Looks like ASUS have released the ProArt X570-CREATOR WIFI motherboard three and half hours ago (as far as I can estimate) in their website. What do you guys think about it?

1 : Anonymous2021/08/13 19:15 ID: p3s03v
Looks like ASUS have released the ProArt X570-CREATOR WIFI motherboard three and half hours ago (as far as I can estimate) in their website. What do you guys think about it?
2 : Anonymous2021/08/13 19:49 ID: h8tmvyt

Aesthetic wise, it's super sexy.

ID: h8tn6eu

Matte black with gold accents.

ID: h8wep59

I'd say brass accents, but maybe it's just me

ID: h8u7ifj

One of the rare boards where the color scheme will match noctua fans.

ID: h8uache

match noctua fans.

Exactly why I need it.

Although I don't think it's worth going from a x570 taichi with a passive cooler mod.

ID: h8v3qa7

I wish more mobos looked like this. I don't like the look of the majority of boards out there and would much rather have a plain board than certain other boards...

ID: h8v5pzj

Yeah, they just pump rgb everywhere. It looks ugly in my opinion.

3 : Anonymous2021/08/13 19:32 ID: h8tk7j3

It's Asus. I'm sure it's pretty decent but also super overpriced

ID: h8tkavk

True, as it has workstation-centric components.

ID: h8tugoc

The wired NICs are not that great. For a workstation the Intel 2.5gbit nics are worthless and drop packets constantly. The Marvell nic is ok, but for a workstation it doesn't have enough hardware acceleration features imo. I'd still buy a mellanox connect-x 4lx or connect-x 6lx for networking at 10gbit or higher. Lack of RDMA is a dealbreaker for me.

ID: h8uh8ns

Yeah $1,000 motherboard is insanity

ID: h8wc36q

TUF X570 Gaming Plus WiFi: exists @ $200

Reddit: DAE ASUS tax?

4 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:13 ID: h8tqlmv

I don't know how much it cost, but i know is more than I'm willing to pay for a motherboard.

ID: h8vpiy2


ID: h8w8ngm

*eyes water*

I mean... I'd spend that much on a next-gen Ryzen platform that I knew had 4 generations of upgrades supported.

Actually, you know what... no... no... I wouldn't.

5 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:10 ID: h8tq2jc

Swanky, but why more x570 this late in the lifecycle?

ID: h8tqbt7

Remember the release of X570S, which is just a marketing name for an X570 with a lowered TDP? Well, ASUS have decided to follow Suit.

Perhaps "S" appended after "X570" may mean "silent".

ID: h8trlaf

I didn't expect them to sit on their hands until Alder Lake's arrival this winter, but, other than aesthetics, and the absence of a chipset fan, I don't see the appeal. I guess this gets the ultra-silent crowd who weren't able to cover their ears and buy an AMD product for the current core/performance advantage?

ID: h8u3w4g

v-cache models later this year?

ID: h8udnfy


ID: h8uyyvm

Plenty of people (like me) who are happy with a Ryzen 5X00 but could use a motherboard that has... actual features, such as 10GbE and Thunderbolt 4. Hopefully this board gets ECC memory validation as well as this matters much more than any "overclocked memory" bullshit "support".

ID: h8vkld4

Honestly, I'd be happy just with a decent number of on-board USB ports. 95% of the reason I paired my 2700X (and now 5900X) with a Crosshair VII is because it has 11 A + 1 C ports. And I basically have them all filled.

Give me a board with like 16 type A slots, cowards.

ID: h8u2avp

Asus RAM overclocking is pretty bad on even some of their $300 boards, I'm hoping they revised the traces and whatever else to improve it on these newer boards. My B550-E is a horrible memory overclocker. Great board otherwise.

ID: h8u444w

I have a Strix X470-F that has been super stable for me, was able to max out the RAM OC to the memory controller limit on both a Zen+ 2700X & Zen3 5800X. Currently running 3600cl14 with ~55ns latency on some 3200cl14 b-die.

6 : Anonymous2021/08/13 21:42 ID: h8u47sl

I do like professional and non-Gaming branding and no-nosense straight to business.

Awesome: I Love it.

7 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:35 ID: h8tu40v

Wish more high end components looked clean and minimalist like this instead of the angles everywhere gamer aesthetic.

ID: h8vuczh

Reminds me of Buildzoid tearing into a motherboard model because the VRM heatsinks were more like "heat delay". They were just big blocks of aluminum with minimal surface area, so all they did was delay the VRMs' thermal throttling.

