Why Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Had to Be a Next-Gen Only Game

1 : Anonymous2021/06/25 22:31 ID: o7y6hh
Why Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Had to Be a Next-Gen Only Game
2 : Anonymous2021/06/26 02:45 ID: h32fxe6

I don’t even own a next gen console and I’m ready for this to be the standard

ID: h33kjxs

When you get to play Ratchet and Clank rift apart, you'll be singing what you just said. I can guarantee it would not have been half the game had it been cross gen

ID: h33ype7

As a huge RaC fan I absolutely cannot wait to play Rift Apart! Just can’t find a damn ps5 anywhere lol

ID: h343wbz

On dude Rift Apart blew my mind. I’m still playing it and the graphics are still impressing me. I’ve never seen anything like that in an animated type of game. It’s like watching a movie.

ID: h338kg6

This is the way.

ID: h34mj70

It really needs to be. I understand not leaving out last gen but newer games are suffering from having to work on last gen too, it pulls from resources.

I fear for games like dying light 2. I'm sure itll be great, but it will be vastly limited since it's being designed for last gen all these years.

So many games have been in long term development and next gen came out on the ass end of it. So technically it isnt the devs fault. Though personally I'd wait another year or two for these games to be refitted for next gen and show us what they can really do.

3 : Anonymous2021/06/26 00:57 ID: h324opf

Makes the PS4 release of Horizon all the more baffling after reading the reasons why this game is next gen only.

ID: h33e40r

I'm fine with horizon but God of War is complet bonkers to me.

ID: h33qnt9

Yeah, that game was full of compromises to deal with slow loading times on PS4. They were brilliant, clever compromises, but it felt like they were already at the limit of what was possible.

ID: h32r6hj

That's one of the things I hate the most during console generation transition cycles. It usually takes more than a year after launch until you start getting games truly designed for the more powerful hardware new consoles have.

ID: h33khbs

Do we know yet if GoW Ragnarok is gonna be PS5 exclusive?

It’s gonna completely gimp the game if they have to make it PS4 compatible

ID: h36rgm8

It usually takes more than a year after launch until you start getting games truly designed for the more powerful hardware new consoles have.

This is always true for 3rd party stuff, but never was for 1st party stuff. Thats why this time is so disappointing about Horizon, GoW, and GT7.

ID: h34jdme

We saw ps3 releases die off real quickly after ps4 came out.

Sony is just fucking around at this point.

ID: h337tad

same with god of war

ID: h333iap

You honestly can’t compare them in that way. It’s two entirely different teams with entirely different engines and rendering pipelines.

Plus, if they started work for Forbidden West relatively soon after Zero Dawn, then they likely wouldn’t have had PS5 dev kits yet

ID: h325rg6

I doubt this is getting the same level of polish as Horizon will be, it’s two different scales. I dislike that Horizon will be a crossgen game too, but comparing them isn’t accurate

ID: h332bzt

You don't seem to understand. If anything this game should be multiplat as third party publishers main aim is to increase profits but for platforms holders the main aim is to attract players to their platform with exclusives otherwise they would just stay on the old consoles and adaption would be low

ID: h33mqfh

We have no idea how detailed this game will be. Yes, Horizon is exclusive but this game is next gen only.

No matter the details, Horizon will be extremely held back. Same as God of War, now that i think of it.

ID: h33ge97

$$ is what drives every company. If there were still millions of PS3 console up to date,they'll probably try to put the game there as well. The amount of PS4 out there is wild and no sane company will miss the chance.

4 : Anonymous2021/06/26 09:12 ID: h339b3l

Just wish it was 3rd person

ID: h33jttx

My main worry is that it will be 30fps. They describe using ray-traced global illumination which is very taxing even on modern PCs. Metro Exodus has shown that ray-traced GI can be done at 60fps on console but I'm still worried Massive/Ubisoft won't be able to deliver 60fps. We'll see. First person games are unplayable for me at 30fps. I can handle 3rd person games at 30fps but with 1st person, anything lower than 60fps makes me feel dizzy.

ID: h33nsqk

interesting because by the looks of it their engine only supports ray traced shadows, so unless it was wrongly worded it could be less taxing.

5 : Anonymous2021/06/26 03:11 ID: h32ildp

The way the developer describes the NPC system makes me interested as to what developers can accomplish with NPCs with the PS5 and Series X. Rockstar managed to do an interesting NPC system where you could cause chaos in a town/area, and if you went back to said town/area, the people there would remember you and call you out, and that was on the PS4 and Xbox One.

ID: h34aqhi

I just hope developers prioritise NPC density. Even a game like GTA V feels so lifeless due to how empty the streets are. No excuses for the next gen upgrade to not have hundreds of NPCs on the beach for me to run over.

It got a lot of deserved criticism, but AC Unity still gets a lot of respect for me for being one of the only games to actuslly bother with pedestrian density. No matter how advanced thr AI is, if there's no one on the streets I'm not going to give a fuck.

