MSI announces Delta 15 and Alpha 15/17 AMD Advantage gaming laptops with RX 6600M/6700M GPUs

1 : Anonymous2021/07/09 07:34 ID: ogqne6
MSI announces Delta 15 and Alpha 15/17 AMD Advantage gaming laptops with RX 6600M/6700M GPUs
2 : Anonymous2021/07/09 07:41 ID: h4kgyk0

is this the Delta variant everyone is so worried about? /s

ID: h4kvgb3

Alpha vs. the variant she told you not to worry about.

ID: h4lwzgh

Came here for this comment.

ID: h4pc01w

And now you've got it.


3 : Anonymous2021/07/09 07:54 ID: h4khv14

Even the Delta variant is still only a 2018 chassis - its a GS65.

Oh well, at least MSI are offering something better than the Alpha

ID: h4lj377

What's wrong with that?

I was under the impression that the MSI GS65 Stealth is a great laptop.

ID: h4lkta8

Nothing particularly wrong with it, it's just an older, and frankly a bit of a cheaper design. The GS66 exists now and is just generally improved on build quality.

EDIT: What I mean is it's definitely a huge step up from the craptastic Alpha and Bravo chassis, but still a shame we're getting a generation old design effectively instead of a newer one.

EDIT2: Actually, it looks slightly different to both the GS65 and GS66, just closer in design to the former rather than the latter.

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ID: h4orqph

Even the Delta variant is still only a 2018 chassis - its a GS65.

Intel's influence still undefeated.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/09 08:51 ID: h4klg4d

Aren't MSI the company with all the dodgy stories about them, and riddled with stories about poor coolers?

ID: h4kslcn

The GE76 is among the best cooled gaming laptop with a 150w gpu.

ID: h4ko0xk

I think their previous CEO committed suicide and some parts of their company has been scalping gpus to sell 2nd hand. It's been headline after headline with them.

ID: h4lkm5b

Sheng-Chang "Charles" Chiang, the previous CEO, was a good egg. Poured his heart and soul into the company and did some good in the short time he was in charge. I met him once at a trade show and he was always happy to listen to what others had to say about MSI products.

ID: h4kmrnq

Poor coolers?

I have alpha 15 and this is the best cooling system I have ever seen in a gaming laptop.

ID: h4kn70k

Ah there's been a few scandals around them, generally their gpu stuff, though it seems like they have a good generation and a bad generation every now and then as well.

Guess what I mean is I wouldn't rush out to buy one of these until I've seen a teardown of it

ID: h4lbkuh

I have alpha 15

I have one as well and I have been really impressed with it so far. One of the best things to me is the unlocklable advanced BIOS that is rare for laptops.

ID: h4lv4mr

Had the chance to review the Alpha 15, and I would say that it is not suited for a tropical country with 30C ambient room temp

ID: h4leqjt

With MSI, their display laptops at Walmart are completely trashed, missing keys, etc. But, most reviews show the GE laptops to have some of the best cooling systems available.

Lenovo Legion laptops are also well reviewed, but Lenovo had the rootkit scandal a few years ago.

HP laptops look nice, but actual build quality and cooling usually aren't great.

Asus laptops have had great specs, but their cooling solutions haven't been great recently (and IMO, their TUF laptops are ugly).

Overall, I'm not sure what laptop to get.

ID: h4ll98y

For what it's worth, when every other vendor (Asus, Dell, HP, most gaming laptop designs with a centered or in-set hinge) had screen damage from faulty hinge design from 2017-2019, MSI had stuck to a better quality hinge vendor and their stuff was much better.

And they put more effort into the hinge and cooling than most others. MSI acts as an original device manufacturer (ODM) to other brands that don't have the volume to buy from Compal.

Tong Fang is another good ODM, with good hinge choices and decent design.

ID: h4mbmwn

I will personally never buy an MSI product again. I have an MSI motherboard in the PC I built in 2018. This year -- after three years of using this PC -- suddenly a program called "Nahimic" was installed on my system, and always running; if I killed it with the task manager, it would just restart a few minutes later.

So, I searched around. It turns out that MSI has been slipping this into systems with an MSI motherboard by exploiting Windows driver update. MSI tells Windows that this shitty software is a new essential audio driver, so it gets automatically installed. Once on your system, Nahimic takes deep, deep root and becomes extraordinarily difficult to remove.

As for what Nahimic actually is, it claims to improve gaming audio but in practice it makes no difference. I never experienced it personally, but many users report that it periodically uses 100% CPU for no reason. Nahimic is definitely bloatware, it is definitely malware considering how it sneaks in and makes itself impossible to remove, and let's be real it is probably spyware. Presumably, A-Volute (the company that makes Nahimic) paid MSI a lot of money to surreptitiously get the software installed on a lot of systems.

Here is what is required to get Nahimic off of your Windows system:

Open Services and stop/disable the Nahimic service Open Task Manager and kill the "A-Volute NS" process, as well Also kill any processes with "MSI" in the name, as they will reinstall Nahimic automatically Open regedit and delete three keys related to Nahimic/A-Volute Open device manager and uninstall "Nahimic mirroring device", with "Delete the driver software for this device" ticked Use a program for managing Windows driver store (like this one) and delete the Nahimic/A-Volute drivers Delete the Nahimic program files from Program Files Delete the Nahimic program files from %AppdataLocal% Delete the Nahimic program files from two separate places in the fucking WindowsSystem32 folder Open Task Scheduler and delete all tasks related to Nahimic or A-Volute Use the Windows policy editor to exclude automatic driver updates from Windows update Restart windows

Even after all that, it still came back somehow after ~4 months and I had to do this all over again. Nahimic is some of the most persistent malware I've ever dealt with. Hours of my life have been lost in removing it.

