PSN Store is having a “Planet of the Discounts” sale (until 7/21)

1 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:04 ID: oflxqc
PSN Store is having a "Planet of the Discounts" sale (until 7/21)
2 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:21 ID: h4dae48

I gotta stop looking at these PSN sales. I'm weak willed and my back log is too large

ID: h4db8en

I just downloaded A Plague Tale, and Nioh 2.

I still haven’t finished Returnal, Ratchet, Mass Effect Trilogy, Metro PS5, Resident Evil Village, and Fallen Order PS5.

But thankfully I finished Spider-Man : MM

ID: h4dex51

Ratchet looks so damn good it's hard for me to change between other games without thinking "this looks pretty dated". The production quality is just so damn good. Never had this issue before with games like God of War or RDR2 but the game speaks for itself.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:30 ID: h4dbn9m

Grabbed snowrunner for 20€

ID: h4dd0vm

That game ended up being way more addicting than I anticipated. Supposedly there's a current-gen update in the works, but no eta

ID: h4dfbpm

Sounds great, really lookin forward to play this for some time

4 : Anonymous2021/07/07 17:41 ID: h4dlc46

Yakuza Like a Dragon on for a pretty good price. Picked up DB Fighterz

ID: h4e3csk

Really recommend yakuza like a dragon. Good story with quirky side stories and a combat system like Pokemon but more interactive

ID: h4e585z

combat system like Pokemon but more interactive

And that's sold it to me.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:25 ID: h4dazw2

AC Origins, Odyssey & Valhala in one bundle if you want to do basically the same thing over and over for 500 hours.

ID: h4dr6gp

Unfortunately, this is for the US ps store only. Just spent like ten minutes looking on that Australian store. Dang.

ID: h4duxak

US ps store only


ID: h4dknj9

I really wish Ubisoft would bring back Splinter cell and have it take over for the older Assassin creed style with parkore and stealth just with guns and gadgets in a modern setting. the New post Syndakit Assassin Creeds don't even feel like Assassin creed anymore

ID: h4e5tb3

I don't know how Ubisoft has so little interest in grabbing a few hundred million slices of the modern military pie. MW19 grossing over a billion dollars really doesn't inspire even slight curiosity?

Wildlands, one of their only good concepts in years, sold around 17 million copies in spite of its... primitive execution. Then they follow it up with one of the buggiest, emptiest AAA titles of all time and nobody wonders, "Hold on a sec, what if we'd made that game well?"

ID: h4dbaui

I enjoyed all three a lot but yeah it’s a fucking grind but Origins is really fun with a solid story

6 : Anonymous2021/07/07 17:44 ID: h4dlqnr

I know its a silly game, but I really like Yoku's Island Express. Its pinball + metroidvania, which is exactly the sort of thing I'm hoping for in an indie game.

Edit: Autocorrect.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/07 17:10 ID: h4dh2p0

Battle chasers night wars at 90% off… don’t mind if I do!

ID: h4dkvfg

If you like old school turn based combat, you're gonna have a blast. Awesome art style, decent fantasy story, fun characters and abilities. I got the Platinum earlier this year, can't wait for their next game. Enjoy!

8 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:47 ID: h4de00h

Is Control really good? 20 usd seems reasonable enough

ID: h4dhk48

Control is hands down my goty of 2019

ID: h4dg8s6

Yes but make sure you don't already have it. It was a ps plus game back in January or something

ID: h4dqepi

I purchased the ps4 version at full price but missed the ps plus ultimate edition due to my stupidity. Now that I have the PS5, is this $20 the cheapest way to get the PS5 update?

ID: h4deko0

Control is excellent.

ID: h4e0i6k

It’s def worth $20. I played it on PC and I can imagine the dual sense controls making it better.

ID: h4dkkep

Did you miss it on PS+ ?

9 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:19 ID: h4da2r8

KH All in One is a steal for 25

ID: h4dk60v

For those interested, it's $20 physically at ganestop. Pretty good sale either way

10 : Anonymous2021/07/07 17:27 ID: h4dje0b

Should I get Surge 2 for $11? Haven't played the first one but heard it's a soulslike.

ID: h4dlzs9

Surge 2 is solid, much better weapons, environment and enemy design than the first one.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/07 17:32 ID: h4dk2k0

I can finally purchase Hitman GOTY and import the levels into Hitman 3.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/07 17:52 ID: h4dmtpz

How’s the crew 2 I always see that on sale?

ID: h4dq8im

It’s having a free weekend starting July 8 if you want to try it then!

ID: h4dqahb

Thanks for info, I’ll make sure to do that

13 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:20 ID: h4da8yo

Doom Eternal is on sale right now. Is the Deluxe edition the version to get? Does that include the PS5 upgrade?

ID: h4dali9

PS5 upgrade is always included, so in the Standard Edition as well. Deluxe also contains the DLC1 and DLC2 campaign, i personally think its worth it.

ID: h4dg1yn

Is there a way to upgrade my standard edition PS4 version to a deluxe PS5 one (I just wanna play that sweet Ancient Gods DLC)

14 : Anonymous2021/07/07 18:08 ID: h4dp35a

Is resident evil 3 worth $20?

ID: h4dx8z6

Absolutely, I also got it at $20 a few months back totally worth my time.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/07 20:20 ID: h4e767n

Ive heard great things about slay the spire, is it worth picking up?

ID: h4edaqe

It is one of my favorite games of all time. Like seriously, i didn't expect much when I purchased it and i still play it to this day - even today I finished a run haha. I own it for Playstation, Xbox and PC. Only game I bought for several systems.

100% recommended.

Edit: i forget, i also own it on mobile. Lol.

ID: h4eddo6


16 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:24 ID: h4daujh

How’s dead by daylight?

ID: h4dfiie

It's decent overall. But playing solo survivor is probably the most frustrating thing in existence. If you play killer, it's not bad. The overall grind for perks is way out of hand at this point.

ID: h4dk748

Idk why these people are telling you to play with friends

I've played with friends. I just don't like survivor. I much prefer playing killer.

17 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:33 ID: h4dc1n7

What are you guys buying?

I might buy Doom Eternal cause i haven't an FPS in a long time. And i won't renew ps plus and I'll lose BB so i might buy Bloodborne GOTY edition, what do you guys think?

ID: h4dk0r1

Bloodborne is free with PS+? I think you'd have to buy the Old Hunters DLC though so many the GOTY edition makes sense. Anyway, Bloodborne is absolutely incredible.

ID: h4e1fbo

Hey, I have a tip here. If you have the BB from the PS+ it already comes with the DLC, I mean in a hidden way because you still see the DLC to buy in the store, but you can access the DLC in game with the BB from PS+, you have the key item in game to access to the DLC as if you had bought the DLC. So, don't buy the DLC if you already have the BB PS+!

18 : Anonymous2021/07/07 19:36 ID: h4e1262

Is Shadow of the Colossus worth the purchase?

19 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:25 ID: h4dazj2

DOOM Eternal Deluxe Edition for $29 is a STEAL, especially with the recent PS5 upgrade.

ID: h4dt0mz

DOOM Eternal Deluxe has been $29 a few times before. It usually goes on sale every two months or so. $29 is probably going to be the price it stays at for a while when it goes on sale:

If anyone's interested in the game, but has a huge backlog like me, you can always get it further down the line. You're not missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime deal.


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