Dirt 5, F1 2020, and GRID (2019) All Heading to EA Play Subscription Service

1 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:24 ID: ox6zvx
Dirt 5, F1 2020, and GRID (2019) All Heading to EA Play Subscription Service
2 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:25 ID: h7kgysn

EA Play is a subscription service available on PS5 for 30$ a year or 5$ a month.

ID: h7kiaem

Great news for racing fans! And for folks who own PS5+Series x/s or PS5+PC, don't forget ea play comes free with gamepass!

ID: h7kk53p

It doesn’t come ‘free’ with Gamepass it’s ‘free’ with Gamepass Ultimate. Which is 180$ a year.

ID: h7ldp6n

The EA Play PS5 version isn't included with the XBOX/PC version of Game Pass ultimate. It looks like they only include the PC version of EA Play. Wish it wasn't so 🙁

3 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:24 ID: h7kpjws

Dirt 5 is one of my favorite games rn. The adaptive triggers/haptic feedback bring so much to the experience. Such a chill fun game highly recommend

ID: h7ls5su

Me too, its really fun on Ps5 and i got it for a cheap price. I dont know why people on reddit hate it so much. Maybe because it became more arcade ?

ID: h7ly8ed

Are PS5 versions on EA Play? Bought Dirt 5 in the sale today, but would probably have stumped up for a years EA Play instead if I’d known.

ID: h7m0m6j

Yea its "easy", but its so satisfying drifting a turn and the sunset is shining through the tree branches, and you can feel the tension in the controller, then you pull of your drift beautifully. Underrated racing game for sure

4 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:29 ID: h7kyze3

Good additions. For anyone wondering, Dirt 5 has really good Dualsense implementation, I can recommend it.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/03 19:34 ID: h7l8ejw


6 : Anonymous2021/08/03 19:38 ID: h7l8v23

How come f1 2021 doesn't have a 10 hour trial?

7 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:00 ID: h7kur9s

Is dirt 5 any good?

ID: h7kwbrk

Its super easy, and more of an arcade game then previous games. Only played it because of gamepass gold I didn't buy it.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/03 20:50 ID: h7ljb29

Why the shuddering fuck didn’t they announce this during the EA Play stream a couple of weeks back? Would have been the perfect time, given how little they had to show.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/03 16:52 ID: h7kkyjg

Honestly getting to the point where I question why I own a PS5 over a Series X. GamePass is fucking ridiculous value.

ID: h7klatq

You can get ps plus, ea play and ps now for less than game pass ultimate lol

ID: h7kywhf

I mean, let's not pretend that the PS Now catalogue is anywhere near Game Pass quality.

There's a reason why Sony doesn't consider that their GP competitor, it's just a different target audience, which is completely fine.

ID: h7kuyxt

You can get 3 years of game pass ultimate for the price of one year right now. Microsoft literally makes it so easy for ppl to try gamepass. Can't speak for the future once they have 50 plus million subs, but as of now it's greatest deal in gaming. I understand your console biased but if you look outside the box you would clearly see why. I agree Playstation generally gives away better games with ps plus, but in terms of games a service gamepass is way better than ps now.

ID: h7klk51

PS Plus doesn't have the big new games like GamePass does. PS Plus is hardly worth a shot at this stage (this month is embarrassing). PS Now is entirely meh.

ID: h7klwlz

With gamepass you are paying monthly for ea play. It's a hell of a lot cheaper if you buy the annual sub separately. This + PS plus + PS now is cheaper than gamepass ultimate.

Day 1 exclusives are a great draw for gamepass though.

ID: h7km5ax

I could pay for GamePass out of my change jar every year and not ever think about it. The difference is effectively chump change, but the services are night and day.

ID: h7kyype

Why not both? Game pass is also on PC, and on Microsoft’s cloud gaming thingy

ID: h7kz3h2

Well I don't care for streaming games, I'm not building a PC for GamePass.

ID: h7klagu

OK. But I recently switched from Xbox One to PS5 because I found PS Now a better value than Gamepass.

ID: h7ktxvv

I really like PS Now but having both I can confidently say that GamePass is the better value. Can you expand upon why you think PS Now provides more value?

ID: h7kortn

How is it better value though? I have both ps5 and XSX. Gamepass has given me more value this month alone than ps now has in awhile

Edit: PS now

ID: h7klpx8

It's cheaper, sure, but there's not a lot of note on PS Now. GamePass has lots of big first and third party games day and date of release.

Cheaper does not mean better value.

ID: h7l3x5s

Comments like these just adds more fuel to fire over the console war bs.

ID: h7l4j0r

Comments like yours are what add fuel to the fire. If I was 100% in on Sony being "best console manufacturer ever" would show me up as a fanyboy. And I don't believe in a "ConSoLe WaR", because I'm not a 14 year old.

I'm being realistic here. Sony ain't perfect, Microsoft ain't perfect, Nintendo ain't perfect. But GamePass smashes everything else from a great height in terms of value.

ID: h7knhtj

I’ve got a Series X and basically I feel like I’ll end up eventually getting a PS5 to only play exclusives on it. Everything else will be Xbox for me unless there’s a game I want that’s only on PlayStation.

ID: h7ko0zg

Honestly, the next few releases I'm interested in Hades - day one on GamePass. Back4Blood - day one on GamePass. Was gonna pick up Outriders on PS5 for €35, friend reminded me it was day one on GamePass. Was gonna pick up F12020 in the sale, but here it is on GamePass. Grabbed Dirt 5 the other week for €25 - a good deal, right? Nah, because here it is on GamePass. Sony no longer have any big exlcuives this year, Xbox does with Forza Horizon 5... which is also day one on GamePass.

GamePass has devalued buying games on other formats because to be frank, there's no fucking point.

ID: h7kz9fq

Yeah, bro Gamepass ultimate is the best value for money out there.

PS Now + Plus + EA Play are cheaper but the quality and amount of games is higher on gamepass overall.

ID: h7kzftm

Yep, exactly. It ain't better value of the content isn't as good, and GamePass is king for content.

ID: h7kusb6

You could be like me and have the best of both worlds.

ID: h7kuxp7

I'm considering it. Seeing as Sony kille did my favourite excluaive (Wipeout), I might see how dual ownership pans out.

ID: h7l34im

I just own an PC now (got a prebuilt one) with gamepass and a PS5. The PS5 is kinda inactive sometimes, it's just more comfortable to game on the couch when I work from home at the PC same work/play desk all day.

ID: h7l3l69

Yeah I dig that entirely, one of my reasons to prefer a console over a PC is gaming from the couch and not feeling I'm at work when I sit at a keyboard.

The PS5 and Series X are serious bang for buck.

ID: h7m1u9z

series s is pretty affordable if you don't mind playing at 1080p

10 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:13 ID: h7kwn3x

EA Play is $5/mo and Madden is $69.

So, if I get EA Play and get Madden at 10% off for having EA Play, then I get Madden for $63 or so, and get to play it early? I think I may sign up for a month to get Madden+EA Play for basically the same price, but I get to play it a little early.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/03 18:28 ID: h7kysyv

How? Thought only EA games are available there?

ID: h7kzwdi

EA bought the studio that makes those games

12 : Anonymous2021/08/03 22:18 ID: h7lveor

PS+ is trash now and I own a ps5 as my only gaming console. I might have made a mistake getting the ps5 instead of the SX.

ID: h7m6fk4



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