2K’s E3 Plans Seemingly Leaked, Include Borderlands Spinoff and Marvel Game

1 : Anonymous2021/06/04 07:02 ID: nryv0u
2K's E3 Plans Seemingly Leaked, Include Borderlands Spinoff and Marvel Game
2 : Anonymous2021/06/04 08:16 ID: h0jlm0k

Marvel XCom sounds amazing

ID: h0le3fq

Sounds boring as hell to me but to each their own.

ID: h0jsji5

i'd be up for it.

ID: h0jteeb

Marvel X-Com where you get to play as Shield agents dealing with AIM and their bullshit, please

ID: h0kqwyc

Hmm, I was thinking more of playing as superheroes but that sounds somewhat interesting as well.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/04 14:18 ID: h0kj16h

Tiny Tina's Wonderlands

Either awesome or terrible

ID: h0l1m5o

Could be ok if it’s anything like her DLC from 2 but I doubt it

4 : Anonymous2021/06/04 12:43 ID: h0k7e7g

Can't wait for more Borderlands!!

5 : Anonymous2021/06/04 10:13 ID: h0jtj0g

Can we get an X-Men game with Storm as the playable character?

Or a 4 player coop focussed Fantastic Four game as the movies have been terrible

A lesser known character such as Moon Knight, Nova or Red Hulk

Or….symbiote Harry as the playable character in the next Spider-Man instalment

ID: h0jyamd

How about we just get a not shit Ultimate Alliance?

ID: h0kike6

UA3 wasn't so bad tbh. I played through 1&2 right before the third one and I feel like most of the hate it got was looking at the older games through rose colored glasses.

ID: h0k53ai

This guy doesn't switch obvi

ID: h0kgszb


6 : Anonymous2021/06/04 07:14 ID: h0jh9th

Not that interesting tbh

7 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:05 ID: h0kxu70

Borderlands spin-off


featuring Tiny Tina


8 : Anonymous2021/06/04 11:06 ID: h0jxkuc

marvel xcom kinda meh... but a borderlands spinoff with tiny tina might be interesting..

ID: h0lb2g8

Marvel Xcom gets my motor going, especially if they give us all the usual customization options

9 : Anonymous2021/06/04 14:50 ID: h0kngj5

Finally some good Avenger game ?

ID: h0me9v1


10 : Anonymous2021/06/04 22:34 ID: h0mf2ja

How nice would it be to have a Guardians of the galaxy game with a space ship and planets to travel and explore

11 : Anonymous2021/06/04 16:37 ID: h0l2a80

Borderlands is a dying franchise. 3 was absolutely trash, and introduced way too much bullshit to keep the series going.

ID: h0lf1lh

The WRITING of 3 is trash and needs a creative revamp. What was wrong with the gameplay? It feels terrific on PS5.

Borderlands 3 sold five million copies in five days and three million more in the first few months after. It sold better than Borderlands 2. There's a live-action big budget Borderlands movie filming right now with Jack Black as Claptrap.

Literally what metric could you possibly use to say it's dying?

ID: h0ld2fd

Disagree. The story of BL3 is trash. The gameplay is fine, mostly.

ID: h0lcr3p

I had a bunch of fun. As I always do with every borderlands.

ID: h0le81k

Only bad thing about BL3 was the story. Everything else improved.

ID: h0m9jv4

It sells like hot cakes so no

12 : Anonymous2021/06/04 18:22 ID: h0lh4dl

Turning Marvel into a turn based tactical RPG sounds genuinely amazing, really hope it’s true and comes out this year.


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