PS5 is market leader in the uk this year so far

1 : Anonymous2021/07/06 22:35 ID: of5t56
PS5 is market leader in the uk this year so far
2 : Anonymous2021/07/06 22:39 ID: h4agtra


3 : Anonymous2021/07/07 00:01 ID: h4aq6lg

No way...... What happened to the soldier boy console

ID: h4bybbh

It was discontinued by Vought International

ID: h4bsf9z

It died

ID: h4dg5av

Soulja boy

4 : Anonymous2021/07/07 04:40 ID: h4bkrxy

Anyone surprised? PS5 is building off the reputation Playstation got from the PS4. People know the exclusives will come and they will be the best exclusives. God of War 2, Naughty dogs new game, Ghost of Tsushima 2, and on and on.

ID: h4brfsk

And then most people play just fifa/cod all year

ID: h4bzct9

My brother: "I only want PS5." Also my brother: "I am only really interested in multiplayer shooters" smh

ID: h4cos0h

This is true. But single player PS exclusives sell well too. Spiderman, God of war, Last of us, Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima all broke 10 million + and that's on one console.

ID: h4bzrgz

I'm not gonna lie, I've never played so much COD in my life, but I'd like to think I have played a varied choice in games throughout my lifetime.

ID: h4c6vqv

I was going to get an Xbox Series S simply because it was cheaper, but then I learned that FFXVI might be a timed PS exclusive, so I managed to snag a PS5 instead. Those exclusives are no joke. Microsoft can't really compare.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/07 00:26 ID: h4at1g5

Basically more people enjoy PlayStation over Xbox in the UK just how the rest of the world prefers PlayStation over Xbox got it

ID: h4b1xjn

Truest statement I’ve heard all week.

ID: h4c87y1

Lmao truth

ID: h4d3rfj

As an American man, I feel like Xbox is almost exclusively an american male console system. If XBOX could run for president, it would run as a Republican.

ID: h4bnq16

Yea but maybe we should make a post about every country individually to make sure, you know?

6 : Anonymous2021/07/07 07:35 ID: h4bxtf1

I thought it was the lead world wide given that PS5 is two or three million ahead of Xbox in sales. But it is good to get confirmation as some markets may have a different split.

Now think how more popular PS5 would be if there weren't any shortages. But even with those, Sony aims to sell 22 million total by year's end, I think. Crazy numbers this fast. It will break the all time record holder of PS1 first year sales if it happens.

What I get from that is that shortages may begin to ease by the end of the year. Hopefully by late next year there won't be any.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/06 22:46 ID: h4ahkjc

In other words: water is wet, PlayStation is blue, scalpers scalped your shit what are you to do?

ID: h4aneyc

Water isn’t wet. Water is water.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/07 09:52 ID: h4c65dk

I’m not surprised, I sold my Xbox and got a ps5. I have a pc also and with Xbox bringing everything to pc/game pass I have no need for the Xbox. Sony on the other hand…

ID: h4csvs7

Ps5/pc/switch is the necessary combo. There is no reason to own an Xbox. The fanboy counter-argument then is always “LOL well if you get game pass on PC you’re still giving MS your money!!” Ok, happy to do so if they’ve got a service I’m enjoying. The point is simply that Xbox (the box, not game pass) is redundant.

ID: h4e2fi5

you’re still giving MS your money!!

Why would people have a problem giving MS money, MS produces tons of middleware tools and corporate services, they're making money off of Sony and Valve and all of their affiliates.

I guarantee they're making money off of us right now.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/07 04:21 ID: h4bj30v

Feels like I'm in an Xbox subreddit. I had to check again with all the defense force out. Everytime I'm actually in an Xbox sub the one thing I don't find is an equal amount of PS5 support.

ID: h4c7vmo

I thought I was the only one to notice that. You're spot on though, anytime any comparison is brought up, Xbox defense force pops up with gamepass or wait for the future.

And if you do critique, fair or unfair, you're called a fanboy. But after looking at the Xbox sub, besides post of people consoles, what else do they have to talk about?

ID: h4ce544

I find this in real life a lot of the time too. Whenever I bring up how PlayStation has released tons of good exclusives over the last decade versus virtually nothing from Xbox, they usually just immediately veer towards talking about something the Xbox does do well. Most of the time they aren't even familiar with the PS exclusives in question, they're happy with their lot on the Xbox and just aren't interested in what the PS has to offer at all.

A lot of them must play nothing but multiplayer because I can't understand how you can enjoy single-player games and not be at least tempted by the PlayStation.

ID: h4d8qwt

Game Pass? What’s Game Pass? Do you mean The Best Deal in Gaming? /s

ID: h4cxk8z

Tbf it does suck to invest your money into a console generation and pick the product that is the clear loser and not going to be priority for most people.

That said, Xbox blew a huge advantage from the PS3/360 era by botching the Xbox One. PS5 is seeming like the true Sony return to dominance to capitalize on a prior gen victory

ID: h4c2jsi

this ps5 subreddit is 100% filled with xbox posing as ps owners.

