A Game Developer Explains How PS5’s DualSense Actually Works

1 : Anonymous2021/08/06 13:06 ID: oz69bb
A Game Developer Explains How PS5's DualSense Actually Works
2 : Anonymous2021/08/06 16:44 ID: h7ycciq

Never been a playstation>xbox or xbox>playstation guy but I really do appreciate all of these things we take for granted in the DualSense.

ID: h7zaugw

It definitely should become the new standard and Xbox next controller should implement it. Basically any controller in the future should.

ID: h7zb1xw

you mean except nintendo, the company that only just implemented HDMI on it's previous gen console and currently can't be bothered to actually address joycon drift, right?

ID: h7z5hh3

Yeah I'm lucky enough to own both ps5 and series x and while the Xbox controller is great, it is quite jarring going back to it after using the dualsense with a compatible game for a couple hours.

ID: h7zoshn

I really like the trigger rumble on the Xbox pads, especially in Forza, but there’s a night and day difference between that and the Adaptive triggers.

ID: h7zay9j

but it feels so much better yet very familiar to the xbone controller, again no gripes at all

ID: h7zlfuh

yeah same, the dualsense would be perfect if they fixed the drift problem.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/06 13:46 ID: h7xnh7z

That red circle always makes me 100% less interested in the video.

ID: h7xyz5i

Personally I'm glad it was there, I've been looking for the L1 button for months. Finally I can block!

ID: h7yvzwz

Good luck Samurai.

ID: h7yf0ll

For me it's any time any words are in all caps, or if the title ends with "?!"

Red circles aren't great but they don't annoy me nearly as much as those.

ID: h7ypycg

An L1 button?! It'll never catch on.

ID: h7ymt8g

Why? The thumbnail alone tells me it’s talking about the shoulder buttons. If they didn’t circle it, I’d have no idea what they meant other than the generic controller

ID: h80fbue

"the ps5 shoulder buttons are crazy"

Wow fixed that problem

ID: h7zbtuq

Is it the same when women show you the small, little pink circle? Oh I’m kidding, found a few good new beers today and it’s been a stressful week.

ID: h7zprht

Ahaha we added it mostly as a joke. We knew it was dirty. But we want people to click, so...

4 : Anonymous2021/08/06 13:40 ID: h7xmtil

Very interesting.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:46 ID: h7ytn86

Am I the only one who's R2 trigger feels weird not loose but rather stiffer than before

ID: h7yu4nq

Maybe not the same issue, but I’ve been hearing a spring sound every time I press on L2 when before it was a normal feel with no sound.

ID: h7z54oe

Are you playing Control by chance? Because I noticed my controller doing that too, then realized it's actually a sound playing through the speaker.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/06 16:25 ID: h7y9m3e

I was kind of hoping for Todd Howard “it just works” and then the video ends 3 seconds later.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/06 18:42 ID: h7yt15d

Thanks for sharing good to hear the insight!

8 : Anonymous2021/08/06 20:09 ID: h7z54q7

I feel like if I play without the dualsense in the future I'm gonna feel like something is missing. I don't notice if often but it definitely enhances the experience. Some games have really bad implementation though, for example Metro Exodus. Returnal and Doom Eternal on the other hamd, feel amazing.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/07 02:19 ID: h80du2g

I have both consoles but will always get a game on PS5 over XSX especially if it has haptics. The dualsense really is fantastic and a meaningful next gen experience when it’s used right.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/06 16:37 ID: h7ybdgn

I just want to know how reliable the mechanism is, it's cool now but will it always feel that resistive and just critically fail mechanically or will it just feel looser

ID: h7z736e

It's a worm drive, so it either works or it breaks and it doesn't anymore.

It'll be reliable enough that Sony don't feel like they will get class action sued for selling controllers that break

ID: h7zzvo5

I've already replaced a controller from the trigger going floppy and they did it for free. They know something's up.

ID: h7zd8kw

We’ll definitely see about that with stick drift at least

ID: h7zb3o0

That's my worry too. It's fine playing something like Astro's Playroom where vibration and adaptive triggers are used in specific situations, but I just started playing a shooter and the controller almost never stops vibrating and there is constant resistance on the triggers.

I've only had my PS5 a week and the dualsense been acting funny ever since I started the FPS, doing random little ticks/vibrations when I press the touchpad or whatever.

ID: h7zmg53

Worm drive so it's a stiff mechanical piece, not like a spring that'd wear out... It either does or doesn't work, not a slowly starting to fail mechanism.

ID: h80l63f

My R2 button has become so sensitive that my finger can be barely touching it and stuff just starts happening. Usually only in menus though, never when the trigger is stiff when its in gameplay.

ID: h83whzx

Your R2 spring has broken. It is a common problem. You can either send your controller back to Sony or order some replacement springs off eBay/Amazon and fix it yourself.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/06 19:50 ID: h7z2inw

My R2 trigger broke and became very flimsy after using it for 15-20 hours at most. I saw a lot of similar threads about it. The adaptive triggers are cool, but not very well done.

ID: h7ztgtm

This is a super common issue and has happened to 2 of my PS5 controllers since launch. It is due to a tension spring on the triggers being pretty poor quality and being quite susceptible to breaking and causing the trigger to no longer have tension. It is a pretty easy fix to DIY and there are plenty of replacement parts for the spring, but if you are still within warranty you should probably just hit up Sony or whatever retailer you purchased from to get a replacement.

ID: h7zw86d

Can confirm. Happened to the R2 on one of mine. It was the spring, and not the adaptive trigger mechanism. Called Sony support about it, and followed their steps to get a replacement using the warranty. Hood thing I had a second controller to keep playing while the other was away.

ID: h7zsu0m

My l2 broke. warranty repair

12 : Anonymous2021/08/06 14:09 ID: h7xqibw

Anyone elses rumble get very loud and clicky after an hour or so?

Edit: thanks for the DV's

ID: h7y7f6m

Yeh one of my controllers is clicky and occasionally a small squeak comes from it. Really should look it up to see if I can fix that.

ID: h7ycz8h

My launch controller does this, but the black I copped doesn’t make a peep

ID: h7yihd3

Sounds like it's rattling? Mine does that occasionally and only in some games, but goes away if I turn the controller off and back on.

ID: h7zpdst

Same and it’s always more on the left side. Happens with both of my controllers. Hope it’s a software bug or something that can be fixed. It can be quite annoying at times.

ID: h7ynisn

Yep, that's correct and I've not tried that. It happens really bad in RDO and Spiderman. I've been turning the sensitivity down but I'll try your idea next time. Tyvm.

ID: h7yxx21

Yeah playing Returnal makes that thing squeal. It’s pretty annoying.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/07 02:55 ID: h80hw1d

Now if only I did not have to send mine back for drift a second time I would appericate this more I think.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/07 16:44 ID: h82ltet

Greatest controller. Can't wait to see how immersive it will be in future games.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/06 16:47 ID: h7ycs6j

You can come to the same conclusion with a 30 second glance at the patent

16 : Anonymous2021/08/07 20:23 ID: h83dne7

I honestly hate the haptic triggers. I have yet to play a game that it actually added to the experience. I especially the resistance supposed to mimic firing a gun. In most games it’s harder and feels more difficult than pulling a real trigger on a gun, which is so easy and ergonomic by comparison.

I have yet to play Returnal and I’ve heard the DualSense functionality on that is amazing, but for me the biggest things about the PS5 are higher frame rates and faster loading. Anyone that says it’s the DualSense just absolutely bewilders me and makes me question if they’re Sony bots.


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