 15:58 ID: ns8hok

Sources are various posts from

over the last several months. Each entry is something the sub generally concluded to be feasible, with some being flat-out obvious. But as always, don't expect everything to be right.


Insomniac Games - Spider-Man 2, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

Guerrilla Games - Horizon Forbidden West, new mutliplayer IP

Sucker Punch Productions - either a new game related to Ghost Of Tsushima or a new mutliplayer IP

Santa Monica Studio - God Of War Ragnarok, new sci-fi IP

Naughty Dog - The Last Of Us Part II Factions, The Last Of Us Remake, or a new IP (Stray's Cross)

Pixelopus - new IP in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation

Media Molecule - Dreams expansion or new IP

Bend Studio - new open-world IP

Polyphony Digital - Gran Turismo 7

London Studio - new multiplayer IP

San Diego Studio - new IP

Team Asobi - more Astro Bot or a new IP


Remedy Entertainment - new IP

Team Ninja - Final Fantasy Origins

Platinum Games - Babylon's Fall

Square Enix Creative Business Unit III - Final Fantasy XVI

Haven - new IP

Firewalk Studios - new multiplayer IP

Luminous Productions - Forspoken

Blue Box Game Studios - Abandoned

Arrowhead Game Studios - new IP

Cygames - Project Awakening

Wild Sheep Studio - Wild

BluePoint Games - remake of an existing IP

Housemarque - new IP in pre-production

Ember Lab - Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Firesprite - new VR title based on an existing Playstation franchise

Supermassive Games - "several unannounced Playstation titles"

Arkane Studios - Deathloop

Tango Gameworks - GhostWire: Tokyo

Neostream Interactive - Little Devil Inside

BlueTwelve Studio - Stray

2 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:35 ID: h0l21du

Santa Monica is also working on a new unannounced game. Check their recent job listings 🙂

ID: h0l2efl

Was that the sci-fi game Cory Barlog was rumored to be working on? If it's true, then he must be insanely busy; doing that and the next GOW. I'll add it.

ID: h0l2zka
ID: h0me8zo

Hold up, is the sci-fi thing the one they wanted to make at the same time as GoW 2018 but got rejected? Or something new?

3 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:03 ID: h0kxnvu

After Cory’s latest tweets I’d reckon he’s leading the GoW team rn.

ID: h0ky756

I wasn’t expecting Cory to be leading it but I’m happy that he is. Wonder if he is director or producer?

I was hoping he’d get to go make his sci-fi game

ID: h0kxtkl

Yeah, I'll update it. Thanks!

ID: h0kxxs6

No prob!

4 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:22 ID: h0l08sa

There is a script written for The Last Of Us Part 3 but no production started

Suppose that isn’t enough to add to your list though as it isn’t in development but still kinda confirmed in a way!

ID: h0l3khq

After the records of the last one, they’re definitely making another either way.

ID: h0leed1

There's no way after Last of Us 2's ridiculous sales, becoming the most awarded game of all time, their decision to remake Last of Us 1, and the fact that HBO are making the show, that they never start development on Part 3.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:14 ID: h0kz450

Last of Us Remastered Remastered

ID: h0lmeyk

Wouldn’t it be Last of Us Remastered Remake? They’re completely rebuilding the game iirc

ID: h0ln11h

I hope so, part 1 in part 2's engine sounds amazing, best of both worlds.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:06 ID: h0kxys2

Little Devil inside can be added. Forget the devs name though

ID: h0ky2g6

Thanks for that! I'll update.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/04 17:11 ID: h0l71f8

Sucker Punch was hiring writers familiar with Ghost era imperial Japan. So it's most likely related to that IP even if it's not a direct sequel to the original in that it'll have a similar setting

ID: h0l7kd8

Thanks for the info! I'll amend that.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/04 17:03 ID: h0l5zp6

Wild - OMG it is such long time in Development I forget about it. But I dont believe it will ever be ready

ID: h0l6cum

Yeah, it's been 7 years now. That's like entire console generation and so much has happened since 2014 when it was announced.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/04 17:55 ID: h0ldahi

Firesprite’s VR title is based on a big existing PlayStation IP.

10 : Anonymous2021/06/04 18:49 ID: h0ll549

Are any of the announced partnership exclusives not timed?

11 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:29 ID: h0l14lm

Remedy have 3 IP’s - two in a deal with Epic and another of their own existing IP’s

The third one is reported to be Alan Wake 2

ID: h0l257n

There's also this:

/comments/mkf4m9/shpeshal_ed_has_seemingly_confirmed_that_remedy/?sort=confidence" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/mkf4m9/shpeshal_ed_has_seemingly_confirmed_that_remedy/?sort=confidence
which is how the optimist in me thought that Remedy could be doing something with Playstation. But, I guess we'll have to watch.

