AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Can Be Implemented in a Day or Two, Devs Say; It Just Works

1 : Anonymous2021/06/23 12:18 ID: o6bnc8
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Can Be Implemented in a Day or Two, Devs Say; It Just Works
2 : Anonymous2021/06/23 13:13 ID: h2rixfk

It Just Works


ID: h2rqd3f

damn it todd howard youve done it again

ID: h2rs3a9

Sixteen times the detail...

All of this just works....

Not up to the usual Fallout standards...

ID: h2svsoe

Howard, you've done it again!

ID: h2s9r3e

How many rays you got, gigaray?

ID: h2t9m3m

just buy it

ID: h2sgij7

Famous last words in software.

ID: h2t0cqr

Only it's the developers saying it, not the one making the claims to developers.

ID: h2s0pmt

PTSD kicks in again!

ID: h2sv6rh

Tod Howard FO 76 reveal flashbacks

3 : Anonymous2021/06/23 14:35 ID: h2rsojg

and it's confirmed to work just fine on Linux.

ID: h2skc5s

All the more reason to switch since Windows 11 is dropping legacy device support.

Should clarify, I do not recommend the average Joe switch as long as your computer does what it needs to. But I took the plunge and have enjoyed the experience, I keep a second install of windows around for the programs I miss that I intend on virtualizing.

ID: h2snm3c

I opted to go full Arch when my old Win10 box died last year, and the difference is completely insane. You literally could not pay me to go back.

There would almost definitely be a huge surge of gamers using Linux if devs offered proper support - and Proton/Vulkan is very rapidly hitting the point where that will be a non-issue for anything other than competitive online play

ID: h2sx2l7

Windows 11 is dropping legacy device support.

Trying to find information about this. Do you have a link?

Edit: Or do you mean AMD is dropping GCN 1, 2 and 3 in its mainline drivers?

ID: h2soddk

Gaming is still a PIA and the last part of your 3rd sentence is why I won't fully adopt (also had a difficult time getting OpenCL working properly on various distributions except Ubuntu).

In that it seems about everyone who runs a Linux box as their primary machine either has a 2nd machine as backup running windows or a VM instance of it. I'll consider switching from Windows when I don't need to keep a secondary OS just to run a few programs/games.

Windows is still very much the easy button that "just works"

ID: h2smzbz

Do you game natively, or do you just run a VM+passthrough?

Also, is it possible have a Windows install that can be safely run as either a VM or on baremetal? I might make the switch if I'm able to do these things, since I remember enjoying Linux for non-gaming purposes more than Windows.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/23 15:39 ID: h2s14bk

can anyone who is for example a modder implement fsx on various games, or is the developer of the game the only capable person to implement fsx ?

ID: h2skpu6

I'm sure there's a monster-sipping Swede off in some bunker typing away right now on the code a DLL injector that will add it to every game going back to Quake 2 in the click of a button.

ID: h2soksp

I think they switched back to Rockstar or "upgraded" to GFUEL after 2020.

ID: h2tiyrm

Took me a little too long to realize it wasn't a monster, sipping Swede (a drink?) off in some bunker

ID: h2t0hca

Since it's a shader, and FOSS, it should be possible. The trick is to apply it after the scene, but before the UI. ReShade, for example, supports this already in some games. So, yes, I hope we will see it as a mod soon.

ID: h2sj7c4

God I hope so. FSX needs all the optimizations it can get. It just wrecks my system over dense cities like Paris

5 : Anonymous2021/06/23 20:38 ID: h2t5s6q

Just give it to me straight.

Will I be able to run MS Flight Stimulator on my calculator or not?

ID: h2tibux

God I hope either DLSS or FSR are added to that game in the future. It desperately needs it.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/23 18:50 ID: h2sragf

Let's get it in Fortnite, WoW, Overwatch, Minecraft... just games I play sometimes.

ID: h2t3s77

Check out Sodium 0.2.0 for MC

7 : Anonymous2021/06/23 13:50 ID: h2rn7t3

I hope this hits PS5/XSX soon, it would really benefit them.

ID: h2rvuel

I think the current checkerboarding reconstruction found on PS5 and XSX, is already superior over FSR.

ID: h2s0pqq

If that is true why is Xbox bothering to implement it?

ID: h2rwo6j

We'll see. People seem to really like it, but it's not like we can do an apples to apples comparison sadly.

Shoot, I just want to test DLSS 2.0 vs it in the same title, but that's not a thing yet :/

ID: h2s6uw7

It's better at lower base resolutions, but FSR at "ultra quality" is far superior. So if the console can get to like 52fps but can't quiiiite lock at 60, FSR would help a lot.

ID: h2rqwxc

It can be added directly to the engine and doesn't need SDK support, as far as I can tell. It's no different to each major engine having its own temporal upscaling tech.

FSR will be one tool out of many, and I'd expect it to be used by the mid-sized studios who run their own engines but don't have the technical resources to deeply integrate a bespoke TAA solution into their engine e.g. Avalanche, IO Interactive.

