August’s PS+ lineup has been leaked on the official website (Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2, Hunter’s Arena: Legends)

1 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:40 ID: oqlh9y
August's PS+ lineup has been leaked on the official website (Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville, Tennis World Tour 2, Hunter's Arena: Legends)
2 : Anonymous2021/07/24 08:10 ID: h6cg4ea

As the only person to pay full price for tennis world tour, let me assure you it is no top spin.

ID: h6cjota

I just want another Virtua tennis

ID: h6ck6dz

GOAT tennis game imo

ID: h6df5kn

Virtua Tennis / Tennis 2k2 for Sega Dreamcast was my jam.

ID: h6cpgsu

Is it really too much to ask for a decent tennis game these days

ID: h6d93aw

Gone are the days of Virtua Tennis on the Dreamcast. That was the most fun I've had with a Tennis game.

ID: h6e49by

Mario Tennis is really fun. I'm sure it's not at all what you mean, but if you have a Switch it's definitely worth picking up, IMO.

ID: h6cnwis

It's sad how tennis videogames made 15 years ago are still better than these new ones (ao tennis is horrible too)

ID: h6cr8id

Rugby games peaked in 1995

ID: h6csjaf

Wow I went from sorta excited to try this tennis game to immediately disappointed.

ID: h6ctph0

Same x

ID: h6cnnlh

I keep looking at tennis games searching for another top spin... Still haven't been convinced

ID: h6ctncu

Virtua Tennis 3, Smash Court 2 (and 3), EA Grand Slam 1..all good games. All 10-20 years old ;(

ID: h6ddlse

I just looked up the roster for world tennis 2, how the fuck is Djokovic not in the game?

3 : Anonymous2021/07/24 13:12 ID: h6d1q7c

Well, that's the worst month in a long ass time

4 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:56 ID: h6cf7lr

That's about as bad of a month as I've ever seen on here.

ID: h6chx6t

Usually when it’s a godawful PS+ lineup, people will still defend it as being ‘free*’ and shout everyone down as being entitled.

I’m surprised that’s not the case today.

ID: h6clqm4

You pay a subscription and lose access when you stop paying. Saying it’s free would be like saying Netflix gives you free movies.

ID: h6cic8m

we're evolving i guess

5 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:49 ID: h6ceqnr

dope, we’re safe to buy what we want in the summer sale now

ID: h6cio5j

I bought Disco Elysium and was 99.9% sure I was safe, but the 0.01% kept nagging on me

ID: h6cv0xt

Oh my god I absolutely LOVED that game. One of the only games I've played where I've jumped in and completed a second playthrough straight after the first.

ID: h6cr1av

I have dico elysium on EGS and bought it on PS too, just bc its a fantastic game and I want to support the devs

very good purchase!

6 : Anonymous2021/07/24 08:27 ID: h6ch81a

Basically Sony saying buy games from our summer sale because August PS+ will be shit.

ID: h6cpuij

I wouldn't be surprised if that actually was the reason. I know I was hesitant to buy stuff from the sale before the PS Plus lineup was known ... I'll now buy the games from my wishlist without having to either wait another week or possibly regret the purchase down the line.

ID: h6cpz8m

At least sale isn't bad this time around. Metro Exodus PS5 for €10 is great and will keep me busy for a while

7 : Anonymous2021/07/24 08:20 ID: h6cgt3w

So Metro Exodus Gold it is. 75% is a helluva deal

ID: h6ci865

I was gonna wait until Wednesday to see if Metro Exodus maybe will be game for August. Buying today for 20$ :))

ID: h6cpm11

Does Metro automatically have the PS5 upgrade?

ID: h6d68yb

Yes, and its phenomenal

8 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:22 ID: h6dg4w2

Haha jokes on you sony my ps plus expired last week

9 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:44 ID: h6cegax

That sucks....

10 : Anonymous2021/07/24 12:38 ID: h6cyijs

I want my PS+ money back

11 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:44 ID: h6cefj9

I now have depression

12 : Anonymous2021/07/24 13:32 ID: h6d3oqs

I almost don't want to add these to my library lmao

13 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:55 ID: h6cf5xv

Has tennis world tour got local couch multiplayer?

14 : Anonymous2021/07/24 10:05 ID: h6cnbty

I remember having a lot of fun with the first PVZ shooter game, I hope this game still have some playerbase, can probably spend a few hours on it.

At least I do not regret buying Destroy All Humans! Just now

15 : Anonymous2021/07/24 08:20 ID: h6cgs0a

If all 3 of those games were in one, I'd be interested Federer vs zombies in hunter's arena

16 : Anonymous2021/07/24 09:04 ID: h6cjja6

Was thinking of buying plants Vs zombies. Almost bought it last night on a whim. Glad if didnt.

ID: h6ctqbm

Yeah man same we might be the only 2 humans excited about this lol

17 : Anonymous2021/07/24 10:16 ID: h6co0zz

I'm actually insulted by this

18 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:50 ID: h6ceugf

Getting to ‘games with gold’ levels of disappointment.

19 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:54 ID: h6dk0ep

Next month’s PS+ lineup is brought to us by Games with Gold

20 : Anonymous2021/07/24 09:50 ID: h6cmemp

I guess now it’s safe to buy Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal at Summer Sale

21 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:51 ID: h6cewpc


22 : Anonymous2021/07/24 08:08 ID: h6cfza1

Guess I'll be playing some tennis next month.

23 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:57 ID: h6cfbcg

Well that's disappointing.

24 : Anonymous2021/07/24 13:45 ID: h6d4zz2

Wow. Shit month. Again.

BfN is barely playable on EA’s shitty post-content-drops servers.

25 : Anonymous2021/07/24 14:17 ID: h6d8hp7

Oh boy. That is... yeah, that's a rather big letdown.

26 : Anonymous2021/07/24 07:42 ID: h6ceb5s

Here's a twitter screenshot in case the site gets updated

/1418760167177469952" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">


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