Despite persistent complaints from users, MSI has not commented on the Nahimic situation as far as I'm aware.

Moral of the story: fuck MSI. Zero respect for their users. It's my computer, and I should have control over it. I will never give them another cent and I encourage others to adopt the same policy. Sorry for the rant but I needed to get this out of my system.

ID: h4mketp

I mean true but I think Microsoft and Windows also deserve blame for this.

ID: h4mjt9k

Why not move over to Linux? If it's gaming, pretty much everything can be covered with lutris, steam, wine + some combination of all of the above.

ID: h4nsqsd

That's literally all gamer companies. Razer, MSI, etc etc all have trash bin levels of quality control.

MSI's aluminum STILL isn't rounded so it'll cut into your hands.

ID: h4kmr9n

I read many such things about MSI laptops. I used to have an MSI laptop, it was really great for me but I never tried to overclock cpu or gpu or ram. So I never got to push it to the limit to see exactly how bad the coolers were. I also used a very high quality custom laptop cooler. So, I really don't know how bad the coolers inside were. But since the laptop is already dead, I am guessing it was not really that good. But I did use it very roughly, it was either me or my cousin always gaming with it.

ID: h4li8p1

Quality can vary between models for all manufacturers. I'm extremely happy with my Leopard.

ID: h4ktyg3

Typical YouTube expert

ID: h4kyoti

We aren't on YouTube and my question was sincere

5 : Anonymous2021/07/09 11:58 ID: h4kyn5j

Wow. Honestly surprised by this after the issues that came up with their previous excuse for an AMD laptop.

It's good to see, though.

6 : Anonymous2021/07/09 12:45 ID: h4l2wpd

Hopefully they use the right ram this time. Saw that initial 6600M 6800M equipped laptop review from Linus, then the other day saw their video on the shitty 4-module ram it comes with and the 20+% performance uplift from going with regular 8-module sticks. The 6600M is going to get shit on in reviews if the initial wave of laptops cripple it like that

ID: h4pce8m

This isn't something limited to AMD laptops BTW. Jarrod'sTech did the initial investigation on an Intel laptop and noticed the ROG Strix G15 had the same kit.

So unfortunately, it's likely we'll see this RAM in a lot of systems.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:35 ID: h4lvlbe

My problem with MSI laptops is the fact that they are overcharging most of their lineup even their supposedly “budget” laptops. The Bravo 15 here locally costs around $1400 US and with that money, you could get better spec-ed one at the same price point

8 : Anonymous2021/07/09 17:42 ID: h4m4edx

hopefully this will actually be AMD "Advantage"

9 : Anonymous2021/07/10 02:22 ID: h4ns5ty

17" gets a 6600? Hmm. For the money I'd rather see a 6800 in a 17".

Maybe some day!

10 : Anonymous2021/07/09 20:31 ID: h4mq1e0

Why does everyone keep making their AMD laptops worse than the Intel ones?

11 : Anonymous2021/07/09 10:48 ID: h4kt68z

Probably could have selected a better name.

12 : Anonymous2021/07/09 10:16 ID: h4kqxmj

If it isn’t GS/GE/GP it isn’t interesting. Everything else is poor quality budget model.

Also 240hz is worthless without iGP bypass. Equivalence to advanced optimus or bust.

ID: h4lenx4

You know, alpha series are using gp chassis, exactly the same. Also the motherboard.

And new delta is just using old GS chassis.

ID: h4o8m50

Was using the gp65 chassis. Now they're stuck on plastic GL66.

ID: h4lfgoo

…the components are nowhere close though if you compare an alpha vs the current GP66. The GP66 Leopard offers all the way to 3080 max p, with mux switch.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/09 16:03 ID: h4lraa3

What's up with that green bird?

Is that MSI's new mascot?

ID: h4m611d

Not that new. My MSI Bravo 15 has the same logo on it (on the lid, silver instead of green though, but the BIOS shows the green one on startup).

14 : Anonymous2021/07/09 17:09 ID: h4m054v

What a glorious day.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/09 18:34 ID: h4mb5bg

All that power, and only a FHD display. What a shame.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/09 19:30 ID: h4miapr

But who was Charlie?

17 : Anonymous2021/07/09 20:20 ID: h4mom8z

what are the prices?

18 : Anonymous2021/07/10 01:31 ID: h4nmryc

I see people have some good experience with MSI laptops which is nice to hear. I really like the performance on my GL73 with a rtx2060 in it. But... That plastic case, it is all sorts of heat warped which has led to screws getting loose, which led to cracks and fully broken moving parts where the screen connects to the body. I have it glued, new screws, metal braces, etc. Its a frankenlaptop now. Works like a charm, but I would never take it anywhere or let anyone else hold it because it is ready to completely fall apart soon.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/10 05:26 ID: h4o8xyb

seems weird segmentation, the thinner, smaller delta laptop gets better spec than standard size alpha laptop

20 : Anonymous2021/07/10 23:35 ID: h4r4nzx

Is 6600M even at 3070 level or more 3060?

21 : Anonymous2021/07/09 15:48 ID: h4lp96e

If MSI would just go bust I would be soooo happy...

Scummiest manufacturer I've had the displeasure of being screwed over by.


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