Clarification on the BF 2042 cross play, there’s only 2 options: ON = Pc + Xbox + PS / OFF = only Playstation. You can’t exclude a specific platform.

1 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:08 ID: om60wr
Clarification on the BF 2042 cross play, there's only 2 options: ON = Pc + Xbox + PS / OFF = only Playstation. You can't exclude a specific platform.
2 : Anonymous2021/07/17 18:24 ID: h5jhsld

I think Apex does this in the smartest way:

Crossplay on: You only play with other console users, no PC while playing on console, *unless* you have a PC player in your team, then you can get PC players in lobbies too. Otherwise, it is just PS and XB.

ID: h5jphle

Overwatch is the same way

ID: h5k1qb1

Doesn’t Fortnite do this? I know they did when they introduced crossplay. I assume it’s the same now.

They set it in tiers:

Mobile (I think they put switch here too), Console, PC

If you played on Mobile, you would only be paired with other mobile users, unless you played with a console player, in which case you would be put in a console lobby. If you played with a PC player, you would be put in a PC lobby. Console players would only be with other console players unless they had a PC player with them, in which case they would join a PC lobby. PC players would only ever be in PC lobbies. Players could only go to “higher” tiers. A PC player would never join a mobile or console lobby, and a console player would never join a mobile lobby.

Edit: This may not be the case now, but it was initially.

ID: h5k45cb

Nah Fortnite has forced cross play. The sub bitches about it 24/7

ID: h5k5amp

On this topic, will the console mouse and keyboard users be forced to cross play with the PC players? The excuse they make is that they prefer to play FPS with M&K but if they still don’t want to play with PC players then it’s completely obvious that they want an advantage

3 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:34 ID: h5iwg8i

Should atleast offer a consoles-only middle ground for people who want to play with their friends

ID: h5j1vsz

I assume it would be too many variables and have the servers(?) all separated and wonky. If you added a third option you have 5 different versions of the player base separated into groups of only PlayStation, groups of only Xbox, groups of only PC, groups of only console crossplay and groups of full crossplay.

I know CoD has that option I believe but I guess Dice felt like they would rather have the player base all in one or just on their own with the option. Like if the game ever dies down on PS, Xbox or PC you at least have the option to make the player base bigger by turning it back on.

It’s not perfect but at least they gave us an option and not 100% forced

ID: h5jbq3s

The main reason is that every console player would turn off pc crossplay and they would be left all alone

ID: h5jb4uo

There is no value in PS only. It should have been either ps+xbox or All.

ID: h5jcisz

Have fun getting sniped by the keyboard and mouse users lol

ID: h5jjlex

So many games lack this and it’s disappointing. Console cross play is great but I don’t know many console gamers who enjoy going against mouse and KB and the increased odds of hackers.

Console to console keeps players on much more even ground. There’s too much disparity when combining with pc.

ID: h5joedd

I play War Thunder on PS4 and that game is PS4 + PC Cross play only.

And you do feel outmatched at moment, the only reason i can still do well with a controller is because tanks/planes are not pin point accurate which helps me a bit.

But when it comes to shooters i would never want to face PC players on console.
And that’s not even talking about the hackers.

ID: h5jtxk3

I mean consoles can cheat too but at least you’re dealing with a limited way to cheat and everyone would have to cheat the same way. PC is a minefield.

ID: h5jcm4g

I have no doubt they will add this at some point because it fills more servers. Most console players don't care about the other, they just don't wanna play with pc

4 : Anonymous2021/07/17 16:11 ID: h5j124j

going only to ps5 so..

ID: h5jemul

Most console users will do this probably, but it's a nice option to be able to play with ur friends who mainly games on a PC.

ID: h5jnh7a

Unfortunately most people probably won’t even know right? Like I know games are way more popular but are the causal players going to even know if it’s on or off to begin with?

ID: h5ji6k2

Yeah I’m a big fan of cross platform online for this reason. Most of my friends switched to PC recently and I’ll put up with the cheats and hacks so we can play together. Cool option to turn that off though for those who don’t want that

ID: h5jdnq3

Same. Watching Warzone vids has made that an easy call for me.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:15 ID: h5iu7k3

I assume (hopefully) the game will prioritize input device when grouping players.

