This is my first pc with and amd sempron. I still use it and it works perfectly since 16 years!

1 : Anonymous2021/08/07 09:22 ID: ozq5jv
This is my first pc with and amd sempron. I still use it and it works perfectly since 16 years!
2 : Anonymous2021/08/07 11:51 ID: h81oumd

You must have just missed the capacitor plague. I'm mostly surprised that the PSU is still going strong.

ID: h83x9jw

Sometimes the shittiest looking PSUs last for a lifetime

3 : Anonymous2021/08/07 10:04 ID: h81gxa6

Nice. My first new PC I built for myself was a Socket A Sempron 2500+ with an FX5200.

I later upgraded to a mobile Athlon 2500+ and overclocked it to 3200+ speeds, and after killing my fx5200 trying to overclock it, got a Radeon 9600 Pro and then eventually the last GPU I put in was an x1650 Pro.

I wish I still had that system, but alas... I parted it and sold/scrapped it.

ID: h81n7ot

I kind of wish I had kept my first system (166MMX+ LX mb, 32MB RAM, 1MB S3 Trio), but on the other hand- it is so slow, I would not want to turn it on. And the monitor that came with it- some KFC (not American) 14" 800x640 was plain horror, displaying everything as through a fog. But I still have my third system- Duron 900 with ESC K7S5A, 64(?)MB RAM, and Voodoo Velocity 100- that one is really nice, runs all the oldies like Fallout1/2, Heroes3 and others well, and same age MAG 786FD monitor with flat Trinitron screen is ok for decent experience too.

ID: h823hsw

I later upgraded to a mobile Athlon 2500+ and overclocked it to 3200+ speeds

I had one of those too! XP-M 2400+ clocked to 200x11 on an EPoX nForce2 mobo. 3 sticks 2 channels! And I had a GeForce FX 5200!

4 : Anonymous2021/08/07 11:21 ID: h81mcqw

Love old hw, I regret it so much to have sold/gave away or thrown my retro stuff. Retro Hw is so charming.

ID: h81qh12

I know how you feel. I made the same mistake. Not my 486, but my Voodoo 5 pc and Geforce 4 pc, I regret not keeping them.

ID: h827bi4

I think I've still got a 3dfx card around somewhere. And I've got an odd collection of ram and cpus from a few different generations. Didn't have space to keep much else 🙁

5 : Anonymous2021/08/07 14:21 ID: h823yu5

Show it some love and put an SSD in there.

EDIT. To the naysayers. This is the model that people even put in their OG XBOXes. Just don't forget to disable disk defragmenting.

ID: h826xmb

It's old enough that it might not have SATA ports. SSDs with IDE are rare and not very good.

ID: h82bf0n

Edited my post with a link to an adapter.

ID: h8288m8

I doubt it can physically plug one in, nevermind be compatible.

ID: h82beub

Edited my post with a link to an adapter.

ID: h83ajvq

To confirm, no SATA ports.

The thing with IDE is that no matter what drive you attach to it, it will only work at the IDE spec speed, 133 MB/s. An SSD would never be faster than this.

ID: h83arzo

Uh, and? It will still be generally faster and much more responsive than a mechanical HDD. That's the whole point.

You don't need SATA ports. I even linked to a well-regarded adapter.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/07 11:21 ID: h81mf9d

I too used AMD Sempron, and I used it for 10+ years, until recently it died. It was a great processor.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/07 11:24 ID: h81mltk

Which motherboard do you have? You might be able to slap a AMD Athlon X2 6400+ and double that dudes performance

8 : Anonymous2021/08/07 10:26 ID: h81ifzm

I think u need an upgrade now

9 : Anonymous2021/08/07 13:24 ID: h81xm06

I got my Intel x58 + 3960X - still here for GF I dunno how old, bit I'd still call it modern ----- last video card in it.. GTX 1080

Old as 2009? Still not a 16 yo beater lost by 3 yeatsy

10 : Anonymous2021/08/07 14:35 ID: h825lfm

She is such a beauty. Kinda want that old backyard look back for higher end hw.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/07 15:08 ID: h829ndv

OK I remember the date of the oldest CPU (ver.) I have running in the house.

So my 13 y.o. guess was right!

Products formerly Bloomfield

Vertical Segment Desktop

Processor Number




Launch Date



45 nm

Recommended Customer Price


CPU Specifications

# of Cores


# of Threads


Processor Base Frequency

2.66 GHz

Max Turbo Frequency

2.93 GHz


8 MB Intel® Smart Cache

Bus Speed

4.8 GT/s

12 : Anonymous2021/08/07 16:59 ID: h82nr6t

This brings me back to the days our family PC was an AMD Athlon XP 1300+ unit. There's something nice about hardware from that era.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/07 18:24 ID: h82yvmo

I was clearing out the house and recently pulled out my old PC. 15 years old I think. Athlon X2, upgraded to 3GB of ram. 250GB barracuda hard disk. Can’t even remember what graphics card it was. I remember swapping it out for a fanless one because I used it as a media center for a short time before I stopped using it. For whatever reason, I strapped an enormous cooler to the CPU too.

Anyway, booted it up. Put OpenSuse Linux on it. Apart from taking about 40-50 seconds to boot to the desktop, it’s still really snappy for general use. Someone might get some use out of it. So once I properly make sure all my data is off that hard drive I’m probably gonna donate it.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/07 21:03 ID: h83ik4y

That's not really even a Sempr0n (ie, the K8 budget line), it's a rebadged K7. Really cool CPU, really cool system. Hang on to that, in 20 years it'll be a cool memento.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/07 22:51 ID: h83vejz

Yes, Cool, But Does It Run Crysis?.


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