[HUB] AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, 30 Games Benchmarked 2021 Edition

1 : Anonymous2021/07/07 11:02 ID: ofgmtc
[HUB] AMD Ryzen 7 2700X, 30 Games Benchmarked 2021 Edition
2 : Anonymous2021/07/07 12:40 ID: h4ciuvs

Got the 2700x in 2019 for around 140€ new for my 2. pc, still gonna use it for a long time because the performance is still good.

ID: h4cjnzo

Nice, I only just went from a 1090T to a 3600 in my 1(only) PC - and that was only because the Phenom's mobo was failing. Should be good for maybe another ~ten years if the quality has maintained!

ID: h4etka1

Ryzens were so cheap back then, especially during winter sale/black friday

Now, I don't think even a Ryzen 5600X will drop below 260~ this winter

ID: h4dp8r0

Just traded up to it from a R5 1600

Noticeable performance increase in games, like 20-30% fps at times in CPU intensive areas

ID: h4e0oq9

Just sold my 2700x like 2 days ago for 170€

ID: h4ehntr

That's crazy, I bought myself a 3600 for 120€. Strange that it sells for this high.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/07 15:44 ID: h4d5afo

I have a soft spot for the 2700x, it was my first desktop AMD CPU and build. I had been building with Intel for decades for the PC and once the Ryzen product line exploded and dominated couldn't help but switch.

Rocking a 5950X now but the 2700x was a huge upgrade coming from the i5 2500k.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/07 11:31 ID: h4cctl9

I can't wait to upgrade to a 5950x and a 6800 once the prices are less stupid

ID: h4cd7l4

How is the 970m these days

ID: h4cdtdl

It can run games at 60fps at low details, I don't play many modern titles on it though.

Performance is basically on par with a desktop 680 so it's quite long in the tooth. The laptop I have it in is this which was/is impressively thin for how powerful it is (ignoring the massive bezels).

5 : Anonymous2021/07/07 12:42 ID: h4cj2th

ironically, future proofing is the reason you wanted 8700k.

ID: h4cksqv

Was pretty much all you wanted if money wasn't an issue, good single thread + decent core count. And they didn't ask $500 yet...

ID: h4e5muu

It's still really all you need rn anyway if you just game.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:54 ID: h4dey8o

I wish they tested with Nvidia GPUs as well. DX12 overhead, DLSS and RT all increase CPU load and I bet that would widen the gap, even at 4K. My 2600x bottlenecks my RTX 2060 in some games. It's so bad in CP77 that DLSS doesn't increase FPS, it only decreases GPU utilization.

ID: h4dgf40

I tested a R5 2600 overclocked in RT enabled games, and can confirm. It's not enough for something like RTX 3070 even at 1440p. It often dips under 60 FPS especially on Cyberpunk 2077, which is very CPU intensive when Ray Tracing is turned on.

It's definitely a must to upgrade to something like a 5600X minimum, if you are planning to play a bunch of Ray Tracing games, because even a R5 3600 isn't cutting it anymore on games like Cyberpunk with Ray Tracing enabled.

ID: h4eols8

I agree. It's always disappointing to see cpu benchmarks that include RT games but they have RT disabled for some reason. We know it significantly increases cpu load and they still don't enable it.

ID: h4dpvrg

I swapped from a R5 1600 to a R7 2700X 2 weeks ago

Noticeable performance increase, was in the same boat as you with my 3060 ti being held back by the CPU


Now my GPU usage is much higher

FPS is roughly 20-30% higher at times with high CPU usage


I also added a second drive to use for gaming, so they likely helped as well

ID: h4dgbdx

Sure but the RX 6900 XT is faster at 1080p and 1440p on average than the RTX 3090 so it's better at showing CPU bottlenecks.

ID: h4dla4v

The 6900xt might be a few percent faster but it doesn't serve much of a practical purpose here. An Nvidia GPU (especially with DLSS and RT enabled) would force a far greater CPU bottleneck.

My situation is largely undocumented despite the fact there are millions of people with a Zen/Zen+Zen2 CPU and a midrange Nvidia GPU. Reviewers like HUB jump at any chance to cover a niche but for whatever reason nobody tests CPU bottleneck caused by DLSS/RT/DX12. I don't even know if a 3600 would solve my problem because nobody tests it.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/07 11:12 ID: h4cbevd

For example, we often used to hear from AMD fans that the 2700X would end up being the superior gaming CPU in the future, eventually overtaking the 8700K thanks to the two extra cores. However, we invested quite a bit of time into investigating those claims back in mid-2018 and concluded that for this comparison, no it’s not

Future proof™️

ID: h4cbunl

Obligatory ignorant comment made prior to watching said content 😀

ID: h4cbxx6

I did read the article throughout and immediately amended the comment!

ID: h4cc4qc

You had people who were literally buying these cpu's for high refresh gaming. Imagine that

ID: h4cc86n

I will never forget Amd demo’d 1800x vs 7700K……….in a game at 4K with crossfire RX480

ID: h4ce9sp

Some of the most intellectually dishonest crap gets upvoted here all the time, so who can blame them really.

Single threaded performance didn’t matter until Zen 3 came and surpassed Intel.

Tesselation performance didn’t matter until AMD caught up with RDNA1.

4GB VRAM on the Fury cards didn’t matter but it sure matters now that AMD offers more VRAM per tier.

Raytracing performance still doesn’t matter because AMD doesn’t do well with it.

Upscaling was a meme until FSR came along and now it’s the hottest shit out there.