ID: h5j0nb9

Isn't this how it is on apex? I see a ps icon or a controller icon. Maybe it includes pc players on controllers?

ID: h5j2kt8

Nah Apex has no input based matchmaking. On PC it allows you to change inputs instantly. The controller icon just means the player whose banner you're seeing is from another console (Xbox).

6 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:11 ID: h5itqlz

Off it is then.

ID: h5j6oc3

Same, which is unfortunate as playing with those with an xbox would've been cool.

ID: h5jay7g

Fuck Steve. He can buy a PlayStation if he wants to play with us so bad.

ID: h5jcet3

I feel bad for Steve 🙁

ID: h5j96dp

1000%, especially on PlayStation with the big install base.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/17 20:28 ID: h5jwm1x

Why don’t they run it the same way Apex does it? It’s literally under the same publisher, I don’t understand. Console players don’t want to be put in PC lobbies and PC players seem to hate controller players anyways. Just keep it separate unless you’re partying with a PC player.

8 : Anonymous2021/07/17 19:19 ID: h5joeti

And apex legends is doing it there right way

Off: you only play on your platform On: if you’re on console and party up with console players only you will only get matched against other console players. If you party up with a pc player you’ll get matched against all platforms

It’s really fucking simple, and it’s owned by EA as well lmao

9 : Anonymous2021/07/17 18:26 ID: h5ji0lb

I wouldn't mind cross play if it was input based rather than platform. Playing against PC users would be fine if they were forced to use a controller. Sure they may still be able to have ultra wide resolutions or G Sync/Freesync, etc. But at least it would be a somewhat more even playing field.

10 : Anonymous2021/07/17 16:57 ID: h5j6zrb

Well, that's dumb. The whole idea of being able to exclude people is to avoid controller vs keyboard+mouse

ID: h5jf09v

Mostly to avoid the hackers tbh

11 : Anonymous2021/07/17 16:12 ID: h5j161d

Ill probably keep it off unless the ps5 servers dry up eventually

12 : Anonymous2021/07/17 17:10 ID: h5j8m15

Why? I'd play with Xbox players but I don't want to play against PC players

ID: h5jfgfm

Same. Tired of playing with try hard hacking ass PC players.

13 : Anonymous2021/07/17 17:24 ID: h5jaali

I'd like a console only option. I have absolutely zero interest in playing a PvP fps against PC players for obvious reasons.

14 : Anonymous2021/07/17 18:24 ID: h5jhs6z

Lazy. I was hoping for playing with Xbox peeps. But whatever.

15 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:46 ID: h5ixz7i

Guess mine will be off then. It needs a console only option.

16 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:21 ID: h5iuu52

That’s fine I rather play with bots than pc hackers

17 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:39 ID: h5ix0rx

Such a big mistake. Of course they didn't learn anything from the competition...

ID: h5iy63f

Forget the competition, Apex Legends which is an EA game has the best crossplay system. Console crossplay by default and you can play vs PC if you join a friend who's on PC. Why wouldn't they just do that.

18 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:47 ID: h5iy4ae

Lol, it's impressive how huge companies always manage to fuck up things like this.

ID: h5j87ms

I have a feeling it’s not EA who’s deciding this one.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/17 18:26 ID: h5ji155

Off. Why would a console player willingly play with a pc player. Surely publishers know this.

20 : Anonymous2021/07/17 17:58 ID: h5jelwc

What about keyboard + mouse support on ps5?

ID: h5jv01q

No official word yet but other PlayStation/PC crossplay titles usually do offer native KB+M support when playing with/against PC players.

21 : Anonymous2021/07/17 18:11 ID: h5jg78h

Atleast make it input based

22 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:28 ID: h5ivrnq

Between this and FIFA, EA isn't having the greatest of times with Cross-Play.

23 : Anonymous2021/07/17 15:13 ID: h5itxe6

RIP cross play if you can’t exclude PC, or at the very least do input matching.

24 : Anonymous2021/07/17 17:43 ID: h5jcsmr

Well, off it is then. Wouldn't have minded console only crossplay though


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