‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ directors say ‘Intermission’ points directly to the sequel

1 : Anonymous2021/07/03 04:44 ID: ocr767
‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ directors say ‘Intermission’ points directly to the sequel
2 : Anonymous2021/07/03 05:39 ID: h3w5uqu

The synchronized abilities in the DLC were awesome. Glad they’re gonna keep those around for part 2

ID: h3wzz0h

Albeit overpowered.

ID: h3x7sgu

Were they? It just felt like a different mechanic to use more than overpowered

ID: h3x9e6s

The real OP was that whirlwind ability.

ID: h3x77ek

A tuning pass will no doubt be done as a result but overall they weren't so powerful as to feel necessary to use.

ID: h3xsgmy

I wouldn't mind if they increased the difficulty of battles in the next chapters of the Remake just so they could revamp the main cast's abilities to be as dynamic as Yuffie's.

Before you even unlock the synchronized mechanics of her toolkit, she's already the most varied, interesting, and fun character in the game. Feels like the pinnacle of a long and arduous journey Square has been on to harmonize real-time combat with traditional JRPG turn-based fighting. I felt like FF7:R was already close to perfect in terms of combat but then Yuffie just takes it to another level.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/03 07:28 ID: h3wdetr

Got this on PS5 and it's my first FF game ever. I'm so fucking addicted, I haven't even finished this game and I'm excited for the sequel and FF16. Wtf.

ID: h3wfnde

That's great to hear.

Make sure to stay away from any kind of spoilers.

ID: h3wmhjb

Yeah man I think ff7 remake is one of my favorite games ever made.. it just hits so many notes that makes video games awesome

ID: h3xdgpp

I’ve been telling people, I don’t think it’s a perfect game, but it has that magic feeling that games are missing now. Makes me feel like a kid again.

ID: h3x8shv

I am enjoying it, I’m 20 hours in, it is full of needless button holds and presses though

ID: h3yd6m3

If you're wanting someone to scratch the itch, I'd recommend ff6. It's older and 2d but has a fantastic story, and a few secrets which feel quite rewarding. Great jrpg

ID: h3x5as3

Delete the comment so people won’t spoil it.

Better yet play the PS4 FF7. Just do it. You’ll get to experience the original story first and then enjoy the changes in the remake. It’ll be interesting too because Biggs/wedge/Jesse are barely even in the original, so it makes you appreciate the getting to know them even more in FF7R.

Plus you can speed up the combat and give yourself unlimited HP/MP/Limit breaks and speed the gameplay up 3X which allows you to move everything along quicker if you’re not used to or bored by turn based.

ID: h3yv5ow

Stop reading everything regarding ff7 on reddit (besides this post) and play the original A S A P because you WILL get spoiled sooner or later (just..... trust me) and you will regret it very much. Can even use cheats in the steam/ps4 version if you don't care for the ancient combat

4 : Anonymous2021/07/03 05:50 ID: h3w6nrc

I Can’t believe Mickey Mouse showed up in the post credits scene.

ID: h3ytz23

Doomrats getting crazy these days

5 : Anonymous2021/07/03 08:56 ID: h3wix6r

I honestly don't think the second part is going to be open world like everyone thinks it's going to be. I mean I hope I'm wrong but I just can't see it.

ID: h3wrueo

The OG was “open world”, but realistically the path was fairly linear. The map was designed to gate you behind barriers that you needed to progress the story to get past - e.g. limited docking points for the sub, “deep water” areas to prevent the buggy or chocobos getting through (except the highest-tier chocobos, which again, required special items to breed that also gated your progression).

Sure, you could branch off the main path and discover a small selection of optional areas, and I expect the remake will have something similar; but if you really look at it today, it is quite linear.

The remake did get some criticism for having lots of narrow corridors to connect its main areas, but those main areas were quite large and “open”. Expand those areas, have some more diverse terrain (green fields, forests, etc), taking advantage of next-gen storage to stream assets, and I think they could pull off a decent open-feeling world.

ID: h3xag9w

The game isn't open world until you get your airship really.

ID: h3x970w

Nearly all the FF games are 'open' but essentially linear behind the scenes.