FSR and DLSS will never be as good as upscaling algorithms which are designed specifically for a game. Spider-Man and Returnal (PS5) both use upscaling techniques which can't be matched by DLSS 2.0 or a future "FSR 2.0", because they've been heavily customised for the games' art style and graphical effects. Going further, those games were designed to minimise chequerboarding and temporal artefacting, while DLSS (and FSR) are typically bolt-ons that aren't factored into engine development or game design.

ID: h2rw7st

Custom game-specific upscaling requires a ton of work and investment that many developers likely don't have. If you're small, you probably don't have money to spend, if you're big, chances you're time pressed to actually ship the game on schedule. If your game is already out, you're also unlikely to invest significant resources into that as well.

Here's hope that FSR becomes an open standard of upscaling to use and will evolve into upscaling library with open ends for different techniques to integrate into game engines more easily. First iteration is spatial only, but I hope later on they will provide some means to inject upscaler with additional data, be it temporal or ML or whatever and it will be up to developer to use that (though it will require additional work).

ID: h2s78yx

FSR and DLSS will never be as good as upscaling algorithms which are designed specifically for a game.

Death Stranding has excellent checkerboard reconstruction (one of the very best), and it’s still beaten by DLSS, so I’m not sure that’s really true.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/23 18:09 ID: h2slze9

I believe it, but at the same time that puts the really limited selection of games with support for FSR in question. Of the seven games announced for yesterday one (22 Racing) isn't actually available yet, one (Kingshunt) is a time-limited beta playtest and while FSR does work well there visually the graphics and general optimisation are clearly not where they should be, another (The Riftbreaker) is an open beta/prologue where FSR works well from a performance standpoint but on anything but 2160p Ultra Quality only emphasises the inherent graphics issues with flickering and shimmering already present native. The rest of the games are spread across different stores and all of them without demo. If implementation was so easy, why couldn't AMD have incentivised devs and gotten together a selection of good quality demos for everyone to try out?

ID: h2tgczl

DLSS is only in 40 games currently so FSR could be in more games quite easily in the next 3-6 months.

ID: h2t50md

Because that takes a lot of money. When DLSS was announced there wasn’t even a game that supported it until Battlefield V.

AMD spent enough to provide a few selections at launch to showcase what it can do. Now it’s up to the developers to weigh their options and make a decision. It being easy to implement is simply a selling point and AMD saved a lot of money by letting the product speak for itself in the selection of games available.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/23 15:33 ID: h2s0d92

Give now my RX6900XT hungers for the possibilities

10 : Anonymous2021/06/23 16:36 ID: h2s8vpy

After reading this all I'm just now super worried that instead of optimized games with FSR implementation, were going to see it used as a crutch to release poorly optimized games.

ID: h2sfwgi

oh it undoubtedly will be

ID: h2shcdn

every new tech is - devs will just make shit until it’s functional, then optimize until they can hit the performance target, and soon enough the laziest devs will just leave FSR on by default to make the game work lol.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/23 17:26 ID: h2sgasr

This doesn't mean much to me without knowing what alternative techniques take to implement.

12 : Anonymous2021/06/23 13:53 ID: h2rnkco

i see way too many nvidia fanboys throwing so much shit at FSR when in the end it's not really a DLSS competitor, it is a new technology available for EVERYONE and that can benefit EVERYONE, with a really nice plus that seems to be easy to implement on the games

why hate something that is hardware and driver agnostic? can't you see how incredible is it because of that?

edit: about being a competitor or not, all i cant say is that you can't see the forest for the trees

ID: h2siebc

i see way too many nvidia fanboys throwing so much shit at FSR

is surprisingly pretty positive about it overall.

Meanwhile, I've seen heavily upvoted posts on this sub saying DLSS sucks and the only reason people say it's good is cuz they're brainwashed by Nvidia marketing.

Pot. Kettle.

in the end it's not really a DLSS competitor

I hate how everybody has to make everything some direct competition bullshit.

FSR is absolutely an *alternative* to DLSS. This cannot be arguable.

ID: h2sptfx

FSR is absolutely an alternative to DLSS. This cannot be arguable.

I have seen people say "just implement your own temporal reconstruction upscaler".

ID: h2sr43w

when in the end it's not really a DLSS competitor

It is though. What? It does the same thing at the end. What happens under the hood isn't that important.

ID: h2ruqkh

It's like watching "gamers" say their system / hardware of choice is better over 1fps better in a 3rd party game... It's annoying and so damn old, but humans will be annoying humans :p

ID: h2rt62f

FSR merits aside, you're delusional if you think this isn't a DLSS competitor.

ID: h2sgg2q

And as long as DLSS has the image quality lead, it will coexist along with FSR

AMD will keep trying to close the gap, while Nvidia will keep trying to improve, which is a win win for everyone

13 : Anonymous2021/06/24 01:34 ID: h2u4ye5

Awesome! Lets get it in Destiny 2.

15 : Anonymous2021/06/23 21:42 ID: h2te6ik


Using Nvidia's words against them

16 : Anonymous2021/06/24 00:53 ID: h2u0cmz

I can’t wait for this to hit consoles


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