Another RAM question. Worth it too upgrade from 4×4 2400mhz CL16 to 2×8 3600mhz with 5600x?

1 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:22 ID: odje6f

Title says it all. Computer runs fine right now and I have no complaints but I always see that Ryzen loves fast ram and 3600mhz CL16 seems to be the sweet spot.

Would it be worth the near $100 it would cost to upgrade? I mainly just game and have it paired with a 2060 super. This is the first AMD I've owned in 20 years.

2 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:47 ID: h40nslw

Add 50 bucks and get 2x16 GB instead (3600 CL16 would be optimal).

It's really not much of an upcharge and you'll never have to worry about RAM again (for the next 10 years).

There are already games out there eating up ~10 GB of RAM. Windows wants another 2. With Discord, your browser and ten other things 16 GB is starting to cut it close.

ID: h40pmrv

Anno 1800: 26 GBs RAM

Star Citizen: 23 GBs RAM


Soo, yeah 32 GB will become the new standard next year and you can already get some benefits out of it.

ID: h40qqz8

What the heck, why does Anno 1800 eat so much RAM?

Star Citizen is a tech demo.. it even stutters on my rig, but yeah, it will also need 32 GB if it ever releases.

ID: h418d9g

How much of that is a requirement and how much is allocated because it has the space?

3 : Anonymous2021/07/04 13:55 ID: h40ufth

Upgrade to 32GB Cl16

Workaround for now just to test how potentially can help a better RAM would be to manually oc those.

Safe bet for you no matter the manufacture and Die type you currently own:

1.35v for RAM

Manually set to 3066 speed

Cl16 18-18-18-36 everything else left on auto. It's not that hard to basic oc RAM. tightening the timings on other hand..

I do not recommend to go higher without further reading about ram oc do it just to have some ideea for now.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:30 ID: h40mdn7

If you sold your old RAM in the used market, probably yeah, as that would potentially cut the cost in half

5 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:45 ID: h40nn8y

Which RAM chips are on your kit? Sometimes DDR4-2400 is Samsung D-Die or Micron Rev.E which can clock quite high and would make the extra expense unnecessary.

ID: h40ul6b

You might check Thaiphoon Burner to see if you possibly got lucky and ended up with Hynix CJR.

That kit pretty much just gets whatever IC's are the most plentiful at the time. It has had Hynix AFR/MFR/CJR, Samsung B-die, and Samsung C-die, so you may have IC's with some good overclock potential. Samsung IC's are rare in that kit though, and it's usually some variation of Hynix IC.

Worst case scenario it's either Hynix MFR or AFR, but you can usually get both MFR and AFR to 3200MHz CL16.

If your kit is running Hynix MFR, I have the 8GB version of that kit in my Ryzen 3 2200G build. Set your FCLK to 1600MHz, and your RAM to 3200MHz, and then use these timings:

Since you're running 4x4GB, you'll need to set tCWL to 16 (instead of 14) tWRRD to 3 (instead of 1), and RttNom to RZQ/7 (instead of Disabled). Also, leave tRFC2 and tRFC4 on Auto.

The performance jump from going to 2400MHz to 3200MHz is pretty good, but the jump from 3200-3600MHz is not nearly as substantial. If you can get your RAM to 3200MHz, you can save yourself the hassle from buying new RAM.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/04 12:58 ID: h40ost7

Smart move would be to overclock what you want. You can easily reach 3000-3200mhz with no effort what so ever, with luck you might just hit 3600mhz.

ID: h40qkp2

I'll take a look at that. Never overclocked ram before

ID: h41882e

It's a huge pain in ass and can corrupt your OS. I'd recommend reading some guides and testing on a throwaway OS on a USB.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/04 16:24 ID: h41c2x7

That ram is strangling that cpu. You might see some games get 20% or more out of an upgrade, but up the capacity to 32gb to make the expense actually kinda sorta worth it.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/04 22:32 ID: h42jutn

DDR5 is right around the corner


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