Buying a new system: Should I still go AMD with all the USB/Wifi/Bluetooth issues people talk about?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/14 17:12 ID: p4bzp9

Hey guys.

I was very close to buying a new AMD system yesterday:
Case: Fractal Meshify 2
CPU: Ryzen 5600x
CPU Cooler: NH-D15S

And then I was weighing my options between a Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AX (better audio) or an MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WIFI the other day.
Then I read about these USB/Wifi/Bluetooth disconnect issues, and now I'm hesitating and thinking about going Intel instead (again).

Disabling PCIe 4.0 is not really a solution for me. In my mind it's just the same as accepting the fact that you payed for a feature, that doesn't work, and apparently it still doesn't for a lot of people(?).

Anyone experience with my mobos of choice with the most recent BIOS?

2 : Anonymous2021/08/14 17:34 ID: h8xm69m

Issues? X570 tomahawk here saying, "what issues?"

ID: h8xodq5

Great to hear!

ID: h8xtxz6

Same with ROG B-550F

ID: h8y82lo

X570 MASTER is also confused.

I believed Gigabyte has sent out multiple patches to address people’s USB issues.

I haven’t updated in a while but when I was in the Beta drivers if it did happen it would just reset, so for 1-5sec USBs on startup might go out and return permanently.

I’m now on stable and things work as intended.

ID: h8yv5uq

Same. Had it for almost 1 year and no issues whatsoever

3 : Anonymous2021/08/14 17:22 ID: h8xkkh5

If its anything to you I have never had an issue with any of those things.

MSI X570 Unify, 3950X.

At any given moment I have 4-5 USB devices plugged in and often up to 8. Wifi is usually off unless I need to capture a casted stream for work (screen recording from phones), bluetooth is always on and used periodically.

ID: h8xludn

Thanks for the reply.

My finger is hovering over that purchase button, and twitching. 😀

4 : Anonymous2021/08/14 17:55 ID: h8xp483

i have a b550 and x570 never had any problems

ID: h8xpyct

You're easing my mind. 🙂

5 : Anonymous2021/08/14 17:31 ID: h8xltlu

I had the aorus b550i pro ax board with an 3700x and never had any usb issues. Fact, that system was pretty much the most stable sys I have ever had, if we disregard old bx440 systems and z77/3770k itx system I had.

ID: h8xomla

That sounds good.

I was leaning towards the Gigabyte B550 Aorus Pro AX because it has the newer Realtek ALC1220 audio codec, which apparently is not a small upgrade from the 1200.

ID: h8ym6k5

I didnt care that much about the sound but more about the quality of the vrm, the pcb and the dimm slots themselves on the b550i aorus pro ax.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/14 18:12 ID: h8xrena

Ahhhh the USB issue was resolved and it was MOSTLY triggered by VR

ID: h8yo2ba

The USB issue is NOT resolved and was not 'mostly caused by VR'

To this day, I still have random disconnect issues with the AMD/ASMedia USB3 from both my X370 AND my 3900x. Only using the AMD/Asmedia USB2 ports, or using any of the8 ports from my 2 Renesas USB3 cards work (I got the USB cards since AMD's USB3 is so hopelessly useless)

ID: h8ypikl

Sorry to hear that.

What board do you have?

ID: h8xrw7q


I also heard that VR headsets can trigger it, but I have no experience with VR or current AMD systems, so I thought "Why not ask people here if it's still a general problem." 😀

7 : Anonymous2021/08/14 17:33 ID: h8xm0az

No issues with the X570 I Gaming either. Just make sure if you are considering an X570 you have ample airflow over the chipset or add an extra fan in the area to pull the heat away for the chipset.

ID: h8xocdk


I was leaning towards one of those B550s I mentioned, because I'm not looking forward to have a mobo fan, that is another potential source of noise or failure tbh. 😀

And all I really want is a single GPU, that can use PCI Gen 4.

