SSD Compatability guide

1 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:26 ID: ox8avi
SSD Compatability guide
2 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:42 ID: h7ks96r

Is the consensus that you should wait to buy until the storage expansion gets out of beta?

ID: h7kufqs

Pretty much. It looks like the Firecuda and The WD SN850 (Mark Cerny approved) are the ones people are looking at. I have seen people state that the Samsung 980 Pro works too via the Beta testing phase.

I'm still waiting for an official post on what has been approved by Sony. Also, this article combines M.2 SSDs and external drive recommendations.

Remember the big caveat here: despite that recent support article which looks promising, Sony has not officially confirmed the SSDs that have received its stamp of approval yet in any kind of 'these are your best bets from us, the maker's of the console' kind of way.

ID: h7l2ver

IMO, depends on how limited you feel without one.

Personally I'm not in a position where I need immediate access to all my games. I play like 1-3 at a time. I don't mind re-downloading.

ID: h7lluou

I think most people aren’t going to need storage expansion for their ps5 just yet, especially when you can store all of your PS4 games on an external drive and play them on ps5 for way cheaper. It all depends on your situation though

ID: h7lnuwy

The hdd sellers are praying on those 'early adopters' that will want it for a premium price. Always been that way wirh everything.

The rest of us will pay reasonable prices in a year or so.

ID: h7ktu18

In my opinion, it’s best to wait after the beta because once the update is official, who knows if the storage expansion you plan to get works, even if it meets requirements.

ID: h7kuuj1

In my opinion, it’s best to wait after the beta

normally I would 100% agree with this statement but if I've learned anything during this pandemic tech-wise, it's best to get whatever it is you're wanting while it's still in stock. I have a feeling these gen 4 m.2's will start seeing stock shortage very soon

ID: h7l014d

Mark Cerny is well aware of that and wouldn't "promote" the WD model as that would look VERY bad on him and Sony if it wasn't compatible

He designed the fucking PS5, he knows his shit

ID: h7l6l6y

Insomniac tweeted that they’ve been testing drives even before the beta came to us and even drives slightly under spec work. Beta testers are reporting smooth results with a variety of drives.

Cerny picked the SN850 for a reason. It’s compatible.

ID: h7kue4w

In a logical sense, yes, but I’m pretty sure there are companies that have stated that their product is compatible.

ID: h7lr0mh

Considering Cerny recommended one of them, I think we'll be fine.

ID: h7lih2e

If you're not out of memory you should just chill and wait, and use the function to archive games on an external drive. When the SSD support launches for all users we'll be seeing a drop in prices after the first waves of shortages, when manufacturers start to release drives specifically meant for PS5.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:07 ID: h7kvunx

Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a requirement for write speeds? I can only find 5500 for read speeds. Seems like the 500GB version of the SN850 has a slower write speed (as opposed to the 1TB & 2TB versions).

ID: h7l6thr

Gaming is read speeds, IOPS, and latency. Write speeds are mostly irrelevant. That’s why SN850 is the gaming king. Best in class IOPS and latency, and top 3 in read speeds. All make for a beautiful partnership with the PS5’s custom I/O

ID: h7lkfn3

Latency and I/O are the biggest things next to read speed. Write speed is not as important for PS5 games

ID: h7l8gwt

Thanks for your responses

ID: h7kyt5g

I don't think they ever layed out the requirement for write speeds. It probably won't be a big deal, for gaming the single most important factor is the read speed for data streaming, most or all write speeds from these top end Nvme SSDs should do the job.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:32 ID: h7kzczj

MSI just released new model as well but man you are gonna pay for it, literally and holy shit does it run HOT and some serious latency issues.

That being said, i've got both 980 Pro 1TB and WD Sn850 coming tomorrow that I will benchmark/test and do temprature readings with my laser temp probe with and without heatsink and post findings here

ID: h7lchrx

Checking out that review of the MSI drive, it has tremendous IOPS and latency performance, this caught my eye though:

“Even with a fan blowing right onto it, the M480 thermally throttles—a first for our SSD reviews, even if it's just a bit. Without the fan, thermal throttling in our stress test happens very quickly.”

Seems to run very hot even with active cooling.

ID: h7ld6lm

Lol, well that's gonna be real bad in a camped PS5 slot, I missed that part. Yikes

ID: h7ljeyn

You should also do the tests with and without the little metal cover on over the expansion slot, at least for the temperature aspect.

ID: h7ljw8a

I very much intend to test this as it very much intrigues me

ID: h7l7cd3

Will you create a new post for your results or post them here? Looking forward to your results

ID: h7lbpkb

That's my plan

5 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:13 ID: h7kwmor

Any word if Sony will be re branding any SSD’s as there own ?

I know it seems largely pointless in today’s market but I can’t help but feel it would also be a prime opportunity to help those who aren’t so tech inclined and just want to buy, plug and play.

OT I’m 50/50 if ill invest in an M.2 just yet, whilst my storage is full £150+ is a tad steep most I’ve looked at with heat sinks eclipse £200…yikes! (1TB I find 500gb largely pointless once the format has been done) - definitely needs to be done at some point!

