Dying Light 2 DualSense Features Detailed, 3D Audio to Heighten the Horror

1 : Anonymous2021/06/30 22:59 ID: ob8qod
Dying Light 2 DualSense Features Detailed, 3D Audio to Heighten the Horror
2 : Anonymous2021/06/30 23:05 ID: h3m9gde

I didn't even consider DL2 making use of the Dualsense features, but it's a great fit. Really looking forward to that.

ID: h3nb4mp

Have you messed around with the 3D audio settings? There are some profiles there and maybe that’s why you don’t feel it right now

ID: h3o2pyk

I think you replied to the wrong comment.

ID: h3nj6b8

you've got three settings which you choose in an environment which is kinda pointless.

like put me in a 3d environment and let me spin around and detect where stuff is.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/01 13:34 ID: h3oj0l1


ID: h3osykc

havent you just been so disappointed with all this haptic implementation so far? i have. astrobot is like the only good one

ID: h3oz976

Ratchet and Clank was fantastic as was Metro Exodus in that dept, imo.

ID: h3pdurt

There have been some fantastic uses of Haptics/Triggers: Astro obviously Ratchet and Clank was pretty good Returnal was genuinely phenomenal, the single best use of it yet imo. Miles Morales was okay Demon's Souls was great

In a lot of cross gen/3rd party stuff it's pretty crap.

It's not bad in Metro Exodus, you can pick that up for around $20 at the moment, same as Doom Eternal!

4 : Anonymous2021/07/01 05:08 ID: h3nel67

I hope cyberpunk helped with this game getting better by teaching them waiting is always better than releasing a broken game

ID: h3opr2c

Think most of the industry learned that. If a beloved studio like CDPR is not safe from backlash; then no one is.

ID: h3p57ql

Cyberpunk taught the whole industry

ID: h3pd1r2

Yep taught the whole industry that you can still post record revenues while releasing a broken game.

ID: h3pqjk6

Cyberpunk has been hyped up for years, while DL2 said "yeah we're working on a sequel" and then releasing the trailer of an actual product WITHIN A YEAR OF RELEASE

5 : Anonymous2021/06/30 23:21 ID: h3mb95i

I think cerny overhyped the 3d audio. I played ratchet and clank with a pair of hyperx cloud alphas and it didnt really sound too different then any other games audio. Maybe a side by side comparison would do it justice

ID: h3mfhb0

I just got the newest Sony noise canceling head phones and they sound great, what I didn't expect is my earphones that came with my Samsung note to sound good. I think once they can get the 3d audio to come out of the hdmi might do it justice. Also, give it some time for these developers. I thought returnal made good use of it

ID: h3nrcuk

According to multiple research papers, 3D audio works best with earbuds.

Sounds weird to play with earbuds, but 3D audio is extremely more noticeable using regular stereo earbuds.

ID: h3nsmj7

So far, for 3D Audio, Returnal was the only game that convinced me. The audio in that game is excellent.

ID: h3monxi

Cerny wanted to have a lot more custom profiles than the handful that shipped with the console, though - I've personally heard the same tech be utterly amazing in non-PS5 settings, but the handful of profiles they are using simply don't do anything much for me, unfortunately.

ID: h3mh03m

I can say this a proper pair of headphones makes a huge difference for 3D audio making sure it connects via USB as well

ID: h3mqyz4

Man so my $25 Chinese headphones ain't gonna cut it, sad. Honestly though I hate wearing headphones I would much rather the sound benefit of the PS5 just comes through my TV.

ID: h3mr4zn

Gaming headphones are the worst to use.

I use studio cans and it sounds amazing.

ID: h3ogc1f

"gaming" headphones are the only wireless ones though, which is kind of the problem here. I wonder if aptx Bluetooth headphones would work instead

ID: h3np2op

hmmm It sounds like it could just be your pair of headphones m8. My open back audiotechnicas make me feel like I'm actually in the room of the character.

ID: h3qu3h3

It sounds great in R&C but that game isn't atmospheric enough for it to really stand out. 3D will always be more apparent in darker games.

ID: h3nfk6l

no gaming headset is going to provide you enough of a soundscape to truly take advantage of 3D audio. they have small drivers and their simulated surround tends to suck. you need an audiophile setup to take advantage of the feature.

ID: h3nut7o

You absolutely do not need an audiophile setup.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/01 02:27 ID: h3mxab6

It's kind of sad that you need a pair of headphones to get the feel of PS5s 3d Audio.

Most people don't play that way. I use a sound bar. I don't really like wearing headphones while I play most games.

ID: h3n1t9t

This is just in its current state. They are working on getting it to work with other audio sources.

ID: h3nil3h

Oh really? Thats good to hear

ID: h3ndk9a

I only use headphones for gaming when I play story based games. I think it ads a lot of immersion. Best example for 3D audio so far was returnal. It even helps you with locating enemies.

ID: h3nijr0

Yes. I have a good 5.1 sound system and i also don't like headphones... really strange that we're forced to the headphones if we wanna get this feature

7 : Anonymous2021/07/01 10:43 ID: h3o2ng9

I wish they would unlock the framerate on the original.

Would love another playthrough to tide me over till release, but I just can't with that blur.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/01 12:03 ID: h3o9a1u

Should I play the first one before buying this ?

ID: h3opzkn

The first one is a blast to play. Especially if you have friends to play with since it’s 4 player coop as well. If you can find a cheap copy I’d go for it. Very fun game. The story isn’t connected though besides a few references they said though.

ID: h3or3xl

I have no friends to play with but I do have a copy on steam already! Might give it a shot

ID: h3opy8w

I’ve been playing through it with my brother, and the motion blur is real annoying. And the controls are weird, I keep forgetting buttons.

But I am having a blast playing through, and really enjoying it!!

9 : Anonymous2021/07/01 14:26 ID: h3oplz9

I just want a 60 fps patch for the first one..and a motion blur off as well

10 : Anonymous2021/07/01 14:45 ID: h3os3ej

After playing Doom Eternal I can safely say adaptive triggers are more of a gimmick than anything else. It's so hard trying to get used to triggers with resistances on them even slightly like in doom and throws my aim off because I have to give that much extra effort in my middle finger to press it down.

I might play with it for an hour but after that, adaptive triggers usually gets turned down or off completely if i have the choice


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