How horror game The Medium immerses players with the DualSense wireless controller

1 : Anonymous2021/08/06 13:01 ID: oz66or
How horror game The Medium immerses players with the DualSense wireless controller
2 : Anonymous2021/08/06 15:42 ID: h7y3gwc

I played it on XSX. Not worth buying it. Will play if it drops on ps plus.

ID: h7y7bpa

I made it 1 hour in before I quit. I thought the game kind of sucked and it ran poorly on my pc. If I run out of games to play in the next month I might rent from GameFly for PS5 and give it another chance (we’ll see)

ID: h7yq1s2


Now that's a service that needs to go global. Lovefilm in the UK used to rent DVDs and games about 10-15 years ago and I bought a lot of PS3 games after trying them first.

ID: h833mu8

Boomerang games rocks

ID: h83fdmd

I played it on PC and it made my 3080 go brrrrrrrrr

Like, literally this thing chugged along and made some fan noises I've never heard before or since, due to the need to render both worlds at the same time and sort of maxed out at ~50fps during the splitscreen segments.

I can only imagine how it fares on the consoles.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/06 14:13 ID: h7xr366

Have a feeling this could be the PS Plus game for September, considering its release date. Everyone might wanna hold off on purchasing this.

Good to see that they’re implementing nearly all of the DualSense features.

ID: h7z5bsc

There’s no chance of that since it only just went on sale in the PlayStation store yesterday. No way they do that to then refund everyone that bought it. Was listed as coming soon before yesterday then they added the price and ability to buy with a ps plus discount.

ID: h81f3um

This happened with Control: Ultimate Edition when it was the PS Plus game in February. There are articles on people claiming for refunds for that game on the PS Store after the game was revealed to be showing up on PS Plus during its launch.

Happened to a similar degree with Destruction AllStars as well. Game was supposed to be a paid release until it was announced that it would be on PS Plus, and players who pre-ordered that game could claim for refunds.

I’m just saying, don’t preorder this game now. There’s a good chance it could be the PS Plus game for September. Let’s just wait and see.

ID: h7ypclu

A single player, no-MTX game debuting as a PS plus game? Is there precedent for that?

Edit: lol dude fuck this place I was literally just asking a question. You know, to learn something.

ID: h7yrt65

Shitpost or not Plague Tale was just this last month

Edit: missed the word “debuting”

ID: h7yrpl0

It literally just happened last month. The PS5 version of A Plague Tale launched day one on PS Plus. Same thing also happened with Bugsnax, Maquette, Control Ultimate Edition. And that's just looking at the past few months on PS5. Last gen on PS4 indie singleplayer games would quite frequently debut as a Plus game.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/06 14:23 ID: h7xsfds

Utilize that dual sense controller and 3D audio !!! Thanks in advance.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/06 14:32 ID: h7xto9t

I'm so tired of the PS blog site having age gate on the videos that pops up a fucking calendar instead of allowing you to type in the date. It would require hundreds of taps to push the year back to the required time. Every time I have to leave the site and go search for the video on youtube instead

ID: h7zi9py

Hundreds of taps? Who are you, the fucking vampire Lestat??

Anyway, just tap the year and it pulls up a list of years to scroll down. Pretty quick and painless.

ID: h7zor22

Holy shit I didn't know you could tap on that, it didn't look like something I could tap on since I only saw the scroll left and right month button. Thanks man

ID: h7yedn9

It gave me a type box on desktop chrome.

ID: h7zmyqc

You do know to change the year you just click/tap on the year right?

6 : Anonymous2021/08/06 13:47 ID: h7xnn32

Their last game they implemented the duelsense poorly despite hype trailers bigging it up

You can forgive people for being tentative

ID: h7ygi2b

Yup. Observer System Redux highlighted the alleged DualSense support in a trailer as well even though it was implemented poorly.

ID: h7zwtw4

That's a ton of games honestly. Avengers is the same. I heard people saying how great it was and i'm like..okay the controller vibrates out of sync when Hulk walks around. OOOOH AMAZING.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:42 ID: h7zwk2z

Guarantee within a month we'll be getting 'The Medium is an incredible experience everyone should try' posts by the same people shitting on Xbox for having this as one of its major exclusives at launch.