ID: h3wwxcx

The director's a huge fan of horizon zero dawn so I'm expecting something like that but with linear areas as well.

ID: h3x9ark

I can see it, especially with how 15 went. So far the FF teams clearly don't mind borrowing from one another, as we see the combat taking a lot from previous games already. We even have 'quests' that mirror 15, to go along with the combat and summons, to a degree.

ID: h3xtz1v

Summons in FF15 were whack. They screwed that mechanic up. Much more generous in FF7:R. And of course the combat in general is just way better than 15's.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/03 06:34 ID: h3w9qvs

I mean…. It’s pretty obvious lol

ID: h3x8oy5

Yeah, dunno what he means by that statement.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/03 08:33 ID: h3whj6y

Pardon me, but... Duh?

8 : Anonymous2021/07/03 06:51 ID: h3waxal

I still think they did Red XIII dirty by having Yuffie playable before him.

ID: h3y8lca

You could tell they didn't want to prolong development of part one by not making him playable and by not implementing a change-party-formation mechanism, especially since those things would only be available in the last few chapters.

Best to save that for part 2 and onwards where it'll be way more useful.

ID: h3x8nbh

Red XIII was always the least developed playable character in FF7. He really only had the end of Midgar and Cosmo Canyon to stand out.

ID: h3xms5b

Cait sith

ID: h3z2beq


ID: h3wc5lr

Agreed. Though Yuffie is by far the most developed character in terms of combat and the DLC as a whole is great!

Happy cake day!

ID: h3wgalt

I wouldn't call her the most developed, she is simply the most versatile thanks to elemental ninjutsu and having both melee and ranged attacks capabilities. They had to have character like that for DLC where there are no companions to compensate in other areas. In terms of general polish and delivering on the character concept I still feel like Tifa is my favorite character overall. The quality of her animations alone is fucking insane.

ID: h3yax5h

He is barely in the Remake. There was no point in introducing a new, fully playable character for the ending chapter. If it meant, they would have less dev time on other things, this was easily the right choice.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/03 14:54 ID: h3xbpj4

I thinks he's referring to the ending

10 : Anonymous2021/07/03 05:34 ID: h3w5f69

No shit, if you played you’d know lol

11 : Anonymous2021/07/03 06:49 ID: h3wary4

I was hoping it was going to direct to a series of spin-offs like Kingdom Hearts did.

ID: h3wlu3n

Please good lord no.

Especially as a lot of the KH spin offs were on so many different platforms exclusively.

ID: h3wyunt

I was joking hahahaha

ID: h3wz1z2

They're not spinoffs.

ID: h3wzeth

Yeah they pretty much required to play to understand the story

12 : Anonymous2021/07/03 15:13 ID: h3xdra2

Ah yes, quality article. Love the Combo Movies.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/03 05:01 ID: h3w2uw7

I mean, no shit, did you watch the ending?

ID: h3xda99

That ending was added with intermission but also plays at the end of the regular game if installed I believe.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/03 05:37 ID: h3w5p6r

“The world of ‘Final Fantasy VII’ was vastly expanded through multiple works that followed after the original game,” Toriyama said. “We do want to make it a culmination of all the ‘Final Fantasy VII’-related works created up to this point. There are characters that, I too, do not know, but that is the same with Cloud and company as well.”

Oh god, how much content is even out there?

Also, the article mentions Yuffie encountering Cloud and the gang in Part 2. Does this mean that you can get to play as her like you did in Intermission? Was this something the original FF7 game did?

ID: h3wcye3

So without spoiling too much in the original you could gather up to 9 party members, with 2 being optional.

FF7 Remake introduced the core of the team - Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith and Red XIII(who was not playable in the remake)

The DLC was.focused on Yuffie who is entirely optional in the original i

ID: h3xderj

No chance vincent stays optional. He will be core to the story. Super excited as to how they use him.

ID: h3w6gea

The group of characters in your party will expand in Part 2. Yes, you’ll be able to play as Yuffie in Part 2, but she’ll likely be nerfed a bit since she’ll be part of the party and not the central figure anymore. There will be at least two other characters you didn’t get to control in Part 1 that will also be controllable in Part 2.


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