AMD Officially Launches RX 6900 XT Liquid Edition with 330W TDP and 18Gbps Memory

1 : Anonymous2021/06/16 13:22 ID: o14rlq
2 : Anonymous2021/06/16 15:29 ID: h1z7vx9


Clock differences vs ref:

10% game clock, 7.5% boost, 11% memory.

10% more power usage.

2 slot design, expected June

ID: h20isyi

Launching Nevermber 32, 2021

ID: h1zd6zf

*11,25% memory 😛

3 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:38 ID: h1z0wwp

Just 10% higher TDP for 10% higher clocks? That's actually pretty good. Looks like it's not past its "sweet spot". Either that, or these chips are the golden samples and have better efficiency than the ones used in the regular 6900XT.

ID: h1zclgg

These chips are golden samples yes, XTXH instead of XT dies (just higher binned)

ID: h2080n5

Plus I think they get to save a couple watts by dropping two fans and just using the board to power the pump.

ID: h20ntdm

Is this the same silicon as in the 6900XT Ultimate?

ID: h1zn7se

Almost definitely golden samples. But still pretty impressive though.

ID: h1zhy9l

The out of stock signs are starting to look more like This

4 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:27 ID: h1yzcf3

I wonder how they got the memory that fast, that's almost up to the 3080ti/90 (19Gbps) think the OG is 16Gbps?

ID: h1z9a24

Samsung already produces 18gbps memory, it's probably more costly though

ID: h1zfx5i

If this brings the 4K performance up to par with ampere you got to wonder why they didn't do this earlier. Very curious if the architecture will continue to hold them back or if this will bump them into the lead

ID: h1zoios

Yeah the 18 GBps chips have been out for a little while although perhaps not long enough to squeeze them into the initial launch of the cards. There were rumors AMD considered making the switch near the end of development but it’s likely there just wasn’t enough supply, the price was too high for the benefit or the power consumption was too high. That last point might sound unimportant but it arguably would’ve been the primary concern as RDNA2 is very efficient and that’s one advantage they hold over Ampere. If you look at reviews of the new 3070 Ti which moved from vanilla GDDR6 to GDDR6X you can see that the power draw increased quite surprisingly going from 16 GBps to 19 GBps memory. For very little performance benefit.

GDDR6X is very inefficient memory, they skipped it entirely for the mobile chips, and worse yet it’s underperforming because it was supposed to hit 21 GBps on the first version and then 23 GBps on a later revision. Now vanilla GDDR6 has almost caught up with it in speed and at a lower cost. I’d say that bet didn’t pay off for Nvidia.

ID: h20hx3q

G6X is actually more efficient than G6 in terms of "energy per bit", they just run at a much higher data-rate and that extra bandwidth doesn't translate 1:1 with performance. Around 18% more bandwidth for 14% more power for micron for 16gbps vs 19gbps.

But 18% more bandwidth could mean only 5% more performance, but that isn't the memory's fault.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:33 ID: h1z05zx

XTXH + 18 gbps... I wish this was called a 6950 XT and released outside of OEMs. Instead of AMD putting now 3 different products with the name 6900 XT. We have XTX 16gbps chips, XTXH 16gbps chips, XTXH 18gbps chips.

ID: h1z4jbx

They should have called the RX 6900XT the RX 6900.

ID: h1z78da

My thought exactly

ID: h1z7ubr

They should have called the RX 6900XT the RX 6900.


ID: h1zb5sr

I'm more on board with the Pininfarina* way.

RX 6900XT la RX 6900XT

I'll see myself out.

ID: h1z77tp

Or a Radeon 6969 XXXTT

ID: h1zaphw

RX 6969 XD

ID: h1zcx0a

6969 XXXT-bag

ID: h1zq0pv

RX 6969 XXXT+420 Boost Clock Edition

ID: h1zuupz


ID: h1z9b91

Their marketing department needs a refresh.

ID: h20r6nw

This is actually a smart move by AMD from a business perspective. 6900xt being the fastest gaming GPU on the planet will also sell regular 6900xt.

ID: h1zdarr

6900XT +++

6 : Anonymous2021/06/16 13:53 ID: h1yuzbh

The cooler is made of the high end Unobtainium + paper launch alloy, for never seen before level of performance!

ID: h1z0f27

For never well be seen level of performance

ID: h1zagqn

It will be seen. Just not by Verified Actual Gamers (TM).

The 4 cards at launch will do a lot of heavy lifting sitting in some scalpers basement, listed on ebay for $6900

ID: h1zbpxq


ID: h1zeyxk

OMG he is here !

ID: h1zca17

Take my angry upvote and get out because you are absolutely correct.

7 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:14 ID: h1yxr5l

Nice, can't wait to get my hands on one of these when I build my retro PC in 25 years from now

8 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:43 ID: h1z1gn9

I just want an entry-level GPU PLEASE

ID: h1zaftq

I've seen some 1660's and the like for sale in actual stores in the last little while.

For anything new generation: Pretty much not going to happen. With waffer supply being the constraint on producing more, companies are going to favor higher end, higher margin parts over lower margin lower end parts.

In the end, it's just business.

This issue is likely to remain for 2-3 more years, when additional manufacturing capacity comes on line - given everything uses micro chips, and everything is going "smart" with chips in everything.

ID: h1zbvkg


9 : Anonymous2021/06/16 16:41 ID: h1zi9of

Just another gpu which I can't buy. F

10 : Anonymous2021/06/16 14:58 ID: h1z3lc2

RDNA2 getting wet

11 : Anonymous2021/06/16 17:17 ID: h1znavg

If this thing is anywhere near $1,100 it almost makes sense to just get this LC for the overhead alone.

But prices and availability won't matter. I had a Vega LC and damn was she purdy, but very hot lol. Thing was build like a tank.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/16 17:59 ID: h1zt45b

I love my LC 6800 XT. My only concern is what happens down the road when the pump eventually fails.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/16 19:30 ID: h205vpy

Why launch products which almost no-one can buy? I was so happy to see that AMD finally stepped up to match Nvidia's x080 and x090- series cards, but got so disappointed with the stock situation.

14 : Anonymous2021/06/16 15:38 ID: h1z964b

Wish I could snag one. I certainly don't need it over my Red Devil 6800 XT, but I love the sleekness of it. The LC Vega cards were my favorite design.

My only gripe is the position of the tubes being right at the mounting point. For a lot of cases, the AIO will need to be mounted right above the card on the rear fan spot. Makes the tubes flare out awkwardly, especially on vertical mounts.

ID: h1zfrb0

What boost clocks you getting out of it? Mine doesn't seem to go over 2450, all reviewers cards go much higher

15 : Anonymous2021/06/16 16:26 ID: h1zg2m9

Reminds me of when they shipped the FX9590 with an AMD-branded AIO

16 : Anonymous2021/06/16 15:39 ID: h1z9bam

Sorry Friends,

all 10 cards are already sold out. I wish you more luck with next gen!

17 : Anonymous2021/06/16 15:46 ID: h1zac1a

It's so sad that we have supply issues, so many nice cards are out that are unobtainable for RRP.

18 : Anonymous2021/06/16 16:38 ID: h1zhsqe

Why isn't this a separate name, like 6950xt? You need a new name to stand out in the benchmarks.

ID: h1zmete

Because it won't perform much higher than already existing high-end AIB models that also use binned silicon, not to mention custom PCB's with very powerful VRM layouts.

19 : Anonymous2021/06/16 17:28 ID: h1zorwn

That's sexy looking, too rich for my blood and likely near unobtainable anyway


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