Cyberpunk 2077 with FSR using Magpie v0.5.2

1 : Anonymous2021/08/07 05:33 ID: oznicq
2 : Anonymous2021/08/07 06:50 ID: h813n98

All images are blurry with FSR on or Off, turn on the sharpening filter on Nvidia control panel or if you're using AMD turn on AMD Image Sharpening.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/07 06:46 ID: h813dvf

there's a quite noticeable blurring of the interface tho

ID: h814xxh

yeah, especially in the first image.

ID: h81wojr

target res 1080p... for the majority of games (except for stylized ones) all upscaling techniques take more of an image quality hit at that res.

ID: h825yg5

Someone voted down facts. XD

It's a fact, you need enough pixels to upscale to begin with to not get blurring or rough aliasing and so forth.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/07 15:26 ID: h82bumt

All of these people here obsessed with blurring the shit out of their games in the name of framerate. It boggles my mind. Call me crazy, but I bought a 1440p monitor to play games at 1440p.

ID: h82ih7s

True. But personally there is a point where I would start using it. If I had a 1440p monitor and could only get 40fps on medium-high settings in this game, I'd probably upscale it to get into the freesync refresh windows that are usually 45fps+ for a lot of monitors. If I upscaled from 1080p, it would still look better than 1080p.

But the stupid places they are putting this, like DOTA2, or other older games is ridiculous.

ID: h82q6g1

I understand the use of DLSS and FSR if it transforms a game from unplayable to tolerable, for people with lower end hardware. That all makes sense. But I see people post far too often that this is the future of high end gaming. That artists and developers won't have to create high res textures and high fidelity scenes because we can just render games at fuckin 900P and upscale it. It's absurd. It will never look as good as native unless the native render has some garbage post processing FXAA and whatnot smeared all over it.

ID: h83mnam

Upscaling is the future, if the scaling is good enough there's no need for worrying about native pixels. Plus with upscaling you still output at your native resolution.

Is FSR can eventually compete with DLSS you'd basically not even know your upscaling at some point.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/07 06:28 ID: h811zbc

Whats the perf diff?

ID: h814qct

I can't get an accurate read. If I had it though Steam instead of GOG, I might be able to using steam overlay. FRAPS does not work either in Windowed mode which Magpie needs. I can't get most things to work. I can actually get the Xbox Game Bar to work (Windows key + G), but the second I turn on Magpie it starts measuring the FPS of my desktop instead. I know at 1080p high settings I get 35 fps on a gtx 1060 3gb, and 45 at 1600x900, but then it just says 120 when I turn Magpie on because it gets confused.

ID: h81dvaq

MSI Afterburner's frame counter (via RivaTuner Statistics Server) works with Magpie.

ID: h817ezp

Gog Galaxy opens an FPS counter with CTRL+Shift+Tab, but it's very basic. I don't know how it will work with Magpie.

ID: h82e4vd

Magpie 0.52 has an option to show FPS if you tick the box on the bottom right corner. Not sure how accurate it is as Radeon overlay fails to display FPS if I use magpie.

ID: h83xn4q

Try with CapFrameX. It's awesome software

ID: h82kclx

Performance hit seems steep. So bad it's not even worth using this. Native 1080p was like 36fps in 2nd image. At 900p it's 45 without Magpie. With Magpie it's like 38-39. So you gain 2-3fps for a quality hit. Loose like 70% of the gains from rendering at a lower resolution by turning on Magpie.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/07 05:48 ID: h80yq3a


7 : Anonymous2021/08/07 07:38 ID: h8173eq

How did you make the FSR work on Cyberpunk?

I tried with Magpie 0.6 and I keep getting an error is it because of the version difference?

ID: h817ghy

I'm not sure what wrong with yours.

I used this guide, but didn't actually add the shortcut commands he does. That failed for me. But maybe it leads to better performance if you can understand how to add those.

ID: h81bod2

Ah thanks, I figured it out tho, it was my version

8 : Anonymous2021/08/07 11:01 ID: h81kw25

The image is not clear in Imgur, could you upload the links to Imgsli?

9 : Anonymous2021/08/07 14:47 ID: h82744r

Probably better off using dynamic resolution with the built in AMD CAS stuff. Keeps the HUD looking crisp and you get half of the FRS algorithm benefits.


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