ID: h0ld6px

Wrong, Remedy has five projects. Two with Epic, CrossFireX, Vanguard and a mystery project. Alan Wake 2 is rumoured to be with Epic as stated in the Eurogame article you linked.

Source: Remedy's CEO via gamesindustry.biz

Edit: Added source

12 : Anonymous2021/06/04 18:44 ID: h0lka31

Firewalk studios - new multiplayer ip (As far as I remember the announcement)

13 : Anonymous2021/06/04 19:06 ID: h0lngwo

And hopefully we’ll see more from Final Fantasy XVI PLUS Square Enix also announced at the Dragon Quest 30th Anniversary celebration that DQXII is happening (but don’t expect that ‘till next year’s E3 at the earliest).

ID: h0lnz80

Can't believe I forgot Final Fantasy XVI. I'll make changes.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/04 19:25 ID: h0lq36o

Babylon's Fall made by Platinum Games is going to be shown at E3 and it's a PlayStation Console exclusive.

Bioshock 4 is rumored to be a PS5 exclusive but that is just a rumor.

ID: h0lqlw4

Thanks! I'll update it.

ID: h0lrrdz

I'm hesitant to add Bioshock 4 because it's still very divisive, whereas all the other games that made it have been confirmed or agreed upon by most people that they'll be at least console or timed exclusives.

ID: h0lrx9x

Yeah, I agree. Nothing is concrete whatsoever.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/04 20:10 ID: h0lwaxi

Stray, Forspoken, Ratchet and Ghost wire are my hyped games.

ID: h0lwyp3

Great picks! Mine are Spider-Man, Horizon, Remedy's game because I loved Control, and whatever Haven and Firewalk are working on because they're so new and mysterious.

ID: h0lxi21

Honestly, I'll be hyped for any unannounced game if it means more PS5 games. The haptics have yet to truly been exploited by devs I feel.

16 : Anonymous2021/06/04 20:51 ID: h0m1sk2

Give me a new Getaway game please

17 : Anonymous2021/06/04 22:30 ID: h0meks9

There has been no shortage of rumored titles. Exactly how many of them are real remains to be seen!

18 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:19 ID: h0kztzo

Neither Sony or Santa Monica have confirmed the title of the next God Of War though, people are only assuming that off the back of the teaser trailer.

If it’s true that there is a planned trilogy it makes sense for the third game to be titled Ragnarok - if they are closely following Norse mythology there is Fimbulwinter (three successive winters with no intervening summer) before Ragnarok so the natural progression would be for the second game to be titled Fimbulwinter perhaps.

Doesn’t make sense to immediately cut to Ragnarok in the second game of a trilogy as either they will have nothing to cover in the third game or they drag it out across two games…neither of those are ideal for storytelling and character arcs etc

ID: h0l031f

I thought of Ragnarok more as a placeholder title. But yeah, you could be right.

ID: h0l1l02

I would add New IP for Santa Monica since we know they have a second team.

You could also add Project Awakening and WiLD.

ID: h0lccg8

I kind of want them to finish the Ragnarok storyline in this upcoming game and maybe move regions in the next game of the series.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:13 ID: h0kywej

They should add Arrowhead, Housemarque Bluepoint and Ember labs to first party list

ID: h0lboul

They’re not first party though

20 : Anonymous2021/06/04 18:53 ID: h0lls2f

The real question is how many of these are going to be PS5 exclusives though and not hamstrung by being crossplatform with PS4?

21 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:03 ID: h0kxmed

You missed one

ID: h0l3l83


ID: h0kxpnh

Which one?

22 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:13 ID: h0kyz5i

What is San Diego team new IP? Can you point the source

ID: h0kzgqo

/comments/lhkm6o/sony_san_diego_studio_job_listing_hints_at_3rd/" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">https://www.reddit.com//comments/lhkm6o/sony_san_diego_studio_job_listing_hints_at_3rd/

23 : Anonymous2021/06/04 17:19 ID: h0l87w4

Naughty dog has a potential new IP, but it’s just rumors Strays Cross

25 : Anonymous2021/06/04 19:43 ID: h0lskh7

Launch hasn't been announced yet.

26 : Anonymous2021/06/04 19:44 ID: h0lsppb

That’s what I was thinking, but I wasn’t sure. It looks adorable, I can’t wait to play it


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