Micro Center Slams AMD GPUs, CEO Issues Apology

1 : Anonymous2021/06/27 12:37 ID: o8wapc
Micro Center Slams AMD GPUs, CEO Issues Apology
2 : Anonymous2021/06/27 17:23 ID: h38b30f


3 : Anonymous2021/06/27 16:23 ID: h383riw

NVidia fanboyism is getting too bold now.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/27 15:10 ID: h37v8vo

Wouldn't want to be the nVidia fanboy responsible for putting that on the MC site Guess he's looking for a job right about now. I can understand people preferring one product over another when they can justify it rationally to some extent--but people just making up pure lies only a n00b might believe to try and hurt the other guy? Very weird and strange and warped, imo...;) Makes me wonder if maybe their site got hacked.

ID: h37w3ip

Either extreme fanboyism or nvidia got someone to do it. Either way, they're definitely not working there any more. It hurts micrometer more than anything though, because true enthusiasts(their main customer) will get pissed off and just order from Amazon instead, because they don't want to support a shitty company. It was obviously just one or maybe a few people in on this and doesn't reflect the company's interests at all, but if I saw something like that while browsing their site while searching for a gpu, I'd be like nope, I'll just buy from Amazon instead.

ID: h38w86x

because true enthusiasts(their main customer) will get pissed off and just order from Amazon instead, because they don't want to support a shitty company.

I mean... as far as shitty companies go, Amazon can't really be any shittier lol

Ignoring labor laws and basic human rights/compassion should be higher in people's priority than some fanboys claiming Nvidia is better than AMD.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/27 23:46 ID: h39k9k1

I'm more concerned with the fact MC is selling AMD cards for far more than Nvidia's offerings.

It's like they dont want the AMD cards to sell.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/27 18:55 ID: h38mf5b

To be honest, if I had to recommend a GPU to someone that doesn't know anything about PCs I'd recommend NVidia. I'll stick to AMD because I find them more fun to tune, but driver issues have plagued me for decades much more than the Nvidia cards I owned.

ID: h39bk97

That's like complaining that you won't buy a Ford because your Model T and your 79 Mustang gave you trouble back in the day.

ID: h39dk3o

Back in the day as in like 12 months ago, yes. Look at the launch reviews of the 5700xt. My HD5850 before that I loved because it was good value for the money, but it had a visual bug in SC2 for 7 years without ever being fixed. AMD control center still has broken aspects to it.

ID: h39iq58

Hey I just recommend based on my experience.

RX 470 and Vega 56, I had a good experience and would recommend.

RX 5700 XT - Bad driver experience and crashes, would not recommend for games that I played. But I lent it to a friend and it at least works for him.

2070 super - ok experience, would recommend.

It's not unreasonable to recommend based on these lines. I just know about Nvidia's newer gpus rather Amd's, so I'm not gonna recommend something if I haven't heard about it or used it.

ID: h39ivbi

Similar experience here, I love amd but my recommendations are conditional on mine and others experience with them. Same with Nvidia, its just that they have a slightly better track record in the recent year. Not like you can buy gpus that easily anyways now

7 : Anonymous2021/06/28 00:12 ID: h39n0ue

Damn they really slammed into those GPUs. I wonder if the boxes are alright after a 24 year old employee ran into a pallet of them.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/27 13:03 ID: h37hu77


ID: h37qera

Why even post this? You just sound like a child having a tantrum.

ID: h37te1h

looking at their current stock at just 1 store (Mayfield heights) Microcenter has plenty of 6000 series in stock that you can purchase today, where are the Nvidia ones? You look like a dumbass fanboy lol

ID: h37omu0

Yes well we all know this at this point. Although my MC is stooooocked with AMD but im not paying the price of a used car for one. Get a cpu with integrated graphics and get over it.

9 : Anonymous2021/06/27 23:46 ID: h39kaht

Must be a slow news day. This is news?


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