Radeon RX 6600 XT is on Newegg Shuffle for $379.99 right now.

1 : Anonymous2021/08/11 15:27 ID: p2fb4a

Multiple models are available at that price.

2 : Anonymous2021/08/11 17:19 ID: h8k1ew2

Canadian prices still seems screwed in comparison to the US. Tariffs seems to be passed on to us for some reason. Probably shipping though US. But I did get an XFX Merc 6600xt for $519 CAD which is like $410-420 US, but at least it's something for now. From the looks of it the Qick and Merc should be some of the coolest cards around. Even has a dual BIOS.

In comparison the cheapest 3060 in my local store is like $550 CAD.

ID: h8k682m

20 or 40 above msrp doesn't even matter though. it matters when its like 100 or more. i live in canada too and on newegg the cheapest 6600xt is 500$ cdn.

but the 6600xt doesn't make sense, you can get a 3060 and enable dlss and use superior ray tracing.

ID: h8kaslp

If I could have found a 3060 for the same price I may have. But even the $550 models were out of stock, and it might be too hard to get one. The other thing is that I'm using an Intel 8600k. And the Nvidia driver overhead would have likely been too much for my CPU to handle.

There are a lot of modern titles where a 9400f with a 5600xt beats a 2060 by 10-15% when in original reviews with much faster CPUs they were only 1-5% apart.

There is cases where a 5700xt beats an RTX 3070 when using older CPUs. I think buying an AMD GPU for my system is probably close to the equivalent of having 2 more CPU cores and allows me to keep what I have for a few more years.

Gamers Nexus also found that Cyberpunk is a stuttery mess when testing on the 8600k, and quad core CPUs. Even though average FPS might look fine. They used an Nvidia GPU so I'd expect the extra CPU load is causing that.

ID: h8kn64q

but the 6600xt doesn't make sense, you can get a 3060 and enable dlss and use superior ray tracing.

These are 1080p cards and DLSS doesn't make sense at that resolution. Plus ray tracing is still so niche that it doesn't matter if the 3060 is better at it. Wait for RTX 4000 and RX 7000 cards if decent ray tracing is what you're looking for.

ID: h8kbb8z

you have 3060's in your local stores?

ID: h8kc5fz

They are listed, but not in stock. Who knows how long they've actually not even had them at $550. There is one listing for "In Store Only" for $600, but when I click on that one I don't even see a store that says they even have 1 available. If I watched them like a hawk I could likely get something, though.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/11 15:34 ID: h8jmjjq

Official release is in a half hour right? I’m looking for Best Buy’s stock. Don’t have high hopes of winning a shuffle.

ID: h8l55dr

I didnt.

ID: h8jqarp

Official release is in a half hour right?

How do you know?

ID: h8jr6dh

Did you not see the question mark.

4 : Anonymous2021/08/11 22:30 ID: h8la80f

I got one at micro center do 379.99

5 : Anonymous2021/08/11 19:57 ID: h8kofos

They’re availible at that price because it’s the real MSRP, also in this market nobody WANTS a 6600 tbh.

The 3060/ti are just better products even if you can’t find them at MSRP.

Hell i’d argue that the 3070 is better value than the 6800(non-XT).

ID: h8l2qvd

A Lambogini Diablo is a better car than my VW Golf. That doesn't mean it's better value. If you ignore current prices any card faster than the 6600xt is better. But right now they all 40-50% more than they really should cost, while the 6600xt is only like 20% more than the $330 it should cost.

ID: h8lag8w

Yeah I got one for 379.99 today after trying to buy a 3060ti for two months

6 : Anonymous2021/08/11 16:42 ID: h8jw9n2

Aaaaaaand they're already out of stock 🙁

Anyone have any idea when they'll be back?

ID: h8jwhut

newegg are not selling the cards directly. you need to enter the shuffle for a chance to give them your money.

ID: h8jx897

Well shit. I did go ahead and enter the shuffle. But let's say I don't win. For a complete PC building newbie like myself, where do you recommend I go to try and find a 6600 XT?

ID: h8l16c7

Do they select and announce all winners at the same time within the window for Shuffle? Or is it a bit staggered? I want to stop compulsively checking my inbox lol


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