PlayStation Store: July 2021’s top downloads

1 : Anonymous2021/08/11 15:05 ID: p2ev4n
PlayStation Store: July 2021’s top downloads
2 : Anonymous2021/08/11 15:08 ID: h8jitos

That $10 Fifa sale worked like a charm.

ID: h8jj37o

I was wondering who is buying fifa in July lol but that explains it I guess.

ID: h8jkewk

Only way I'll pay for the rehashed game for the second year. It's not worth it if the old one still has online player base playing seasons. Hate FUT so don't need to worry about 'getting' all the new player cards and shit.

ID: h8kcqds

It’s also on EA Access for like 5 bucks a month

3 : Anonymous2021/08/11 15:19 ID: h8jkdvk

Good to see Miles Morales, Demon souls, Returnal and RnC all in top 15 across Europe and US

ID: h8jmd22

All of these are excellent titles! I'm really enjoying Returnal!

ID: h8jta71

My favorite PS5 game so far

4 : Anonymous2021/08/11 15:24 ID: h8jl1c9

Not great for Marvel Avengers.

ID: h8jlw8k

I still can't believe how bad of a state that game is in given the IP behind it.

ID: h8jmmwm

It’s because the game never uses that IP. The hero’s feel weak, sound generic, and fight robots instead of colorful villains. Fans aren’t interested in upgrading Hulk’s rib cage.

ID: h8kfdlk

It’s so bad that I was watching the first Avengers movie yesterday and I thought “someone should make an avengers game” and was like halfway through imagining what that could be like when I remembered it already exists.

ID: h8ke6ed

I agree. It seems like with the care they’ve taken with the MCU not to dilute the brand they’d do more to make the gaming profitable

ID: h8kmz19

i'm glad. i hope more of these lazy cash ins tank. maybe it'll stop them being developed in a way that so blatantly about milking the IP without really caring about doing anything fun, innovative or all that entertaining

ID: h8jm595

I bought that game recently and was obsessed with it for a good 2 weeks. Now however im struggling to find a reason to play it. Part of the problem is there really isnt anything meaningful to keep players coming back.

ID: h8jmn1z

that has been the main thing wrong with it since launch.

that and loot is absolutely terrible, in a looter.

the way I play the game is any time there's new content I'll play for a week or so to try the stuff out/finish out, do anything extra, then I just won't play until the next drop, which would be Black Panther next week

ID: h8klzp9

Is that not an arpg or Diablo clone?! That’s the whole draw of the genre!

ID: h8jxyts

I’m still kinda salty I bought the game at all. Robots everywhere and the coop is wonky as hell and you can’t do the campaign with a friend either. Which wouldn’t be a huge problem if you know the entire game wasn’t built like it should be multiplayer while also being built for single player while doing both fairly bad.

ID: h8k266y

Can’t play campaign missions co-op? What a dumb design.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/11 17:02 ID: h8jz5qj

Glad to see Splitgate taking over the free to play charts. Much deserved and refreshing.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/11 15:08 ID: h8jiv8d

GTA V is forever

ID: h8jjhap

and now a native ps5 version is coming later this year lol

ID: h8k72iu

I was thinking to myself who the hell don't own GTA V at this point, but I imagine if someone were to buy a PS4 then that would be the first game they purchase.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/11 15:44 ID: h8jnxkx

Surprise to see cyberpunk drop out from the top 20. Considering the fact that it was the 1st in June.

ID: h8kg53m

Brief spike, still the same flawed experience

ID: h8judwb

Few youtubers are still hammering it down for its bugs for extra views. That much bad publicity is not helping. I too am waiting before buying it.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/11 16:33 ID: h8juxb8

As an F1 fan it's nice to See F1 2021 up there

9 : Anonymous2021/08/11 17:16 ID: h8k1219

Glad to see a gem like Control in this list.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/11 15:17 ID: h8jk1ug

What about Asia?

11 : Anonymous2021/08/11 17:14 ID: h8k0t9l

Kinda surprised no one is talking about splitgate being the top downloaded free game over taking fortnite.

ID: h8kg2sk

Idk if it means much, I downloaded it and still haven’t made it through the wait time to actually play it

ID: h8kncdb

When did you try last? I know there were issues last week with queue times but the past few days I get in within a minute of starting up the app

12 : Anonymous2021/08/11 19:43 ID: h8kmg9k

FFXIV hitting top 20 is nice to see.

13 : Anonymous2021/08/11 21:19 ID: h8l05nf

Surprised Returnal isn't higher on the list.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/11 18:59 ID: h8kfy7p

Can’t believe Fallen Order is that high tbh

ID: h8kx4sp

There was a big sale

15 : Anonymous2021/08/11 22:49 ID: h8lcrij

My top download: bricked console with no video output, and a support who is on holidays 'til end of august

16 : Anonymous2021/08/11 16:00 ID: h8jq8cp

Who is buying gta 5 today. Why is it in the top charts. If yiu want a new one don't do this

ID: h8k0gx4

GTA 5 hasn't been outside the top charge since it came out.

ID: h8k25w2

there's a kid who's turning 17/18 every day that's like "Mom/Dad, im 17/18 now, i can buy GTA!"

ID: h8k4125

Yeah I really don't fucking understand it.

ID: h8kcpi4

I bought it on the sale a few weeks back. I haven't played it before, or yet.

ID: h8juufy


ID: h8k0fdz

Most people don't buy shark cards. They are not worth it. You can make the same amount as the $100 shark card in game pretty easily by playing the game doing heists and stuff.

Ignoring all that you can show you are wrong by the actual sales. The listed game as the top selling game for ps4 in July was GTA 5, not shark cards for GTA 5.

This subreddit and reddit in general needs to accept that people are genuinely liking GTA 5 and many people are still buying the game.


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