ID: h8xr85n

The chipset heat and noise is the trade off for more stable USB/WiFi/Bluetooth.

Unfortunately, with hardware it is often an issue of compromise and not all wins.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/14 18:23 ID: h8xsyx2

Running a B550 Gaming Edge Wifi with a 5600x at the moment. As long as the antennas are installed, I haven't had issues with BT connection of my Harman Citation One and Intuous S.

ID: h8xtnrc

That's good. No USB issues either then I guess?

ID: h8xu4n3

None that I am aware of. Personally, I am not using the Wifi so I cannot report on that. Really pleased so far. If you consider water cooling, the MSI board does not have a temperature sensor header.

9 : Anonymous2021/08/14 19:26 ID: h8y19b3

3 peoples have issues, amd bad intel good

10 : Anonymous2021/08/14 19:39 ID: h8y2zws

I have a Gigabyte X570 board and a VR headset and have had no issues.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/14 18:42 ID: h8xviig

I'm running a GB X570 Aorus Elite and A520M S2H. They work fine. The only recurring issue I have heard of that I would give any weight to are reports that some USB 2.0 ports disconnect then reconnect. So use one of the numerous USB 3.0 ports instead if that happens to you.

ID: h8xy6z0

Good advice. Thanks!

12 : Anonymous2021/08/14 19:24 ID: h8y13sz

X570 Asus Crosshair VIII Formula, AsRock Steel Legend and Aorus Ultra/Master system builder with a:

Never had a single issue on the systems.... Most issues were with MSI boards.

ID: h8yfklk

Oh no. Did you encounter issues with the MSI MPG B550 Gaming Edge WIFI specifically? because I was considering buying it.

ID: h8yjtz5

Issues with following MSI boards in my system building side business:

B450A Pro (VRM overheated and board permanently overvolted and killed a 2700X)

B450 Pro Max (VRM overheated and died)

B550 Gaming Carbon WiFi (PCIE slots were locked to PCIE 2.0 the whole time, no matter BIOS settings/version)

B550 Mortar (Also overvolting issue and killed a 3700X)

X570 Gaming Edge Carbon (Chipset fan didnt spin after three RMA boards, fourth board had issues with any RAM besides Hyper X Fury at 3200MHz,dont ask how.)

X570 Ace/Godlike (Broken LAN and USB Ports, Overvolting issue and damaged a 3950X, also BSOD issues due BIOS having issues)

13 : Anonymous2021/08/14 20:33 ID: h8ya13p

I have a ROG B550-E, I had some issues when I started using it on my USB 2 ports. Once the bios patch came out that fixed it, quick bios update solved all that.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/14 20:39 ID: h8yawfg

Keep in mind, people with smooth running systems are less likely to report it on reddit than someone having severe issues and looking to troubleshoot.

I'd lookup the specific model I'm interested in and see if people have frequent issues with it.

On a side note, MSI is kicking ass with how frequent they update AGESA. Take a look at the support page of the model you're interested in and see how frequent BIOS updates are. Cheers.

ID: h8yey21

Yeah I agree.

This makes it even harder to make an informed decision when buying components.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/14 21:00 ID: h8ydnv0

I had issues with Bluetooth and USB2.0 connection. But they both got fixed with updates.

ID: h8yf0nc

That's good to hear. Thanks.

ID: h8yurpp

Forgot to ask. What board do you have?

ID: h8yybt5

B550 aorus master

16 : Anonymous2021/08/14 23:15 ID: h8yuks8

I have no problem with my asus tuf x570

17 : Anonymous2021/08/14 18:11 ID: h8xr9sd

Um what issues??

18 : Anonymous2021/08/14 20:38 ID: h8yap7c

I think that major WiFi issues would stem from the board you run the chip on and not the chip itself whether Intel or AMD.

ID: h8yepw6

True, but I gathered that the problem affected all AMD boards, that support PCIE Gen 4 and had it enabled, which is not a thing on Intel's side, since there is no PCIE Gen 4 support.


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