AsRock B450m Pro 4 vs GB Aorus M?

1 : Anonymous2021/07/10 16:42 ID: ohm40n

I wanted to ask which motherboard to get.

The price difference after taxes is under $7.00 CAD with the AsRock being the cheaper alternative.

I will be pairing this with a Ryzen 2600 w/ 3200 MHz 16Gb ram.

Is one better than the other? I saw HUB video when they did their initial review on the GB Elite and it had horrible VRM temps thanks in part to the plastic shroud over the heat sink, which in this case isn’t a problem.

Any suggestions are appreciated.


On a side note, I’d probably be keeping this board for the foreseeable future with potential Ryzen 5000 when AM5 launches and older processors become cheaper.

Note: I ended up going the AsRock route as it consistently had better reviews. Thanks for all the input.

2 : Anonymous2021/07/10 16:56 ID: h4pvxxp

Previous pro4m owner, was a very stable and capable mb. Never had any issues with using it. Simple bios bit effective and was easy to update to newer bios versions.

ID: h4pyb9v

Yes I had a B450M Pro4 before and it was a solid board with good VRM

ID: h4r0jj5

Can confirm, solid board for the price!

3 : Anonymous2021/07/10 19:57 ID: h4qgm3h

Have a system B450M Pro4 with 2600X/16GB@3200MT. No issues.

ID: h4qobfz

That’s good to know.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/10 16:45 ID: h4puiqh

Gigabyte tends to have better QA/QC which in turn makes the likelihood of needing to RMA your MB much lower. Both are good boards, but between the two brands I would pick Gigabyte Everytime.

ID: h4pusu1

I see. Does one have much better VRM thermals or has potential headroom for future Ryzen 5000 CPU’s? I won’t ever put in something like the 12 or 16core as I never would use it, but 5600x or 5800x a year or two from now is definitely possible.

ID: h4pzwac

Asrock board has better VRM's both acording to the constantly updated tier list at Linus's forum.

Aswell as the old spreadsheet made for the 3000 series.

ID: h4puzd4

Check out Hardware Unboxed with Buildzoid, he probably does some of if not THE most comprehensive reviews of motherboards out there.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/10 19:34 ID: h4qe2lh

Asrock mobos are simple and cheap, but the way they treat review media means I won't buy from them anymore. They blacklisted both Hardware Unboxed and Gamers Nexus because of negative product reviews. I just bought a Gigabyte for my niece instead of an ASRock for that reason alone.

ID: h4qgbxn

While I agree with the sentiment and avoid AsRock in other cases, supply and prices alone are too much due to Covid and shortages. I need to make sure that this motherboard will be able to handle future upgrades, such as Ryzen 5000 within the next 2-3years w/o issue. Other motherboards either cost far too much or simply don't fit in my mATX case so I'm left with little option.

ID: h4qop9y

If you are seriously planning a Ryzen 5000 series upgrade I'd look at a B550 instead. Better VRM standard, faster ram support, PCIe 4.0. I know they cost a bit more, but I think it would be worth saving for. If you probably are staying 3000 series then B450 to save money.

Edit: nevermind, you are using a ryzen 2600, those aren't officially supported on B550.


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