ID: h821tix

The Medium is an incredible borefest more likely

ID: h80f1pd

Doubtful. It's a very mediocre title, almost universally panned in the reviews.

ID: h80bd2d

Nah, i see more people shitting on the game when it was announced to be released on ps when people try to say it was a good game when it was on xbox

8 : Anonymous2021/08/06 14:02 ID: h7xpktq

I still can't care about this game when it's taken the title from Watch Dogs as the only game on PS5 without a 60fps mode

ID: h7z2uxo

The game has a borderline fixed camera setup kind of like the old resident evil games so because the camera isn't moving frame rate smoothness doesn't apply in the way it normally does for video games. You need all those extra frames so that the whole world moves in even steps without weird skipping is the camera swings around wildly due to player input.

If you think about it you watch movies and TV shows without being upset I'm assuming and those are all running at 30 or 24 FPS. In every video game with real player input or fast action you definitely want to high frame rate but this is a rare circumstance where 30fps is totally fine

ID: h7xpz8p

Because The Medium runs 2 completely different scenes at once, even on PC you'll need a powerful GPU to run at 1080p.

ID: h80499g

That’s true. With The Medium you’re practically getting 2 crap games simultaneously instead of 1.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/06 14:56 ID: h7xx0og

so this is automatically the preferred version of The Medium, yes? if it has everything the XSX had PLUS DS capabilities it's automatically the best version?

ID: h7y94mh

I have both systems but anytime devs take advantage of the dualsense- its an automatic PS5 purchase.

ID: h7yxayv

Considering how hard this game can be to run in certain scenes it might end up being worse. This game already has a hard time on Series X, and unless they’ve optimized it better since launch it might run worse on PS5.

ID: h80n3mw

Yes, correct. Automatically

ID: h7y1iax

In my opinion, yes by a longshot, to the point where I cant even justify playing most multiplats on gamepass. I'd rather pay more to get the Dualsense experience.

If MS put out a Dualsense competitor, Id probably switch that and just keep my PS for exclusives and do multiplats on Xbox or whichever has it cheape

it better

ID: h7ybh8r

I feel the same way, I have both PS5 and XSX and it’s just so hard to ever justify playing multi-platform games on my SX, the dual sense just feels so much better to me and enhances the experience for me by a lot. I have tested games on GP and then chosen to buy them on PS5 just for this reason, even though I could finish them for free.

I do have the Elite 2 controller, and I think paddles are really great, but they really do need to revamp their controller. If they ever do, I feel confident they’ll release something like another Elite as a premium product and then I’m worried Xbox devs won’t bother taking advantage of the features since only a small subset of players would be able to take advantage of them. I’m not sure how easy it would be to port the settings over for multiplat games that utilize DS settings; but maybe that would make it easier.

All Sony needs to do to make it the perfect controller in my book is release a paddle adapter for the dual sense, since I really do love having those on the elite especially for shooters. I play my best with index fingers on the triggers and using two paddles on the back as the R1 and L1. Lots of shooters also benefit from having important face buttons on the second set of paddles so my thumb never has to leave the right stick. One can dream!

10 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:33 ID: h7z05je

It was a good game for GamePass but I really can’t recommend anyone paying money for this. I wouldn’t even call it a game honestly, just a walking simulator with a decent story. There really wasn’t any scary horror moments at all in the game but it did have a good sense of atmosphere and the acting was well done. It’s important to know what to expect when going into this I think as if you’re solely in this for an interesting story then it’s pretty good but if you want good gameplay there is basically none involved besides a few puzzles here and there.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/06 15:53 ID: h7y511o

I played this on series S. Not my genre of game by any means, but I really enjoyed it. It's a nice 8-10 hour game with some pretty good visuals for a game which isn't AAA.

I'd definitely recommend it, probably not full price though

12 : Anonymous2021/08/06 13:24 ID: h7xkt3c

Looks like some people have a hard-on for hating on this game for some reason, downvoting both threads. Kinda sad.

ID: h7xphbn

Sad to downvote it, but having played a few hours, it wasn’t very good.

I’ll be interested to see if it runs at lower resolutions than the Series X version.

ID: h817sba

Sad to downvote it, but having played a few hours, it wasn’t very good.

