Is the AMD encoder that bad?, Running on 6700xt

1 : Anonymous2021/07/30 12:21 ID: oujjjs

There inst much to any information on exactly what the AMD encoder is or at least on Streamlabs obs. Is the quality that bad compared to x264?, ive been running the AMD encoder for awhile now on stream at 6k bitrate and it looks fine.

There also isnt much info on how it performances in games compared to x264.

2 : Anonymous2021/07/30 12:56 ID: h72t5ll

"Bad" is intrinsically subjective, so your question depends on me understanding what "bad" is for you. That said, *at that bitrate* H.264 (AVC) encoder from AMD lags behind substantially in terms of image integrity, image stability and compression artefacts compared to Turing/Ampere NVENC and x264. It is comparable to the Pascal NVENC. Whether it matters to your use case is a different question (like you said - looks fine).

ID: h72vcst

This is something I "want" to write an article about or include in one of my articles, but I CANNOT get my hands on a decently priced AMD RX 6000 series GPU. I didn't write about comparison in my RTX 3080 review or Vega 64 2020 or 2021 review because the cards are literally years apart in performancearchitecture and so on. (Vega 64 is a damn good GPU though IMHO)

The encoder wasn't great with my Fury X or Vega 64 for streaming so I am interested in the 6000 series qualityperformance. I'm surprised AMD didn't fix it with Vega Series and upwards since we were well into the streaming era as I call it.

Obviously for local recording its pretty good with higher bitrates. I can't really speak on the RX 6000 series though, but the RTX 3080 I have is really nice even with low bitrates from 5000-5500 even if gaming at 4K max settings. Quality is great and the card doesn't even break a sweat. That is a great selling point for streamers who might be limited to ISP speeds and so on.

With my previous AMD GPUs compared to my Nvidia GPUs over the years you had to really crank up the AMD GPUs bitrates to get the same type of image quality. Even my CPU outputs better image quality for streaming than my AMD GPUs. I would rather use the GPU to offset my very old platform CPU performance limitations though.

ID: h73hyxv

Where can I read some of your stuff?

3 : Anonymous2021/07/30 14:54 ID: h737yl4

On my Vega 64 at the same resolution, using the same bitrate (6000 kbps to twitch), the stream was more 'blocky' with compression artifacts compared to streaming using X264. Now on my current Nvidia card, the NVENC encoder looks very similar to the X264 encoding but without as much of a performance hit. To be fair, the AMD encoder was still usable. I found it was better to stream at a 720p resolution vs 1080p though.

Recording on the Vega 64 always looked considerably better than streaming. To me it feels like the AMD encoder isn't as efficient at the bitrate limited encoding used for streaming. With more bitrate it may look better but we're limited by the streaming services for that.

4 : Anonymous2021/07/30 16:37 ID: h73mp7x

Made some comparisons on this subject a while ago. For AMD I used my 6700 XT. For NVENC a 3080 was used. In the two graphs, ”X264 Custom” and ”X264 Custom High Quality” are one of the same.

ID: h74i6qv

Nice Work!

What exactly is a WAF score? What score do you want for a good quality movie encode?

ID: h74nunp

WAF score


ID: h74tjdj

As for movie encoding, I have no idea. I never encode movies myself. These experiments are done with game footage and for the intent of realtime game streaming

ID: h74if7b

Did you measure encoding time as well?

ID: h74t9vr

No. Only the FPS on each encode.

5 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:46 ID: h72z2rj

POX on both AMD and Nvidia gpu encoders. CPU encoders give best quality.

ID: h73zex6

Amen, brother! Screw fixed-function hardware, general purpose for the win!

6 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:50 ID: h72zjq7

It's not bad. At higher bit rates, it's better than nVidia's. But at the very low bit rates mandated by streaming sites like Twitch, it's noticeably worse than nVidia's encoder.

But anyone calling it "unusable" is just full of horse puckey.

ID: h73arlz

This is just wrong, RADEON's AVC (H.264) is not better than Nvenc new(H.264) at any bitrate.

RADEON's HEVC (H.265) is a little better than Nvenc new(H.264) and similar in quality to Nvenc new(H.265).


RADEON AVC = Bad (Horrible if compared to X264 fast, medium & slow, and also if compared to Nvenc new). RADEON HEVC = Excellent (Better than X264 fast & medium and also a bit better than NVenc H264. Nvenc new = Good (H.264) & Excellent (H.265).

Check EposVox's AMF vs NVenc vs X264 vs X265 videos for more info in encoding performance.

Edit: TechteamGB also made 2 videos on this topic, give them a look too

ID: h74ev8b

For anyone using HVEC and experiencing laggy videos, you’re using a video platform that dosen’t support H.265 compression.

I highly reccomend you download MPC-HC and set it to your default. Besides being a pretty good video player, it also supports H.265 by default.

Also your video editor will play the videos fine and you can convert to .264 if needed.

ID: h73xrwu

At higher bit rates, it's better than nVidia's.

I'll have some of what you're smoking.

ID: h737t3v

If it doesn't work for the intended use case, then yes it is objectively bad... and unusable? Thats the best criteria... suitability for designed purpose.

7 : Anonymous2021/07/30 13:35 ID: h72xm9j

Only bad to nitpickers, I been using the AMD encoder with no issues in terms of performance and quality.

Honestly in terms of performance is better than NVidia encoder, but loses in terms of quality.

ID: h734wt5

The 6700XT’s encoder is worse than my ex 480s encoder….

ID: h74exl3

Have you trued enabling HVEC(h.265)?

8 : Anonymous2021/07/30 16:30 ID: h73lste

Has anyone experimented with the "Minimum/Maximum QP" with the AMD encoder in OBS or Streamlabs OBS? I found that changing this setting made a huge difference in streaming & recording quality VS just setting a higher bit-rate. It's under Output > Streaming, in Advanced view mode.

The defaults are 18 for the Minimum and 51 for the maximum. Interestingly, the lower the value, the better the quality. I found a constant 22 for both the Min AND Max to be the sweet spot since it doesn't get noticeable better below 22, in my opinion. EDIT: For a 1080p recording that is.


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amd dont have encoder
amd dont have encoder
7 months ago

U check how big your file if u change min-max to 22 qp 🙂 just make local record and check file properties detailed info! If u change qp your bitrate go up! and have lags on streams need find sweet spot for your bitrate!File size check after you change qp 🙂 90% info in online about amd encoder trash!One i can say amd encoder is very bad dont have bframes and he look normal only on local record on big bitrates or cqp settings.

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