What is the best way to ensure that i got the original and authentic 5600x cpu from the site i ordered from?

1 : Anonymous2021/06/20 20:23 ID: o4e6z3

I know the hologram technique and serial number matching, but these two things can easily be a fake one. Is there any other technique to check?

2 : Anonymous2021/06/20 20:24 ID: h2gqbx3

Install it and see what CPU-Z reports.

ID: h2gvhbu

I am afraid if I install it and it doesn't work then the website where I bought it from will blame me instead of accepting it. So I was thinking if there's a way to do identify a fake one without opening the box. Is there a QR code i can scan or something like serial number checker by AMD?

ID: h2gvjic

There should be a QR code on the box, but those can also be trivially faked.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/20 20:58 ID: h2guckl

I'm confused, people are smart enough to reverse engineer these chips and make cheap knockoffs and even forge working serial numbers?

ID: h2guxs7

How do i ensure that the serial is real?

ID: h2h2d7s

I saw a someone locally selling multiple 5800x with the ihs sanded down to the point you couldn’t identify it from the outside and I figure it’s probably a scam

ID: h2h2g68

Why? Like just why?

Even better, why even look at stores that are sketchy

ID: h2hao09

What do you mean by ihs sanded down? Sorry i am noob

4 : Anonymous2021/06/20 22:02 ID: h2h1v37

Was it a sketchy site that you ordered from? I just ask for context.

ID: h2h2f0e

There's 2 things i am doubtful on. Let's say the price of 5600x is 200 on every site there is but he is selling the cpu 10$ less from everyone.

2nd thing is, Owner of the site is acting wierd. He said he has shipped the cpu but the delivery company says they are yet to pick up the order from.

ID: h2ha6qi

Usually they say "shipped" when they have printed the sipping label. Also, $10 isn't that much, if it was 50-100 it might be a bit more odd.


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