GPU encoding doesn’t matter (NVENC), just buy moar cores.

GPU power efficiency didn’t matter until this latest generation.

ID: h4cbu1s


ID: h4ccbk9

The difference between the 1700 and 8700K in 2017 was that you could actually buy the 1700 while the 8700K was a paper launch.

Also the 1700 was cheaper than the 8700K (especially when you consider the cost of a Z370 motherboard) even before AMD slashed the prices in January of 2018.

ID: h4cjapc

Thanks for feeling sorry for me. I still frag.

ID: h4cbwvu

8700k still blows it out of the water same with R5 3600. Ryzen 1st gen refresh just weren't meant for gaming in mind.

ID: h4cl79p

I still believe the 1600 was the best overall value CPU of 2017, when Intel stepped up it was more debatable, but 7th gen i5 trully aged like milk.

ID: h4dfrve

Future proof™️

This is why i always recommend people to purchase their hardware based on what they actually need right now instead of being paranoid about the "Futureproofness™️" and then a few years later gets burned when a new cheaper better product that they didn't know about before when they made their purchase comes out.

ID: h4cmd09

cant remember people saying that. it was clear that Zen+ is still behind intel in gaming, but it was much cheaper for mostly insignificant FPS loss in most games, meanwhile offering much better multitasking or streaming, video encoding.

ID: h4dix1l

I remember this as well. In terms of sheer platform cost B450+2600 was excellent compared to Intel’s requisite high end board and 8700k, with extensive cooling. It was slower in 1080p gaming, but it didn’t really matter much.

ID: h4dlmfm

No one ever said that ever... I believe a few people said the 1700X would beat the 7700K in the future, in terms of higher minimums (not higher averages), and some people said the same of the FX-8150-9590 in respect to various i3 and i5 processors, depending on how steeply AMD's prices were being cut. But absolutely no one ever said that an 8 core 2700X would someday beat a 6 core 8700K, especially after overclocking where the Intel chip gained much more than the AMD chip.

ID: h4enh2w

I believe a few people said the 1700X would beat the 7700K in the future

It still might but you need very heavily threaded games. Next gen games might actually accomplish that but I don't think anyone cares about the 1700x finally winning 6 years later.

ID: h4dvpn9

It's not even as fast as the 7700K in that regard, according to the video.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/07 16:19 ID: h4da1ji

Kind of incredible that, just until 2 years ago today, the 2700X was the fastest gaming CPU AMD had to offer.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/07 11:30 ID: h4ccqwu

Not surprising that the 8700K is still faster. Skylake..... Coffee Lake is overall a better Architecture than Zen+.

ID: h4dwfmh

The 8700K is faster than the 3700X as far as gaming is concerned, also.

ID: h4dpiyt

In productivity as well

10 : Anonymous2021/07/07 11:03 ID: h4car8r

Article on techspot.com.

Timestamps: 02:32 - Test Setup 03:06 - Battlefield V 04:58 - Watch Dogs: Legion 06:16 - F1 2021 07:01 - Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 07:33 - Cyberpunk 2077 08:08 - Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 08:46 - Call of Duty Warzone 09:39 - Death Stranding 10:19 - Shadow of the Tomb Raider 10:58 - Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege [Vulkan] 11:36 - War Thunder [Tank Battle CPU] 12:14 - Hitman 2 12:52 - 2700X vs 5800X @ 1080p 13:34 - 2700X vs 5800X @ 1440p 13:56 - 2700X vs 5800X @ 4K 14:16 - 2700X vs 10700K @ 1080p 14:39 - Final Thoughts
11 : Anonymous2021/07/07 22:55 ID: h4es75p

It is crazy that you could get a 2700x for less than $180 back in 2019 and this 8C/16T CPU is so good you could pair it with a 6900xt and be able to use it for the next 5 years with no issues for 4K120FPS+ gaming (as long as you keep upgrading the GPU of course). That was an excellent deal.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/07 13:59 ID: h4crjz2

I had, 1600, 2700 and 3200g an all of them were a letdown gaming wise, whenmy 6700(non k) would outperform even 2700 in games with 1070, v56, v64 and r7.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/07 15:00 ID: h4czf3b

I bet those with the 2700X are smiling because of their purchase.

ID: h4e4bf0

I think those who purchased any cpu during that time are smiling as it’s still very capable for the average user lol

14 : Anonymous2021/07/07 15:40 ID: h4d4rgz

Does the EDC bug work on the 2700x . On the 3900x with a bit of tweak it get to 4.7 GHz on some cores.

Just put EDC 1 and play with the settings.

Be aware is going to get hot.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/07 17:43 ID: h4dlmsn

I don't think the 2700x was even faster than a 6900k in gaming, although clock speeds were close on both. The 8700k doesn't have to rely on ram latency as strongly either.

For being so old, intel got a lot out of skylake.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/07 20:59 ID: h4ecda6

I really think 0.1% lows need to be recorded to better illustrate the difference. Even at 4K Zen 3 provided a significantly smoother experience by eliminating those drops for me in stuff like AC and Watch Dogs.

The immediate difference was a reduction in Freesync flicker (less frame time variance).

17 : Anonymous2021/07/07 21:47 ID: h4ej6j7

Got 1800X for 200 euros, after 2 years bought 3700X for 200 euros, sold 1800X for 150 euros. Mobo has been Asus prime x470-pro (150 euros) from beginning. I dare intel fanboys show me something similar. 😛


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