ID: h34q6zt

Yeah. I probably shouldn't, but I do have high hopes for the next gen upgrade of GTA V. Rockstar did a pretty good job with the PS4/Xbox One upgrade, but I agree that they could've done a much better job with pedestrian density. There's no reason why they can't add more people to the game.

ID: h33me8p

That doesn't seem like it requires powerful hardware to pull off.

ID: h33sigx

If I had to guess it’s probably just a memory thing and next gen is better at handling that

ID: h34gyfw

Cyberpunk gets a lot of heat on console, but I can tell you on a high end pc the npc density is VERY impressive. Like so many npcs that it can be annoying to run on some sidewalks downtown.

6 : Anonymous2021/06/26 03:02 ID: h32hpin

Peeps drawing comparisons to HZ while im waiting for Sony to release a PS5 4K 60 FPS update for the game.

They did it for PC release, do it for your own fucking platform too FFS.

ID: h333olu

From what I understand, the PS4 version is essentially hard coded to 30fps (the actual explanation is obviously more complicated, but that’s the oversimplified version) - that’s why the PC version had so many issues. That also rules out just giving the game a PS5 patch, it would have to have a proper PS5 port. I have no idea how hard it would be to port the game from PC to PS5, but maybe after all of the trouble they had porting to PC, they don’t want to go through the headache of then porting from PC to PS5? Or maybe the game is old enough that they simply don’t care/don’t think it’s worth the effort.

ID: h339d9t

Your explanation is reasonable, I get it, but I’m still hopeful. Not holding my breath though.

ID: h33ixxj

must also add that the port was done by a 3rd party because Guerilla was busy with Horizon 2 (which is why it came out as bad as it did) Guerilla only had to step in to patch the PC version afterwards because their name (and Sony's) was at stake. I don't see them giving the ps4 version to that 3rd party again to patch for the ps5 either but I think there is going to be a patch eventually (maybe after or near the release of Horizon 2)

7 : Anonymous2021/06/26 10:08 ID: h33corz

The whole game being built specifically with RayTracing in mind is something I expect from most games moving forward.

ID: h33k6bp

I hope they won't sacrifice framerate for it. Metro Exodus has an excellent implementation of ray-traced global illumination running at smooth and consistent 60fps. It looks like a true next-gen title and that's something they achieved in just 6 months from the consoles' release. I have hopes that as devs get more accustomed with the hardware that ray-traced GI will become a standard without sacrificing performance. Here's to hoping.

ID: h33kawl

Console games are bound to return to 30fps at some point due to the amount of intense features being added.

8 : Anonymous2021/06/25 22:34 ID: h31p9yy

Given that it’s a Ubisoft game, the writing will probably be as generic and forgettable as the movie Avatar was

ID: h329zye

Blue alien sex Pocahontas with mechs is all I remember. Still was a visual treat for the eyes.

ID: h31qhfo

You think avatar was a forgettable movie!?


It has been brought to my attention. That, I too, remember nothing LMAO

ID: h31u0on

I remember nothing but man in wheelchair and hair sex. Something about dinosaur birds too

ID: h31qjsh


ID: h31qq3t


ID: h325csb

The thing is, while the broadest strokes of the story are fairly familiar, the world, rules, and actual plot are not. I mean, it’s a movie about projecting your consciousness into a blue body so you can mind meld with fantasy creatures to fight mecha. Anyhow, Avatar rules and is one of the best directed movies of its decade. I’m pretty excited for this game.

ID: h32ibhz

Huzzah! A man of quality. I really enjoyed the Avatar movie. Sure it had some similar story beats to that of Pochahontas, but it was an enjoyable film, and I love it every time I watch it. This game is going to be fun.

ID: h335wo1

imagine a good avatar game tho, exploring the beautiful open world while trying to mount the crazy flying bird alien while hunting down human weaponized armor suit , that sounds fun , literally horizon just a bit more alien than robot

9 : Anonymous2021/06/26 13:33 ID: h33s2nh

PLANTS that react to your presence!

oh snap!

as if that's more difficult than any other entity in the game...

10 : Anonymous2021/06/26 00:12 ID: h31zyel

Fps camera is the deal killer, other than that it looks cool.

11 : Anonymous2021/06/26 04:01 ID: h32n6id

This is Ubisoft we're talking about, remember that.

ID: h32yfvm

I expect 645 pebbles to collect. Hidden in the most remote places. Unmemorable characters and story. But, it will look pretty!

12 : Anonymous2021/06/25 22:37 ID: h31poza

Can’t wait for this to be bloated, level gated, bogged down and with micro transactions.

13 : Anonymous2021/06/26 19:34 ID: h34xvh1

and for some reason GOW Ragnarok is coming to PS4

15 : Anonymous2021/06/26 13:35 ID: h33sbcv

I would have been interested in this if it was not in first person. First person camera ruined it.


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