8 : Anonymous2021/08/13 21:24 ID: h8u1ln9

I can only say Thank you for finally getting Thunderbolt on AMD. Yes I know Asrock has mini itxTB3, and of course Gigabyte Designare, alsoTB3. Played with it, didn't like it. And I just hate paying "Apple" tax, but nothing seems to work better to this day... So now i can get 5950X + this MB + my UADApollo x4 🙂 I'll take some time and put together some benchmarks for comparison and make a video about it. Don't mind my shitty grammar. I'm not from these parts.

Thank you ASUS!

9 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:20 ID: h8trqhh

New X570s boards have passive cooling, making it quieter.

10 : Anonymous2021/08/14 04:15 ID: h8vgith

No chip set fan = good.

x570s with hdmi is still stupid. doubly stupid when one of them is thunderbolt DP.

ASRock has an "x570 creator" so the names stupid.

Dual Thunderbolt™ 4 Type-C ports is amazing.

Bios flash back good.

Dual gpu mobo's (dual gpus are x8 on 3000 and 5000 AMD) with 3 m.2 slots is also a bit dumb.

2.5GB intel, good.

10g Marvell® AQtion, Idk.

4x chas fan kinda sucks but has become the norm.

No error code display ? really.

Looks like a nice board but I'm guessing the price will be insane.

11 : Anonymous2021/08/13 19:56 ID: h8to0ys

I want a full proart pc

12 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:06 ID: h8tph2b

what about the cooling of chipset btw? seems like passive

ID: h8tpnuh

It is due to the firmware update for the X570 that makes its original (2019) TDP crash down to lower temps.

ID: h8tuzvp

Do you know if regular X570 mobos can get this firmware update?

13 : Anonymous2021/08/13 19:21 ID: h8tikxf

I would like more USB ports, then again thunder bolt 4 in pair is a much better deal. Could we trade the display output ports for something like more USB port?

ID: h8tixmg

There are four diamond-colored USB ports, two blue USB ports and two 2.0 ports.

ID: h8trqqe

Wait, what color is diamond color?

ID: h8tj6yq

Nah, still not enough. Well then again I’m daily driving a X570 creation with a Lian Li 011XL. That setup have USB ports for days.

14 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:18 ID: h8trbup

Looks really nice! But I can't see any onboard power button though. It is nice to have if you want to boot it up with as little installed as possible to see if it works / troubleshooting.

ID: h8vfc32

You can just use a screwdriver to jumpstart a PC.

ID: h8trhj4

That's the problem.

15 : Anonymous2021/08/13 21:29 ID: h8u29gc

I would give my left nut for an ITX version I kid you not. It looks phenomenal.

ID: h8v20wq

>The fact that there was an astounding X570 ITX Motherboard with thunderbolt3 in 2019 yet there's nothing like it with thunderbolt4 in 2021 is a great source of my sadness.
(especially with modern graphics cards removing their "VR" port that served as a free USB-C port)

16 : Anonymous2021/08/13 19:17 ID: h8ti02n

Also, based from what I saw in the X570S coming soon image of ASUS, I thought it will be the exact same board as the B550-CREATOR, but it turns out to be different, although the functional and aesthetic formula is unchanged.

17 : Anonymous2021/08/13 21:22 ID: h8u1cvi

If I didn't already have the ASRock X570 Creator I would seriously consider it, it is however around 2 years too late, also no POST/Q-Code.

18 : Anonymous2021/08/14 03:02 ID: h8v8kwz

I’m super into this aesthetic just because of how it doesn’t exude “XTREME TEEN G4M3RZ”

It’s …sophisticated? And I’m saying this about a mobo?

19 : Anonymous2021/08/13 20:58 ID: h8txsum

No post code = not interested.

20 : Anonymous2021/08/13 21:04 ID: h8tyofx

seems a gen3 bridge is used just like c8e.

otherwise a native x570 chipset cant support tb4+10g lan+2.5g lan+2*m.2x4+pcie x4 slot+6 sata+wifi at the same time.

ID: h8u1nwa

Or in the manual it has the "If you do this, you can't do that" menu.

IIRC, my X570 Taichi can't use the third x16 slot at faster than x4 or x8 if you populate the third m.2 slot.

ID: h8u2q0y

I really hope that the third x16 (x4) slot is still usable after also using Thunderbolt 4. No word on that which makes me suspicious.


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