I don't understand this logic... you personally didn't like the game so you downvote a news thread about the game? Why? Are you afraid that someone else might read the news and be positive about the game?

Like, I didn't exactly like this game either, but this is an official news article, so I'll upvote it. Same goes for every other game I don't like, no reason to try and stop others from getting to see it.

ID: h7ycjfc

It’s just not a good game. There’s no mysterious console war conspiracy theory. It’s a game that’s been out for nine months already and most everyone whose played it considers it middling at best. Personally I found it bland and boring and was glad it was on games pass so I didn’t spend money on it.

ID: h7xrqy7

Because it was previously an Xbox exclusive so people used to shit on it to say Microsoft exclusives are bad.

They can't go back saying it good or just not hating on it now that it's on PS5.

Even though it's a pretty average game the overblown hate is just console war BS.

ID: h7xx8bi

Possibly. But have you ever considered the game's developer, Bloober Team, are not highly regarded, or that passing Xbox fans might also be downvoting because the game is no longer an exclusive? The Back 4 Blood trailer, posted right before this one, has an even higher downvote ratio than The Medium. People will see what they want to see.

ID: h7y3gx2

Or, you know, the game just isn't the good. That was the consensus since it launched.

ID: h7ygwxn

I’m just gonna leave this here. Watch it. Then we’ll talk.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/06 14:34 ID: h7xtvfd


ID: h7xwv9g


14 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:50 ID: h7z2h6r

These are the types of things that I like to see from Sony. Don’t just make your version of the game “better” because of timed exclusive content. Make it better by adding something to it that only the PS5 can do.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:06 ID: h7ywes8

great game....just wait for a sale, trust me, $20 is more than enough for it.....good , but nothing great , just warning ya, and i bet my ass it will go on sale very very fast.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:48 ID: h7zif4d

Pretty terrible game. Wouldn't recommend it unless it is at a deeeeep discount.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/07 09:25 ID: h81ed7r

If it was pretty terrible why would you ever recommend it

19 : Anonymous2021/08/07 02:35 ID: h80fopr

Should’ve stayed Xbox exclusive...

20 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:12 ID: h7yovsm

Played it on XSX. I actually liked it, feels like a horror Life is Strange.

21 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:04 ID: h7z4enp

That's a perfect analogy. It first I felt like it was resident evil or silent Hill but life is strange is a much better take because of both the story content and gameplay style being completely devoid of combat

22 : Anonymous2021/08/06 21:17 ID: h7ze9p8

Yeah that LiS vibe I got from it made me want to play it. Medium was actually a much better game than I expected. Is it a must play, no but it’s good enough imo. I wouldn’t be opposed to them continuing with the Medium universe.

23 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:40 ID: h7z167q

Damn I regret playing this on Series X as it would be so much better with the dual sense. Also would have been awesome getting the platinum trophy instead of just getting some achievements I don't care about because I'm much more invested in trophies.

24 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:02 ID: h7z43zq

I enjoyed this game for what it was. For those who haven't played it, it's very much a 3rd person walking simulator with a cool gameplay mechanic as opposed to a silent hill-esque game. If you enjoy walking simulators, atmosphere and piecing together the story, it's great. If you don't enjoy walking simulators, it'll be a risk at full rrp.

25 : Anonymous2021/08/06 23:08 ID: h7zshws

It seems a lot of players didn't enjoy this game. I for one thought this was the only "gamepass exclusive" that actually interested me, so I'm real happy it's coming to PS. Looking forward to it

26 : Anonymous2021/08/06 17:41 ID: h7ykirs

The reviews of this game don't fill me with confidence for their silent hill game

27 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:49 ID: h7yu2mv

They've been steadily improving over the years. I still don't think their games are THAT great but they definitely have some potential.

28 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:19 ID: h7z6j96

Honestly this one of my favourite games this year - it falls apart in the end imo but still really really enjoyable.

29 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:25 ID: h7yz49u

This game was so fun for the price of game pass. I don't think I'd ever spend more than that though. Duelsense is a great addition but wouldn't add much I don't think.

30 : Anonymous2021/08/07 01:21 ID: h8079dc

it's free on Xbox.... I was really looking forward to buy it on my ps5 but $80aud no f way.


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