How to 21,000+ Time Spy graphics score with an RX 6800 XT

1 : Anonymous2021/07/27 13:18 ID: osmoa7
How to 21,000+ Time Spy graphics score with an RX 6800 XT
2 : Anonymous2021/07/27 13:23 ID: h6pd8b4

What I did:

3700 X voltage offset -100 mV Bitsum highest performance power plan 2x8GB 3200 CL14 Samsung B-Die RAM with 14-14-13-13-28 timings at 1.365V VRAM memory at 2120 MHz with fast timings GPU clock at 2560 MHz GPU voltage slider at 1030 mV Power target +15 Max fan speed at 75% BAR / SAM on
ID: h6pnjap

No MPT higher power limit? Is this the reference model?

ID: h6po118

No MPT, it's the reference model, the card sucks ~285W with these settings, and hot spot stays below 95c which is my personal threshold.

ID: h6pt0o5

I would stick to Ryzen Balanced plan as many on this sub have recommended.

ID: h6pteuv

that fan speed is too damn high

anything above 52% is too loud for me... is there something wrong with me? everyone seems to run their reference cards at high RPMs and are ok with it. the noise would drive me nuts

ID: h6pv8bq

75% at 95c hot spot, 55% at 85c, which is where it hovers around in games.

ID: h6qeq8e

What's your gpu range or did you just have max at 2560?

ID: h6qfyn0

I found out that the difference between 500-2560 and 2460-2560 is so little under heavy load that it might be margin of error, and having the minimum at 500 is more power efficient under normal load, so I have it at 500-2560 for daily use.

3 : Anonymous2021/07/27 14:03 ID: h6pi2l5

Mein lieber man, glückspilz

4 : Anonymous2021/07/27 15:39 ID: h6pupud

Impressive. My 3090 (not a silicon lotto winner) overclocked hits right around 21000.

I'd be interested in seeing superposition 1080p extreme and 8k optimized benches and RDR2 or some other taxing game.

ID: h6q3oo0

Superposition 8K Optimized (DirectX): 5901

min/avg/max: 38.60/44.14/50.20

Superposition 1080p Extreme (DirectX): 11174

min/avg/max: 65.33/83.58/99.72

ID: h6q53g6


ID: h6q9ssk

Jesus the 3090 is WAY faster at 8k optimized than that. Surprising I guess. Didn't think it would be they much faster. Guess the 6900 xt is required there.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/27 20:19 ID: h6qxd9k

I could do over 18000 with 6900xt windows 10. Windows 11 I can only do 12,500. Idk why. 5900x with Corsair ddr 3600, gigabyte x570

ID: h6r0moj

Wow.. i might wait on moving to win 11 then.


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