Think I’ll save my dosh and give it to the GoT expansion maybe.

Maybe I’ll treat myself when Gran Turismo hits and buy one when that’s about to hit!

ID: h7kyi2f

The additional drive isn’t formatted in the same way the base internal drive is, so you lose almost none of the drives storage space I believe.

Also Sony hasn’t confirmed it will branding it’s own drives yet, or striking a licensing deal with a third party. It’s very likely it will but could be a few months off at least.

ID: h7l0wag

aren’t so tech inclined and just want to buy, plug and play.

That's all you'll do with any of them. Choose one off the approved list, pop it in, it'll prompt the format, done

ID: h7kzqpe

Very unlikely as the market will be saturated with crap tons of NVME competition and with the covid still fucking over chip supplies to meet the insane demand for people working from home, not likely Sony is gonna bother

ID: h7m63gc

Well this is a beta for third party drives, maybe when the update is officially released, they will announce their own drive

6 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:27 ID: h7kyoix

I see a lot of people concerned about shortages of appropriate hardware, but with so few next gen games out I'm wondering how large the population of people with very full HD on their PS5 even is?

Shouldn't the supply increase as logical demand increases?

ID: h7kzmz4

Some people fill up 4TB HDD's worth a games on external drives, so.... is this reotorical question? A LOT of people are data/game horders

ID: h7l7ivm

As more people are able to get their hands on pc components, which is increasing by the day as well, more of them will be snatching up m.2s as well

ID: h7lyc36

Shouldn't the supply increase as logical demand increases?

In normal times, yes. But this global chip shortage has hit every sector even tangentially related to tech really hard. I can't even buy a new camera lens because even those require chips to build.

Any way, I'm still planning on waiting a year or two for there to be a larger library of games I'd want installed at any given time. I'm hoping by then that this whole shortage will be over

7 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:55 ID: h7ku5s1

Other than potential stock issues once the OS update goes to full release, there's probably not much risk of waiting. With that said, Mark Cerny made a post a few days ago about how he picked up the WD SN850 w/heatsink for his ps5, so I am pretty sure you would be safe to grab one of those if you wanted to get ahead of the crowd.

ID: h7kwe0p

I dont think theres going to be stock issues cause First, a lot of people is comfortable with the Storage right now. Second , theres abounch of options Samsung, Aorus, WD , seagate so it may be just one of them out of stock. third, if you really want one you should at least get 1TB and that aint cheap fam. Oh and not a lot of people got a PS5 yet most of the unit sold are scalpers.

ID: h7kyufr

Oh and not a lot of people got a PS5 yet most of the unit sold are scalpers.

You realize scalpers don't throw all the PS5s in a burn barrel, right? The small percentage of PS5 owners that did pay extra to scalpers probably are more likely to also pay a pretty significant amount for extra storage, too.

ID: h7kzh4q

Ummm, you do realize that covid has fucked up chip supply chains for most electronics for the last 1.5 years right? With a sudden interest in PS5 expansion, M.2 NVME stock is gonna go to shit and so will pricing VERY fast

8 : Anonymous2021/08/03 19:05 ID: h7l46wa

Is it a tough task to add a heat sink yourself? Would they still fit?

ID: h7l7i1w

Adding a heatsink to a drive is pretty straightforward. You can search for installation guides for whatever heatsink you choose on YouTube.

Sony lists the dimensions a heatsink needs to fit. Make sure you find a heatsink that fits the dimensions

ID: h7l6wlf

no, and yes as long as it meets sony size specs. This one will:

/B086W5762H/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8" class="reddit-press-link" target="_blank" rel="noopener">

ID: h7lkq6h

9 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:57 ID: h7lk9q8

Good guide but they are making for tha handful of people who got the beta. -_-

They stopped giving the beta since Friday.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/03 21:32 ID: h7lp6zk

Does an external work just as well as an internal? I’m a noob with all this kinda stuff.

ID: h7lrcn3

It won’t. The SSD that goes inside is the newest generation and has to meet a certain speed threshold to work in the PS5. External SSDs are good for storage of PS5 games or to play PS4 games from, but they don’t have near enough speed.

ID: h7m4zd3

The PS5 won't play PS5 games from an external, but it will play PS4 games. I personally use a 2TB internal SSD connected via SATA to USB externally. I just copy over games I want to play and use it as storage. Takes about 30 seconds to copy 10GB from my experience. I don't mind waiting the five minutes to move my PS5 games about before I play.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/03 22:47 ID: h7lz473

So is it a better idea to get an internal or external?

12 : Anonymous2021/08/03 23:37 ID: h7m5hda

I download ps5 games at 110MB/s on my ethernet connection do i even need this additional storage?

13 : Anonymous2021/08/03 23:48 ID: h7m6v42

I've grabbed an Aorus 7000s 1TB for when firmware is released. Mainly just so i don't need an external drive plugged in for PS4 games. That plus the internal will be plenty of space for me.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/03 23:51 ID: h7m76ic

That's cool and all, but I'm just wait till Sony releases a list, which will probably happen when this is out of beta.


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