Those that upgraded to a 6700xt from a 5700xt are you satisfied?

1 : Anonymous2021/06/04 13:01 ID: ns4l72

Do you feel a noticeable difference in your games?

2 : Anonymous2021/06/04 13:20 ID: h0kbt76

Yes. Don’t expect a doubling of performance, but it was certainly noticeable in BFV. 120+ FPS at 3440x1440. Finally taking advantage of my freesync high refresh monitor. Before it was typically unde


The CPU will matter in this. In a separate step I moved from 3600 to 5800x that was meaningful as well.

ID: h0ldl9g

Did you upgrade cpu or gpu first? Same situation as you but looking at cpu upgrade for Warzone

3 : Anonymous2021/06/04 14:00 ID: h0kgpg4

Not a 6700XT but I went from a 5700XT to a 6800XT.

Personally, even though I game at 1440p@144, I question the upgrade. While the performance bump is very noticable, nearly double at times, gaming on the 5700XT was never bad, especially with Freesync.

ID: h0lo3pz

1440p really doesn't require a top card, unlike nvidia and amd would like to make us believe.

I downgraded from a 6900XT to a 3060 and I really don't notice a big difference, especially when I turn the settings down to high instead of ultra. After all, the monitor can only go up to 144Hz.

Makes me wonder if all the people buying 3090 and 6900XT cards are playing 4k ultra heavy games or that they just want a powerful card for the sake of it.

ID: h0lt8bq

Ultra in a lot of games tend to be "not a lot of visual improvement for a lot of FPS".

The higher you push a game, the less rewarding the results (visually ) become. I seen the same on older GPU's with soft shadows vs hard shadows. Sure, those soft shadows look a smidge better when i stand still and look at them but they eat 5 to 10% performance, while they benefit is only truly visible when you stand still and focus on them.

For me its the same with RT in games. Ok screenshots sure, but in game, when your active, its mostly useless compared to the "tricks" that games these days use.

In the past, when you had games that pushed the graphics on every year cycle, where GPU's almost doubled in performance every year. You felt a need to upgrade and you got tangible results. These days with graphics at a point that most people do not care beyond those "screenshot hippie's". This is why my old 1070 is still kicking ass and there is no need to upgrade.

Is the same reason why your 3060 ( what is faster then a 1070 ), does not result in a lot of difference in your experience. I always advice people these days: Buy a low-mid tier end card, a xx60 range card because by the time you feel you MAY need a upgrade for some specific games, your already 2 or 3 generations down the line. And you can spend 300 Euro for a massive boost in performance ( well, used to be 200 a 300 Euro, with Nvidia pushing the prices up, that low-mid range card has become more expensive ).

ID: h0lovbf

Depends on the game. AAA games like the newer Assassin's Creed games ran at around 60-80fps.

It is very reasonable and if you are willing to downgrade on some settings, the 5700XT will last for a while.

ID: h0mltgw

Watch benchmarks and form your own opinion.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/04 14:32 ID: h0kky9n

I upgraded from a rx 5600, not the 5700... I'm very satisfied. Navi 2 is a world of difference from first gen Navi.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/04 20:55 ID: h0m2d6n

Went from a 5600XT to a 6700XT, so close but a bit extra gain.

Huge improvement in trying to hold 1440p144

6 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:15 ID: h0kzas0

I upgraded from a 2070s to a 6700xt. No I cannot see the difference. But I play at 1080p so I’m assuming that’s probably why

ID: h0l019i

I would even argue that upgrading wasn't a smart choice unless you got it for MSRP

ID: h0lpha3

Yeah I got it new in a trade. A miner said he was gonna use it to mine but the new AMD GPUs didn’t work so well with it or something.

ID: h0l5u08

If your cpu limits your 1080p performance then yes, but the 6700XT should be around 25% faster depending on the game, not an insane jump but something if you managed to buy one at msrp and sell your 2070 for a lot.

ID: h0lp6rv

I hope so. I haven’t been gaming that much so that’s probably why the difference is harder to see

ID: h0lb2vp

You went from 1080p120 to 1080p160. I mean .... it's something.

ID: h0ld8ee

What does 120 and 160 mean in this case?

7 : Anonymous2021/06/04 20:37 ID: h0lzw2k

I use an Odyssey G9, and the difference is marked. That said, I only upgraded because the 5700XT was selling second hand for more than a new 6700XT (thanks Crypto).

If it hadn't been for that, I wouldn't have done the upgrade, tbh.


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