World War Z: Aftermath is coming September 21

1 : Anonymous2021/08/03 14:05 ID: ox46a9
World War Z: Aftermath is coming September 21
2 : Anonymous2021/08/03 15:42 ID: h7kar5y

Better be 60fps.

ID: h7kh5ys

It will be on PS5 and Series X

ID: h7lq8sv

But what about progress can I use the PS4 save file or do I need to restart for PS5 Version?

3 : Anonymous2021/08/03 14:06 ID: h7jyk4z

Is this game any good?

ID: h7jzaqw

I enjoyed it to fill that Left 4 Dead void. It is fun to see a tidal wave of zombies rushing in during the story events. The PvE stuff is enjoyable but the PvP is lackluster.

ID: h7lmkcb

The pvp was decent for what it was, a tacked on extra. Not worth buying for but I played a few rounds while waiting for friends to get ready to play pve and it did the job. Horde mode is ok too

ID: h7khsha

If you have some friends to play with, it’s a blast

ID: h7kjthv

Yes its good on sale now with all dlc for like $12

ID: h7kle19

Aftermath isnt a free upgrade though right?

ID: h7kxmzc

Played on PC when it first came out. Got about 40 hours of playtime and it was a blast. Might get back to it with this new update.

ID: h7lezgh

Pretty fun solo but it’s great with friends. Especially the survival or horde mode or whatever it’s called.

ID: h7lt6k7

Yeah, play it with your mates if ya can though. It ain’t that expensive nowadays so prob worth picking up

ID: h7m3cwg

Yes and I don't usually like online game with play multiple players

4 : Anonymous2021/08/03 14:08 ID: h7jyq48

so many games coming out at September onwards, baffling how 'smaller' projects such as WWZ and back 4 blood are going to complete with the big releases coming out the following month

ID: h7k7bbj

Probably going to release at a lower price, more attractive to people who don’t want to pay $70 now at launch when it will no doubt go lower not long after

ID: h7ka2vg

And Back4blood it's daybone gamepass, so it has a smaller edge right there.

ID: h7l37mx

Back 4 blood will be okay

5 : Anonymous2021/08/03 15:52 ID: h7kc8uh

Same day as Kena!

ID: h7khlc0

Kena is in August.

ID: h7km6ml

Nope, got delayed a few days ago

6 : Anonymous2021/08/03 15:31 ID: h7k9c8e

I'm only interested in the PS5 update but I dont think thats coming till sometime in 2022. I could be wrong...

ID: h7kjubi

This says PS4 and PS5. Are you talking about a update for the PS4 version? I think I read this is a $20 paid upgrade on all platforms.

ID: h7kl15e

I mean the PS5 version of the game with 4k/60.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/03 17:00 ID: h7km0a8

The native PS5 version isn't coming until next year.

If you want the true native next gen version, might wanna wait until 2022.

ID: h7m78v1


8 : Anonymous2021/08/03 23:47 ID: h7m6ol9

Lmfao yeah okay. You had your chance and you blew it. Back 4 Blood is coming now

9 : Anonymous2021/08/03 23:51 ID: h7m76lt

I assume it will be paid content?

10 : Anonymous2021/08/03 19:07 ID: h7l4fs3

What's the ove

on it being the free PS+ game that month?

ID: h7lwnlz

I can see them maybe doing ps+ for the ps5 version when they releases next year.


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