ID: h4cw8m9

imagine owning both consoles

ID: h4c33nq

Xbox subreddit ir realy boring, so they invade ps5 subredit, where there is discusion about actual first party and exclusive games that are coming out. Xbox subredit is full of pictures of console setups, controlers in different colors, pictures with series x box titled "just got one" and posts about how gamepass is much amazing. I even dont visit that sub anymore.

ID: h4by25x

Xbox users have to be defensive about buying an Xbox because how else can they justify their purchase

10 : Anonymous2021/07/07 06:11 ID: h4bs6wg

The uk has always been a primarily playstation market so I can't say I'm too suprised

I know alot of people who still can't find one here

The series x seems to be getting easier to get than the ps5 now, managed to get one myself on currys last week

ID: h4c471l

Actually it wasn’t always PlayStation market. During 360 era it was Xbox market until MS fucked up with The One.

ID: h4chr88

Every PlayStation outsold the Xbox. The ps3 came back and won the generation by the end of then cycle

11 : Anonymous2021/07/07 10:13 ID: h4c7gc6

Getting one was such a nightmare. It was the dumbest process. I don’t remember this issue with any of the others, and I bought 1, 2, 3 and muhfuggin 4 new. I got lucky but haven’t really told friends because the situation is so stupid

I am enjoying the machine and the faster load times (especially RDR2) but in my opinion there just aren’t the games for it yet. Probably worth waiting, but Christ they need to sort out their ordering system. Offer PSN account holders with active accounts the opportunity to reserve one (especially in Europe/UK)

12 : Anonymous2021/07/07 02:46 ID: h4b90ol

Ok, but honestly. I dont mean to be a playstation fanboy, but why would anyone choose xbox series x over the PS5, other than being loyal to Xbox? It seems like PS5 is superior in every way, other than the Xbox quick resume feature. I dont know what other features xbox has.

Ps5 has amazing exclusives, awesome new controller, and an ssd

ID: h4bdb9b

Ps5 is my priority but I'm gonna need an xbox for Starfield and most likely elder scrolls 6. Ps5 has the current exclusive gems, Microsoft has the future potential. I don't want to miss either.

Also gamepass. It definetly beats out Ps Now.

ID: h4c0fds

They may have future potential but people are forgetting the three biggest heavy hitters.

GTA, COD and Fifa

Even if the exlusives on xbox came out and sold 30 million it wouldn't even make a dent in the amount of numbers the 3 games bring to PSN

ID: h4c1wl3

Gamepass beats PS Now, but PS+ hands down wins Live Gold service. So if someone is not interested in buying day one MS exclusives and playing 200+ games, PS+ is cheaper and better alternative IMO.

ID: h4bxi91

Ps5 is my priority but I'm gonna need an xbox for Starfield and most likely elder scrolls 6.

You've literally seen nothing from either game. We know nothing about either.

It's also nowhere close, Starfield is 18 months away and ES6 is 5 years away

ID: h4c6mii

I don't track this logic, why would Microsoft have the future potential?

It is not like Sony's studios will stop existing or stop getting investments, nor do I see why people disregard how poorly Microsoft's individual studios are managed, 343 almost put out that version of Halo Infinite and Rare is a complete mess in terms of gam development considering the state of Everwild.

ID: h4d4skm

I looked into getting PS Now the other day because I was itching to play the old Gran Turismo games. They don't have them....not anywhere on the playstation store. What a missed opportunity, those games hold up and would sell well.

ID: h4bl3cs

Starfield is just hype with no substance. What is the last good game from Badesta? Also you will have to wait until 2025-2028 for the new Elder scrolls.

ID: h4bnupy

If you ask anyone on /

the first answer you well get is Game Pass.

ID: h4bnw4u

Thats what most the answers here say

ID: h4bxqq7

Which isn't a good reason. I'm not buying a console because it has a subscription service to old games I don't care about and exclusives that MS don't have ready for years.

ID: h4bkv89

It's about the games and Playstation always delivers.

ID: h4bxeag

I have both and apart from exclusive games on PS5, I use my Xbox. The reason is free and seamless cloud saves. Just yesterday I opened Forza Horizon 3 and my save was synced to last time I played 3years ago on my One X. I didn't had any Xbox subscription back then.

The other reason being the obvious, Game Pass.

Controller preference is subjective, SSD is on par with Xbox with a minimal difference of what 1second?

ID: h4cdcuk

Cloud saves work so much better on Xbox. I have two Xboxes in different rooms because it’s seamless to switch back and forth between them. PlayStation cloud saves only sync automatically on a daily basis, so you have to manually upload them to the cloud and the download them on your other PlayStation every time you want to switch rooms. Having multiple Xboxes is great, but it’s not worth the hassle to have more than one PlayStation.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/07 01:32 ID: h4b0k0w

I love my ps5 but i think is only logical Microsoft is struggling at this point, theres literally 0 series x exclusives, but ill think theyll get more competitive as time goes by (which is good for all of us)


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