In with the new and out with the old (HD 3850)

1 : Anonymous2021/07/24 03:40 ID: oqi98q
In with the new and out with the old (HD 3850)
2 : Anonymous2021/07/24 05:34 ID: h6c4zhv

Changing an ATi branded card to an AMD branded one. That's treason.

ID: h6czuiz

Looking back, it's bizarre we now call AMD the Red team.

ID: h6d5lnh

Yup, especially since they were the original green team.....

ID: h6decga

hate the management who did this.

Whats wrong with ATI brand?

ID: h6dufmh

Having unified branding is good marketing. You can now have a "full AMD PC", for instance. It's not like ATI was a massive brand that carried a lot of weight either. Sure, enthusiasts at the time knew about them, but whatever small outcry came out of that rebranding was nothing compared to how much AMD values their "full solution" brand image right now. They effectively get to appear twice as often in the news as Intel and Nvidia.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/24 04:13 ID: h6bxwos

Did you use the 3850 the WHOLE time?

doing rough math
-> 2x: 4850
-> 3x: 7950
-> 3x: 6700

You're getting something like a 15-20x uplift. Nice upgrade.

ID: h6ca68h

If the CPU is as old as his 3850 there will be a LOT of Performance left on the road.

ID: h6ckndf

Spending that much on a gpu and not upgrading the rest of the system would be absurd. Better to get a 470 or something and spend the rest on a cp

/ram combo.

ID: h6cu5oy

its closer to 40-45x perf uplift

but its hard to fairly compare them

generally in games where the 3850 gets 5fps , the 6700XT can do ~220fps

0.4 TF vs 14.5 TF also is a 29x specs difference , but the IPC uplift makes that 29x perf difference 40-45x in real life applications

ID: h6eoh51

The issue with IPC is that it's context specific. And yes, newer titles make assumptions about hardware that don't apply to older cards.

In the case of "it gets 5FPS" it might be a case where there's insufficient VRAM. The 3850 only has 512MB (though 3300MHz system RAM now has similar performance).

4 : Anonymous2021/07/24 03:54 ID: h6bw0rc

Nice! How is the cpu holding up in that build?

5 : Anonymous2021/07/24 11:53 ID: h6cusw6

GPU’s have not improved the last 20 years. They just got bigger and hotter, this picture proves it. Checkmate.

ID: h6deged

in 10yrs it will be as big as a mini ATX case.

ID: h6errot

Yeah its 25% longer for 40x the performance. No improvement at all, huh?

ID: h6esfpc

You forgot that it's 50% wider and 400% deeper

ID: h6d6ouo

And consume more power

6 : Anonymous2021/07/24 11:52 ID: h6cupy2

Sure hope the rest of the computer got an upgrade otherwise that gpu is near useless. The rest of the system wouldn't be able to keep up with and it's right back to square 1.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/24 03:47 ID: h6bvbw9


ID: h6bvgjx


ID: h6bvq0j

Haha. Fat fingers. That’s what I meant. Quite the upgrade!

8 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:29 ID: h6dgwmc

It's been a while since the last time I saw a card that doesn't have a stock air cooler, awesome memories and awesome upgrade.

9 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:32 ID: h6dhbr5


10 : Anonymous2021/07/24 15:52 ID: h6djtl3

Wow nice upgrade. Enjoy my friend. A whole new world for ya.

11 : Anonymous2021/07/24 16:39 ID: h6dpmni

Are you truly replacing a 3850 with a 6700 or just posing them for the shot? The 3850 wouldn't really have been usable for much these days.

ID: h6e5adw

Yeah after going to university, been on laptop the whole time and neglected my desktop. I can show follow up shot in the old system. Games I were playing aren't too intensive like CSGO but just got a new 4K monitor that doesn't take DVI

ID: h6eh5sx

There's always a DVI to HDMI cable. 🙂 Not that the 3850 could reach 4K.

How much did you pay for the new card?

12 : Anonymous2021/07/24 23:17 ID: h6f0t7m

Sir what CPU do you even have


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