Official Dragon Quest Survey Asks Fans to Help Shape Series’ Future

1 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:22 ID: p48wvg
Official Dragon Quest Survey Asks Fans to Help Shape Series' Future
2 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:52 ID: h8wzsjp

This feels wholesome, but also a but concerning? Idk. I loved Dragon quest XI a lot. I just wish they can improve upon the music a bit. I even love 8 and 5

ID: h8xk02t

You mean having more than 2 songs the entire game that has to be changed in the options?

ID: h8yjffb

I wrote exactly that in the survey: Please no more MIDI music like in Dragon Quest 11.

ID: h8ylt75

This is basically the same exact thing they’ve done for every Dragon Quest prior.

Dragon Quest is pretty much 100% made according to the demands of Japanese gamers.

ID: h8yx2r2

The DQ music is dogshit and they need to get a new composer who isn't a complete asshole

3 : Anonymous2021/08/14 14:54 ID: h8x05u2

"We don't know what to do?" Is the feeling I'm getting from DQ. Can't exactly tell the same story 9 times in a row and get away with it. I liked the one where you turned to stone and your wife and kids save the day tho.

ID: h8yf2pm

They have gotten away with it and is the reason why it's literally the biggest JRPG in Japan. It's also why I love the DQ series, and the last thing I want is for people that don't play the games taking this survey and asking for changes that no DQ fans actually want.

Tho tbf I wouldn't even say the stories are the same. Same basic formula, yes, but the plots are pretty different.

ID: h8yhi1c

I agree with you as well. I think part of DQ's charm is how close to its roots it is. You can always go into each game with a basic expectation of what the game is like, but the execution is what sets each game apart. I hope they never try to stray too far from what they have

ID: h8xp359

I saw that movie! Did you actually turned to statue in game and play as your child?

ID: h8xpqay

The movie is based on DQV and I highly recommend it, one of the best in the series. You don’t play as your kids during the turned to stone section, but they do join your party at that point.

ID: h8y6ipn

So you’re ready for DQ the FPS!!! I know I am!!!

ID: h8yahpl


4 : Anonymous2021/08/14 20:29 ID: h8y9lzy

Don't make the best version of the game a switch port for starters

ID: h8ykx6n

Or at least make a free update for the previous versions.

ID: h8ym0d9

I think the main reason here was its huge in Japan and also nintendo dominates the market. Money.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/14 15:20 ID: h8x3kil

Can I vote for a speaking protagonist. I know its controversial but I feel like I never have any connection to the hero at all.

ID: h8xx656

Silent protagonists are something that just isn't good anymore. People bring up Persona, but is Persona good because the MC can't speak? I'd argue that Persona 5 would be better if Joker had some agency in the plot instead of being strung along by his companions. You can relate and even self-insert on a voiced character.

ID: h8y1tny

Agreed. I feel like we’ve evolved past silent protagonists. I absolutely loved Persona 5, but there’s no question in my mind it would have been even better if the main character actually had a personality.

ID: h8xx8hj

I love Persona 5. I also strongly agree with this statement

ID: h8y15go

That’s why I’ve always preferred FF over dragon quest, protagonists always have something to say. (Obviously for MMOs like FFXIV this is impossible but that game is amazing anyway)

ID: h8yid10

It was good when the games were designed so it didn't feel like something was missing. In a Doom, Myst, Mario, etc., you didn't need to speak, and there was practically nobody to speak to anyway. It was perfectly fine.

Now they just grind it into you hour after hour that everyone talks but you. They never let you forget it.

ID: h8x5ix8

I said it in the survey. I’m Fucking sick and tired of them.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/14 19:01 ID: h8xy3ko

Even ignoring war crime denial, Sugiyama is just old. The number of tracks in DQ11 is pitiful for what is one of the most premier JRPG franchises. The Trails series has unique tracks for every town, plenty of character themes, multiple boss tracks and it can't even compare to DQ sales. There are plenty of genius composers that would die to make music for this series, that's how big a deal DQ is in Japan and Square have no excuse.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/14 20:35 ID: h8yabqz

Honestly for me one of the biggest issues is sound design.

Every DQ I've ever played uses the exact same sounds, and while for some people that mean nostalgia or something endearing, to me it strikes as laziness. I don't mind re-occuring songs and themes, but when you blatantly copy paste the same sound pallet into every game, it sort of hurts the experience for me, I'm hearing the same sounds I've heard for 20+ years and they're now overplayed and annoying.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/14 17:48 ID: h8xo5x2

I just want a DECENT score in the next game with some actual variation.

It was so hard to push through DQ11 simply because the soundtrack is truly terrible.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/14 20:58 ID: h8ydec1

Honestly ? make the story a little bit darker and don't add deus Ex maquina to the game. Have your characters and party actually go through the effort and struggle to save the world rather than rely on miracles. I love RPG that you travel around the world saving towns and shit... that part is great! but the main story shouldn't rely so much on the chosen hero, people enjoy these types of games because of the cast and their adventure, not just because of the promise of the chosen hero. Also main character having a personality would be great, having a main character be a slave like link isn't that attractive anymore when it could be done so much better. Give me a chance to love or hate the main character. Also fuck that music.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/14 19:39 ID: h8y2z8g

If you don't want turn based combat please play something else! Don't request the change. There are plenty of other jrpgs

11 : Anonymous2021/08/14 15:34 ID: h8x5g2i

Bitched about the composer and silent protagonists and told ‘em give us ATB dragon quest!!

ID: h8x6vd7

I thought I was the only one who was bummed by DQ11’s music. I especially did not like the main battle theme, it made me not wanna fight enemies

ID: h8x7jmh

I think I turned the music down to like ten or OFF! I can’t remember. I absolutely hate the composer for his work, and because he’s a bigot.

12 : Anonymous2021/08/14 18:58 ID: h8xxp4m

Easy: Ditch the turn-based combat and the terrible midi-music and make a story with meaning for a change.

ID: h8ymal7

Turn based combat is a must for this series imo. Its basically the only major franchise left that does it giving us gamers options in what jrpg we want to play.

Totally with you on midi music though.

ID: h8ydlro

there's nothing wrong with turn based combat. People enjoy the game because it is turn based combat. To be blunt the only real reason people loved FF7:R is because it's final fantasy... another game tried that party based action RPG combat and it'd be a travesty hammered down by harsh criticism. Having to stop the flow of battle to make use of your party members is a very poor way to run a smooth combat experience. In fact i believe there's an Xcom game just like that and people hated it.

ID: h8yl9aa

FF7R's combat is way better than DQ11's to me personally. It's more engaging, and fun. That isn't to say turn based is bad, but its pretty basic, and has that feeling of "Been there and done that." where as FF7R's combat system was a refreshing, new modern take on ATB.

ID: h8yr8ra

Imo FF7R combat is amazing

13 : Anonymous2021/08/14 22:55 ID: h8ys6xa

Couldn’t finish the game because the score was terrible. Really is a shame.


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