Grand Theft Auto V 4K with FSR – RX 580 ( GTA 5 FSR )

1 : Anonymous2021/07/24 08:12 ID: oqluyh
Grand Theft Auto V 4K with FSR - RX 580 ( GTA 5 FSR )
2 : Anonymous2021/07/24 08:52 ID: h6citd8

that doesn't look 4K at all, so much shimmering everywhere

ID: h6cj5h7

Yes In Performance profile it adds some sharpening similar to FidelityFX Sharpening. But I tried playing this on a 4k TV sitting on a couch and that's where I'd say it looks Good. Comparatively using built in downscaling it looks soft

ID: h6di3pe

Yeah FSR uses a robust'er version of CAS, so that's kinda expected.

ID: h6d60fe

Ofc. Cos the image is downscaled to hell. And cos fsr doesn’t have a temporal aspect like unreals upscaler, the Information which fsr uses is limited. It only uses the current image...

ID: h6dou67

FSR 2.0 will go temporal. That's the vibe I get.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/24 08:22 ID: h6cgx1b

I'm able to do 4k 30-40fps now on an R9 380X with FSR.

It looks better, to me, than 1080p on my monitor, plus when I run 1080p, there's a whine from the display, so it's nice that's gone too.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/24 13:52 ID: h6d5rax

Fkin hell. I don’t get why people cream themselves just for a mediocre upscaler with some sharpener. We had cas and reshade for years. And im hugely disappointed by FSR losing to even Unreals TAAU. I so mich hope AMD will ad temperol or what ever to fsr to improve it.

ID: h6dcquz

Yea, this is just a modest step above using a sharpener. TAAU actually reconstructs the image (even if it's costlier to implement TAA into your game).

I would take TAA artifacting over FSR smooshing any day.

ID: h6dpddp

A lot of that FSR smooshing IS TAA artifacting. TAA is enabled in every official FSR implementation so far, the quality of the TAA helps determine how well FSR looks. That Avengers game had shitty TAA and thus FSR suffered from smudgy animation bleedover and extra missing detail.

ID: h6eu2o0

I honestly don't think some people understand what FSR tries to achieve. From what I can tell, the objective is to have better performance at the cost of visual fidelity, not the other way around.


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